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Posted in: G7 calls for extension, full implementation of Black Sea grain deal See in context

There are at least 3 EU countries who are banning cut priced Ukrainian grain to protect their own farmers. More to join.

great means more for poorer Asian Africans markets, there will always be hungry people in this world

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Posted in: Health secretary slams abortion pill ruling as 'not America' See in context

Oh so there are Trump judges and Obama judges and Biden judges again?

well yes there are, the judge in Texas is the only federal judge in his district and hes hard right. so thats why maga when to his district , they know theyll get him no matter what.

most federal judges are chosen by a lotto so you never know which judge youll get. except in the Texas case when there only one judge.

seems this will go to the scotus, well see if they stand by their word and let the states decide

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Posted in: Chemicals found in Tokyo residents' blood may be due to contaminated water from U.S. base See in context

it was unclear whether the findings had any relation to Yokota Air Base, a U.S. Air Force installation located in the Tama area of western Tokyo.

and yet they point the finger anyways, wouldnt want to upset local industry by blaming them first

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Posted in: Ukraine corruption scandal ousts top officials; U.S. likely to OK sending Abrams tanks See in context

Corruption that we were sworn to didn’t exist, and that was a “Kremlin talking point”

agreed, just like the US, look at the last US administration, over 240+ criminal indictments, 4 of whom went to prision.

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Posted in: Ukraine corruption scandal ousts top officials; U.S. likely to OK sending Abrams tanks See in context

Can’t wait until the House cuts off the $ spigot to that country. Let Germany and Poland take the lead, definitely can and should do more.

unlikely with just a 4 vote majority, there are still many in the GOP that believe in democracy

How? How does helping Ukraine help the average American? Lol, maybe you can tell us, the WH sure as heck can't and won't.

how does letting Putin annex Ukraine help America and it allies!? do you want Putin to use energy and food as a political blackmail tool, do you think Putin will just stop with Ukraine. Its amazing how balse republicans are when it comes to defending democracy, yes America is still a democratic republic, nearly all state elections are decided by the popular vote. yes I can understand why conservatives being a minority would love to be a dictatorship since winning elections is almost impossible for them without gerrymandering and the electoral college

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Posted in: Aso warns against yen spike as investors seek safety on virus spread See in context


september 1985 when the Plaza accord was forced onto Japan exchange rate was 220yen/$1

in less than 3yrs it was around $120/$1 effectively making all Japanese made goods exported to the US almost twice as expensive. All because America was not competitive and still isn't today in many aspects of trade

watch what happens in the next few months Trump thinks that the US wont go bankrupt because it can print more money aka another big round of quantitative easing.

Yet still many blame Japan as manipulators of currency. LMFAO

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Posted in: Trump moves to escalate investigation of intel agencies See in context

Have some respect for POTUS. He is the leader of the free world. This whole debacle is just a distraction from him doing the great job we all expect of him

seriously have you been sleeping under a rock the last 3 yrs!?

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Posted in: Japanese cheesemakers fret over EU trade deal See in context

Japanese cheesemakers fret over EU trade deal and the errosion of their exorbernt profit margins

there fixed that for them.

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

Safety Japan, played it safe. Anzen daiichi!

yep they didnt have what it takes to beat Poland.

Japan is not a “third tier” football nation. Final tier means First Class football nation, after historic win.

no their a second tier team at best, top tier mean you have to beat other top tier teams consistantly, Japan is far from that , their world ranking reflects that also.

I just read in NYT that Japan is the only country outside Europe/Latin America that reached the 16

dude you get so many things wrong Im guessing your a troll, Korea made the last 4 in the 2002 world cup only being defeated by Germany 1-0 

I hope Belgium carves them up like Belgian fries, or waffles them like Belgian waffles.

Poland played to win in the hope of saving some pride and they did, Japan basically did the opposite. I never really wish bad for any sporting team but Japan doesn't deserve its gifted last 16 advance, I hope Belgium crush them its the least they deserve.

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Posted in: U.S. government shutdown looms amid harsh immigration exchange See in context

Will the voters reward the Democrats for choosing illegal aliens and shutting down government? Only time will tell. shutting down the government didnt seem to effect the Reps gaining the white house.

