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Posted in: Japan marks 22nd anniversary of Tokyo subway sarin gas attack See in context

If daring to take on such a topic and writing really beautifully (as far as the word beautiful goes on this topic) and realistically at the same time, Why shouldn't he?

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Posted in: U.S. Justice Department appeals court ruling blocking Trump immigration ban See in context

Come on guys, give him a break. (sarcasm off) He just met the difference between running a company and running a "trias politica" country.

He lived on presidential orders so far, hasn't brought a single law to Congress, he's in deep trouble, he doesn't understand democratic processes, nor do his appointees, and that will lead to impeachment at some point. What else could happen?

He'll soon be writhing like a fish floated ashore.

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic organizers disclose total cost estimate See in context

As for Russia... P.E.D. are not cheap....

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Posted in: Changes coming in Japan's tax code from 2017 See in context

couldn't correct... the correct link is japantax.org

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Posted in: Changes coming in Japan's tax code from 2017 See in context

For those whom have paid in less than 25 years.

There are many treaties Japan has with other countries that would entitle you to Japanese pension payments even if you haven't paid for the minimum required numbers of years. I.e. the number of years you've paid into your countries national pension scheme will be added tot the number of years you've been paying in Japan, thus entitling you to some money in Japan.

Reducing the requirement to 10 years will make it easier to reach entitlement even if you're not able to pay for 10 years in Japan.

Check japan.org , it will give you a lot of information, lot of legal stuff to read though :p

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Posted in: No alcohol in streets, public places at 2022 World Cup, Qatar says See in context

All European countries complaining about a winter WC, why don't they give the WC away for once.... let non-football nations compete the WC in a non-football country at a non-WC moment, problem solved.

One question though.... ridiculous to hold a WC in Qatar, with or without alcohol (if you can't do without, you have a choice to stay home), why should everything happen at a suitable time and moment for Europe as it is a WORLD Cup tournament?

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Posted in: 4-party 2020 Olympic cost review panel holds first meeting See in context

So far my credits go to Koike.... She's been quite newly elected and has picked up on a lot of issues right away. The Olympics, the fish market, and she's been stepping up against the party that prolonged Japan's economic crisis to 26 years by now, I foresee her being the first female prime minister of Japan, and finally start to get things going again here.

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Posted in: Blackout in Tokyo hits 580,000 households, affecting trains, gov't offices See in context

As a matter of fact the energy market has been given free as far as I know, so why not change....

Side effect may be that if everyone leaves tepco your taxes may raise since there's still a bit of cleaning up to do in fukushima

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Posted in: False giant quake alert sent out; lightning may be cause See in context

We all know the system isn't 100% percent perfect. It's still much better then anywhere in the world, if there is a warning system at all.

Personally I prefer to get some false warnings, causing a delay, then a system that rules out all insecurities and in the end forgets to warn when it really comes....

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Posted in: 2 teens arrested for extorting Y2.3 mil from classmate See in context

Himajin, It's not so much not trusting the banks. I asked my in laws why they always have so much cash at hand, and found out confirmation on March 11, 2011. No electricity, no ATM, no money to buy food in the few shops that may open a few days after. It therefore is part of your survival kit which you should have at home anyway.

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Posted in: Abe pushes equal pay for temp workers to lift economy See in context

Yubaru, you're right, but it should be added that in the countryside housing is more affordable and more spacious.

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Posted in: 4 killed in car-motorbike collision in Gunma See in context

At 50 km/h?

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Posted in: 4 killed in car-motorbike collision in Gunma See in context

@clueless Here's a clue for you, a bike driving at normal speed would not easily push a car on it's side, would it?

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Posted in: 1,400 melons stolen from farm in Ibaraki See in context

smithinjapan : So if you forget to lock your bike or car you really wouldn't care if someone else would take it?

Mind me, not locking the greenhouse is not smart, I fully agree, but does that entitle anyone to take it? Beside, ever seen a Japanese greenhouse? It's all plastic most of the time, so what's the use of a lock... you already need a knife to cut the melons, so you would figure the thieves would have that at hand anyway...

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan coach quits after team fails to qualify for Olympics See in context

Very likable man. And he's right. If the players get the passes wrong, they can't score goals, not much you can do as a coach in a 10 day qualifying tournament. Had the qualifying stage been longer (like the WC qualifying rounds he could have replaced some people, that wasn't a realistic option this time.

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Posted in: Trump uses vulgar language to mock Clinton See in context

It's all so simple. A nation gets what it deserves... A democracy gets what it votes for...

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Posted in: Man arrested for making 600 silent calls to police station in Hiroshima See in context

lol, 4 hours

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Posted in: Man arrested for making 600 silent calls to police station in Hiroshima See in context

The question I'm asking myself, is if they would have reacted so adequately had I called them once saying I had been receiving 600 silent calls over 400 hours, or would they have said: "turn of your phone"...

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Posted in: 63% say Japan should stop apologizing over war: poll See in context

Abe is actually right. Apologies are not forever. The reason Korea and China keep complaining is out of financial interest. Disputes over inhabitated isles only became present issues after it was known there's gas in the area, so there is an interest to make the Japanese apologize again and again . The Dutch have been complaining about Abe's speech as well, but have forgotten that the Emperor has apologized on Dutch TV prior to a visit to The Netherlands.

The Germans got away with a single apology and have the advantage of being the economic engine of Europe.

One thing left to do for Japan... change the history books according to the apologies already made.

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Posted in: Headless body of woman found in river See in context

It is safe, yes, there are some weirdos out there, aren't there weirdos everywhere. Murders are usually relationship and family related, an occasional case of a sicko going on a stabbing spree because he/she wants to get the death penalty being suicidal but not able to do it themselves. At first they want to get shot by police probably. Never had any problem in Japan over the last 10 years or so.

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Posted in: All's fare See in context

@disillusioned if you really think so, you really don't know anything about sales tax, value added tax or whatever you want to call it. But allow me to explain to you: it is calculated the very moment you buy something. Buy a pencil at the 100 yen shop on March 31st and you will pay 105 yen... buy another on April 1st and you will pay 108 yen, you already bought your train pass, so you already have paid the tax, your opinion therefore is complete nonsense.... indeed if you travel the same route everyday, and you need to renew before the end of March...take a longer pass, 3 or 6 months.

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Posted in: Bon voyage See in context

Funny to see how people whose every post on this site ridicules the country and it's habits, can't stay away from here...

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Posted in: Train driver seen using cell phone while on job See in context

Funny that some of the people refer to hand free sets. Two options there, one with a headset, which could distract the driver from regular radio traffic, talking about creating a dangerous situation, and the other with a loudspeaker, which could only mean the request for passengers not to make phone calls on the train, can no longer be upheld. To be honest I am pretty happy not hearing a million different ringtones at their loudest volumes all the time, while reading a book.

Beside, who is to install the sets? I assume the drivers change trains all the time?

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