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Posted in: Ohtani hits 450-foot homer into second deck at Nationals Park in Dodgers' 4-1 win See in context

@lostrune2…in feet ?

in US only ! Don’t try to tell us baseball is only played in US ! In Japan / Korea / Cuba…it’s measured in…meters !!!

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Posted in: Mbappe has told PSG he will leave at end of the season, AP sources say See in context

He has already told twice he was leaving PSG to get a new juicer contract so is it the real one exit ?

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Posted in: No lunch in Ginza: Japan's scaled-back spending helps push economy to recession See in context

« the world's third largest economy » No Japan is not anymore the third, Germany is.

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Posted in: Comedian Matsumoto to go on hiatus amid sex scandal report See in context

This Matsumoto is telling so many vulgar jokes in the duo downtown with his « friend » Hamada…that I’m quite happy he got catch with « metoo » !

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Posted in: All Blacks great Williams calls Eddie Jones 'a disgrace' See in context

@tamanegi, gaza/hamas/ and netanyahu got nothing to do with sports/rugby…the fact is AllBlacks greats call jones a disgrace for good reasons. Please show us where « many in Australia an NZ » …it seems you’re all alone to think that.

Williams is totally right.

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Posted in: Gov't to offer shopping points to promote contactless delivery See in context

@Dante, you’re right, mail and a photo from Amazon when I get my parcel…but it should be said that service is new, it began one or two months ago.

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Posted in: Having top 4 teams face each other in quarterfinals highlights absurdity of early draw for pool stage See in context

It’s really a shame two of the best four teams in the world will not be able to play for the final.

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Posted in: Israel intensifies Gaza bombardment, battles to dislodge Hamas fighters from its territory See in context

That article title is bizarre : Gaza is not Israel territory !

Everybody knows that history fact…

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Posted in: Unbeaten France has lots of reasons to be worried about Italy See in context

No contest : 60-7.

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Posted in: France thrash Namibia 96-0, but Dupont injured in high tackle See in context

Jonathan you’re speaking about rugby but you know nothing about French rugby….Nearby Paris « we » don’t play. What ? Do you know Top 14 ? In Top 14 there are Racing 92, founded 1880 located in Nanterre, then Stade Français founded in 1883, very famous Paris club for his rugby section…luckily first now in Top 14 ! Please don’t talk about things you’re unaware :)

About today this match, I’m confused why Dupont was still playing after the first half…at 54/0 it was a crime or a stupidity from Galthié.

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Posted in: England grind Japan down to win 34-12 at Rugby World Cup See in context

des Anglais chanceux marquent quatre essais à des Japonais maladroits…


lucky Englishmen score four tries against clumsy Japanese…

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Posted in: 3-time World Cup scrum-half Tanaka expects Japan to hit form See in context

@Kipling, Right, nice explanation :)

And about their « peak at the right time » that’s wouldn’t be enough !

The « last four » ???

They are in a big dream.

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Posted in: Titmus sets world record in 400 freestyle; Marchand breaks Phelps' 400 IM record See in context

Bravo Champion !

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Posted in: PSG leaves for tour of Japan without Mbappé amid contract dispute See in context

Enough with this megalo Mbappé ! He will stay on the bench if he keep wanting to get a lot of money when signing to the Real.

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Posted in: 'Flash Warmer' gives you hot water anytime anywhere See in context

Really really really…expensive !

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Posted in: Prince Harry accuses brother William of 2019 physical attack: report See in context

The Gardian

« Prince Harry details physical attack by brother William in new book »

It seems that title is more accurate than yours, Harry is accusing nobody, he is only stating a fact…his brother physically abused him.

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Posted in: Formidable France in familiar territory in World Cup final See in context

The reigning champions had been knocked out in the group stage in four of the past five tournaments, including France themselves in 2002.

The reigning champion has been 4 times finalist in the last 7 tournaments (including 2022) winning twice, 1998 and 2018 but not tomorrow since it seems half of the team caught a virus…unfortunately.

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Posted in: Croatia reach World Cup quarterfinals with penalty shoot-out victory over Japan See in context

Japan…you have 4 years to learn how to shoot penalties !

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Posted in: France completes perfect year by beating Japan 35-17 See in context

Sven, if you think Australia and South Africa are teams against which it’s « easily possible to win »…you know nothing about rugby !

Japan was crushed by England but was fairly decent against New Zealand 37-31 If I’m not mistaken…so not a team considered by many as easy to defeat !!!

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Posted in: 2023 Rugby World Cup CEO fired over improper management See in context

Great !

Next…Laporte, à la porte !

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Posted in: Japan coach vows to tone down flair for Rugby World Cup challenge See in context

Furthermore that French team is an attacking team with « flair » and many tries like the All Blacks and the Springboks.

Too bad for the « Japan coach » :)

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Posted in: Japan coach vows to tone down flair for Rugby World Cup challenge See in context

« But they ran Six Nations Grand Slam champions France close in a recent test match in Tokyo »

…It seems you forgot to tell that the French team they « ran close » was a French B/C team not the team that played and won the Six Nations !

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Posted in: Macron re-elected French president after far-right battle See in context

Nothing to do with Macron re-election. Only thugs who refuse to stop and try to drive and crush policemen.

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Posted in: Voting opens in France runoff between Macron and Le Pen See in context

Macron 58,5% !!!

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Posted in: In France, it's Macron vs Le Pen, again, for presidency See in context

Go Macron ! She’s xenophobic, racist, friendly with Putin. He’s…a stronger Europe against that so-called War criminal Putin.

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Posted in: Will Smith, Chris Rock confrontation shocks Oscar audience; 'CODA' wins best picture See in context

I can understand Wills, that jock was particularly stupid since his wife is suffering from severe alopecia.

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Posted in: France beats Wales 13-9 to stay on course for Six Nations Grand Slam See in context

Bravo les bleus !

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Posted in: New hot natural spring water at 7-Eleven proves Japanese convenience stores really are convenient See in context

Convenient but…so expensive !

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Posted in: France sustains Grand Slam bid by routing Scotland 36-17 See in context

Bravo la France !

…and for the journalist France is not « half way to a Grand Slam » since they already won 3 matches to Italia/Ireland and yesterday to Scotland so there are only 2 games to get a Grand Slam…against Wales and at home against England !

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