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Posted in: U.S. government shutdown looms amid harsh immigration exchange See in context

Not legislation - just a rule - can be changed by a simple majority vote in the Senate, as Harry Reid did when he changed it for judicial nominations. apart from being undemocratic the next Dem POTUS can bulldoze through changes that wipe away any changes that Trump trying to do now. Why do you think they havent done it already, because it can easily come back and bite you in the butt in the future just like the government closure that is looming now. Whatever unfair advantage the Reps put in place to further their ideals the Dems will do the same when they hold power again . Changing the rules whenever it suits you isnt a democracy its a dictatorship.

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Posted in: 61 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Removal of particular souls is impossible in Shinto. They’re either there, or they’re not... thats the whole reason why Korea/China get angry , the class A war criminals should never had been enshrined, it was only a head priest personal ideology (previous priest rightly refused enshrinement) in that his father-in-law was a convicted war criminal and he refused the Tokyo trials verdicts. Any J politician that visits the shrine is seen as justification of this head priests actions, and in agreement with his ideology. Its just convenient that they can use "pray for Japans war dead" as a cover for their true intentions.

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Posted in: Trump says he turned down Time's 'Person of the Year' See in context

"Time Magazine called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named 'Man (Person) of the Year,' like last year, but I would have to agree to an interview and a major photo shoot. I very much doubt Time said "probably going to name you". It just Trump trying to apply pressure on them to do it, now when Time doesn't Trump can use it as an excuse to say "see I told you they didnt name me because I turned them down" LOL this is how professional con men work, they manipulate people. When Time name another you can expect a tweet from Trump insulting that person also. LOL

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Posted in: Kumamoto assemblywoman causes stir by bringing 7-month-old son into chamber See in context

Good on Japan for not rolling over to these emotionally manipulative lefty stunts. LOL you make it sound like the women on the right dont have children or stand up for women's rights!?

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki offends S Korean fans during concert with Japanese war flag See in context

If she was performing in Cambodia? Yes, I expect they would. she posted it on the internet for all to see, last I checked the internet was an international medium not isolated to Japan. Comfort women statues in the US Australia Korea should be perfectly fine also since theyre not in Japan!?

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Posted in: Merkel hangs on to power but loses support to surging far right See in context

Congratulations to the AfD on 13% of the vote. You can't ignore such a high percentage of the vote and just demonstrates that not everyone is a brainwashed PC liberal yet the opposing parties have banded together against their hateful/intolerant polices so their political power counts for very little, seems the rest of the world is still predominantly anti right

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

war crime or not, nobody has the moral compass to pass judgement unless the whole picture on the Pacific war is realized, the atrocities , slaughter of millions of civilians throughout asia by the IJA was only rivaled by Hitlers Nazis. When youve had a good long hard look at yourself and can truly say your innocent then you can pass judgement on the enemy

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Posted in: Grand jury subpoenas issued in relation to Trump Jr's meeting with Russian lawyer See in context

You should be asking, why are liberals so out of touch with the people, but theyre not out of touch with the people, more of the American people support the Democrats than Trump. In the words of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro just this week, "In the United States it's possible to become president with 3 million votes less than your opponent. What a tremendous democracy!" lol brutal.

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Posted in: Grand jury subpoenas issued in relation to Trump Jr's meeting with Russian lawyer See in context

President Pence. Do you swear to uphold the constitution of the United States of America? while its not much of an improvement , its still an improvement.

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Posted in: Toyota, Mazda plan EV partnership, $1.6 billion U.S. plant See in context

..in the hopes the US doesn't punish japan for tariffs on US beef you still going on about that, guess what the beef dumping by the US in Japan is clearly stated in the WTO agreement on how much is permissible increase year on year, I think it was 17%. The US knew about this rule and either didnt monitor its exports or chose to ignore it, result was a tariff increase. The exact same thing happens when Chinese / Japanese steel exceeds US import limits, the US increases tariffs. If the US has any problems then they need to take it to the WTO. Id say Japan has a strong case against US dumping beef.

