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Posted in: Putin himself involved in U.S. election hack: NBC See in context

Repetitive regurgitation at its best. funny you should say that, Trump basically used the same tactic, with his limited vocabulary mixed with a good serving of hate, racism misogynism. End result was 46% of Americans agreed with him and elected him POTUS. With this as his ideological base Trump will make America great again. That alone just shows how sad America has become.

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Posted in: Philippines' Duterte says he has personally killed people See in context

Did you ever kill anyone? Yeah, but they were all bad. , Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Posted in: Trump backers ask courts to halt or prevent 3 state recounts See in context

Trump, 306 to 234. An electoral college beat down Clinton 48.2% 65,124,828, Trump 46.3% 62,652,263.... a popular vote kick in the nads!

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Posted in: Man arrested for mailing more than 500 garbage items to former bullies See in context

This guy has some serious issues to hold a grudge for so long, actually I wouldnt always call it issues, just patience. I had a grudge that I paid back some 5 years after it happened, and I never forget an A-hole. The person who did me wrong, probably knows who did it but since I wasnt living or working in the same city as him anymore didn't have a pot to p*** in pointing the blame. One thing about payback its both SWEET and a BITCH, depending which side of the fence your on. LOL

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Posted in: Nishikori, Goffin advance to 3rd round at Paris Masters See in context

Hopefully he causes the three guys ranked above him some trouble again! why would he want o do just that, lower ranked players have shown they can beat him also. even lower ranked players have won majors. Kei is a bit like baseballs Ichiro, plays for the points/records without ever actually winning a world series!?

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Posted in: Obama warns U.S. fate in voters' hands as Trump gains ground See in context

I've been waiting 10 years for Final Fantasy XV to become playable well I'm sorry but you may be living in a fantasy reality and not the real world!?

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Posted in: Trump: I'll run America like my business See in context

Speaking of which, since Obama will leave us with an over $10 Trillion deficit and where do you think much of that deficit came from! the wars that the Bush family started

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Posted in: Japan to lend to sanctioned Russian bank to push island talks: Nikkei See in context

These Islands belong to Japan and the Russians know this but know it but won't admit it. No they belonged to Japan , now they belong to Russia. If Japan wants them back Russia is going to make her pay dearly for them, just depends how much Japan thinks there worth!?

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Posted in: Survey asks Japanese women if they could date a man who earns less money than they do See in context

I gueass it is pretty much like this almost everywhere on the globe! actually Id say itd be more prodominant in societies that dont give women or make it difficult to be financially independent and give equal opportunities as men. where Japan ranks in this area is open for debate.

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Posted in: As Duterte embraces China, Abe set to roll out warm welcome See in context

Neither Hong Kong nor Tibet is a 'country'. thats not the point, they were once a sovereign territory/region , Tibet with its own specific culture, now they're under Chinas puppet control, just as the Philippines is becoming.

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Posted in: As Duterte embraces China, Abe set to roll out warm welcome See in context

Which country is under Chinese puppet state control?ah Hongkong and Tibet

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Posted in: S Korea surprised by 2020 Games venue relocation reports See in context

Oh just give up and send it all back to London! what they cant even pay for the last Olympic games, now with Brexit theyll need all the cash the can save.if any

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Posted in: Dual citizenship is not permitted under Japanese law, making the country an international minority over the issue. What do you think are the benefits of allowing dual citizenship? See in context

When applying for a new Japanese passport though, you have to answer Yes or No to whether you have any other nationality. So you can't hide it, actually. yes but if your child was born a Japanese national and holds two passports. if your child chooses to keep the Japanese passport the J government has no legal right to force them to renounce their second passport ( that is the sole right of the country involved) they certainly cant take away their Japanese nationality ( unconstitutional ) and cant send them to prison if they keep their second nationality. There are basic UN human rights that protect citizens from government abuses, well in most democratic free countries anyway. This is the main reason Japan hasnt made laws that make it illegal and punishable to hold a second nationality.

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Posted in: Face saver: Surgical masks worn at speed dating sessions See in context

Then again it will probably be "Hey, what is your job and how much do you make a year? oh thats so 1990s! now its just, "Do you have a job!"

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Posted in: 'Japan: Guilty Until Proven Innocent' documentary shines light on controversial legal system See in context

Japan may need its own version of a CSI series If you watch any Japanese TV you'll know it already has it's own version. does the Japanese version show the weeks of forced interrogations!? no I didnt think so.

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Posted in: Trump charges U.S. election results being rigged at many polling places See in context

And yes, that private email server issue is really on a par with Watergate and Iran-Contra. what next? youll be saying 9/11 was an inside job!?

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Posted in: Motorcyclist cut in half after being flung into cable wire following police chase See in context

reminds me the ball scene from "Ghost Ship"

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Posted in: Giving up on Trump, Ryan focuses on saving GOP majority See in context

When Trump is elected President on November 8 it's will be a replay of that, x 10 and if he loses the salty conspiracy theories will make 9/11 look like a Disney movie

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Posted in: Trump slams GOP ahead of debate, raises Clinton scandals See in context

No one can match the sex acts of indiscretions and infidelity of one William Jefferson Clinton. Hands down, the man is THE most prolific political sexual abuser around, that should give you pause. what has that got anything to do with Hillary running for POTUS, how are Bills faults going to effect how Hillary runs the country. Trump supporter are just as bad as Trump himself. The issues here are Trumps and Hillarys personalities, temperamanet, experience and who is better suited to be POTUS. Bill Clinton is history and can never be POTUS again. To insinuate that Bills infidelities will sudden corrupt Hillary also is just plain moronic .

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Posted in: U.S. accuses Russia of war crimes in Syria, political hacking See in context

Im no fan of Putin, but the US accusing Russia of war crimes is highly hyocritical. Without Russia the US would walk over everybody to get what it wants. Like him or hate him Putin brings a balance to world power.

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Posted in: Clinton tears into Trump on taxes See in context

Trump will use loopholes and find ways to make jobs. no Trump will just put up tarriffs on all the US trading partners, alienating the country even further, only problem is China , Mexico and other countries where the US has factories and a large business presence can do this to American also. Trump will effectively start trade wars in his quest to manufacture more American jobs. In the long term itll hurt the US economy far more than benifit. Vote Trump, and see just how crazy shite can get.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd unveils new high-speed ship against Japanese whalers See in context

But Japan does not catch anywhere near 70% of the world catch. So shouldn't you be complaining to all the countries that catch tuna to sell to Japan? yes we should complain to anybody that overfishes the worlds fish stocks,, but the overfishing is only there because of the demand for it. If Japan said overnight we will stop buying or drastically cut how much they purchase the demand would disappear and so would the overfishing. Exactly the same thing happened to whaling in the early 1900s. For all its so called research Japan has shown absolutely no proof or set any clear laws that would forbid them from over hunting whales, the state of bluefin tuna and eel stocks is perfect proof. Whaling would only become economically viable if they are hunted in large numbers, eg human consumption, whale blubber, canned pet food, its this hunting in large numbers which whales are susceptible too due to their slow birth rates.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd unveils new high-speed ship against Japanese whalers See in context

The question boils down to whether whaling is sustainable, which it is. history has shown it isnt, its only sustainable if the demand is low. Look at bluefin Tuna and eel. Japan consumes 70% of the world supply and these are species that can be farmed. But their numbers are nearly in the endangered species list. Now imagine in whale meat had a similar appeal, do you think Japan could sustain its hunting then, history has shown Japan ocean conservation is pathetic if it gets in the way of profits.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd unveils new high-speed ship against Japanese whalers See in context

Large mammals are "cute", "cuddly", "intelligent" and thus more valuable than say cockroaches and leeches. Sea Shepard is driven by greed for fame and attention. . wrong again, whales are one of the slowest breed mamals on earth, history has shown that theyve been hunted to near extinction and taken many decades to recover. Add to thats Japans pee poor efforts in ocean conservation (aka blue fin tuna) you can understand why other countries dont trust Japans whaling stance. The only greed is the whalers billions yen of wasted J taxpayer money to keep their dying industry afloat in the name of lies and culture.

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Bought at a cost of 8.3 million euros ($9.3 million) funded by public lotteries in Britain, The Netherlands and Sweden, just shows SS can get it funding from many sources outside US, the whalers efforts have failed once again.

These idiots will not be satisfied until they kill someone.

the only deaths (2 of them) have been whalers at the hands of the incompetent J whaling industry.

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Posted in: Renault-Nissan boss says he needs UK Brexit guarantees See in context

@itsonlyrocknroll that productivity won't mean squat depending on what tariffs the EU impose of UK vehicle exports. the majority of vehicles manufactured in the UK are exported to the EU. One of the underlying rules of the EU is the free movement of goods and people. No sane EU member would accept the UK just cherry picking the privileges and leaving the requirements. Otherwise what the point of being a member. The EU will make being in the EU more beneficial than not.

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@pbot lol yeah and everyone (EU) is like thinking, yes walk out that door, you've got your freedom now, but where going to milk you for all your worth, only members of our gang can get the privileges (free trade) of our gang.

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Posted in: Renault-Nissan boss says he needs UK Brexit guarantees See in context

problem with subsidies is that the EU will look at it as unfair trading practices and impose high tarriffs on UK imports. either way you look at it the Brexit is going to cause a lot of problems to the UK economy over the long term.

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Posted in: Torn Trump See in context

Tokyos version of street graffiti

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Posted in: Trump goes on offensive against former beauty queen; Clinton calls him 'unhinged' See in context

I am just laughing myself to death that this is even an issue. Liberals will make ANYTHING an issue. LOL so insulting and degrading a woman whos not even running for POTUS, and even doing it to a "Gold Star" mother. considering more than half the US voting population are women, I think that makes it an issue.

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