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Posted in: Japan beef tariff hike threatens trade relations: U.S. See in context

@wfjjapon..everyone can find whatever they want to support their own theory. except my theory is based on facts done by scientific research by a respect University, your theory is from some site stated by "the meat guy" a butcher. Also on follow up nearly all of Australian/NZ cattle are free range and not kept in stalls for prolonged periods of time, cattle roam and feed on grasses / plants in nature, that what theyve evolved to do, keeping them in stalls immobile for long periods of time is unnatural and cruel.

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Posted in: Rare whale meat barbecue restaurant in Osaka spreads food culture See in context

I have more chance dying from WWIII started by the US, then dying from toxins in whale meat. Tell the truth have more chance getting mad cows from eating US beef then mercury poisoning from whale, lucky for my family we do not eat US beef, OH and most of the rubbish about whale meat is posted by Anti-Whaling Groups and most are aimed at Japan, pretty sad if you ask me. since when does America have anything to do with the safety of whale meat? Last I checked Japan has had numerous madcow, birdflue, pigflue, foot in mouth outbreaks and radiation contamination over the last 20yrs so your safety food Japan mentality is void of evidence. OH and the rubbish your refering too is actually a scientific study conducted by Prof Endo from the University of Hokkaido. hes not apart of any pro or anti whaling group as far as im aware. I love how people like to spread their brainwashed propaganda without any real evidence to back their claims. OH and im not American. But hey I know recalcitrant pride doesnt make people think logically so I wont hold it against you.

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Posted in: Rare whale meat barbecue restaurant in Osaka spreads food culture See in context

and nobody gets sick from it, and nobody cares. whales are animals like cows and chicken. find a different cause to get mad about Japan has a well-documented history of mercury poisoning of its citizens, and yes people do get sick from it. Another fact that just dissolved your post.

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Posted in: Rare whale meat barbecue restaurant in Osaka spreads food culture See in context

You are talking about locally caught whales from Japanese waters. My post refers to the whales caught in the southern oceans, no im talking about all whale products sold all over Japan, If you want to know the 9 actual whales species tested you need to read Prof Endos results. Sothern ocean caught whales spend half of the year feeding in northern waters also, all large, long living whales contain high levels of mercury due to the huge amount of fish they eat. SO the fact still remains all whale products you buy or eat in Japan, there is a high probability it contains high levels of mercury. So unless you can confirm that the whale meat you purchase is labeled correctly and states a species with a lower mercury level then the probability is also high that the meat contains high levels of mercury. Personally, Id prefer to stick to meats that are safer and healthier. My opinions are backed by scientifically proven facts not made up statistics.

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Posted in: Fukushima mothers measure radiation levels in food, water and soil See in context

I don't get it. Isn't this the government's job? with the rampant manipulation of data by government bodies, mislabeling scandals etc would you trust your childs life over that of a corrupt politician!?

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Posted in: Trump comment about immigration 'problems' baffles Sweden See in context

Some were, but I would've felt the same had Gore won. Thank God, that didn't happen! yet 8 yrs later Bush left as one of the least popular POTUS, went to war on a lie, that made the whole of the middle east unstable and war still rages today. Just of note I was backing Bush when he won, I was very mistaken.

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Posted in: Trump comment about immigration 'problems' baffles Sweden See in context

Now that Trump won, they want the system changed. yet Trump himself said the electoral college was broken. Considering the democrats have now lost two elections in the last five , even while winning the popular vote, who can blame them for wanting to change this discriminatory system.

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Posted in: Promises, pomp and protests as Trump sworn in See in context

Yes, he should. Obama installed a bunch of smart ass talking millennials that thought they knew everything and they knew nothing and got us in the mess that we are in. and Trumps replaced them with wealthy investors, oil magnates and wall street bankers with many vested interests just like Trump. The same elite Trump promised to drain the swamp of. LOL this isnt going to end well.

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Posted in: 4 Australian family members found after going missing while skiing in Nagano See in context

everybody assuming that these tourist dont have travel insurance. Which is more than I can say for Japanese that go missing in the wilderness, wonder if they pay for the mess they create also!? or does it go on the taxpayers bill!?

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd finds Japanese ship with slaughtered whale See in context

To the crew of the Nisshin Maru: Well done!! Good luck and good hunting!!! F the Sea Shepherd!!! To the crew of Sea Shepherd: Well done!! Good luck and good hunting!!! F the Whalers!!!

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