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Posted in: Windows 10 to take longer to reach billion-device goal See in context

Windows 7 is awesome! But wins 10 is garbage! Don't upgrade!

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Posted in: Obama slams suggestion of Muslim test in wake of Nice attack See in context

DONALD TRUMP IS THE SAVIOR! He's the one and only choice. Get smart or get out!

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Posted in: Pokemon-mania vindicates Nintendo's mobile game shift See in context

First of all, Pokemon does not wholly own by Nintendo. Nintendo only hold 30% stake in Pokemon.

Secondly, the game never developed by Nintendo. It developed by Niantic - an AMERICAN company and with an advanced tech from Google. Google also invested 10 millions in Pokemon GO. So they do hold a stake in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO is a trademark of Niantic/Nintendo/PokemonCompany/GameFreak/Creature Inc. NOT just nintendo.

And last but not least, Apple make more money off Pokemon Go than Nintendo, look it up.

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Posted in: Sanders finally endorses Clinton See in context

Ladies and Gentlemen! Please welcome, the 58th President of United States of America!

Miss Clinton, 2nd of her name and the very first female President of the US in the History! May the God be with her.

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Posted in: Truck attacker kills at least 84, injures scores during Bastille Day celebration in Nice See in context

This is HORRIBLE! France need to double their guards! Double their border's walls. Double their CCTVs. Double everything!

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Posted in: Lean Xbox One eyes gamers as PlayStation VR turns heads See in context

Sony is not my thing, but i love their PlayStation division, with the announcement of God of War 4, Spider-Man PS4 and Crash remastered. My confident for them is back.

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Posted in: Samsung angles for spot at heart of connected life See in context

I love Japan. But nothing last forever. Japan is history and soon Korea as well. The next big thing is China. Which would be the 3rd least thing i wanted right now [I might change my opinion]

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Posted in: Nintendo announces new console for 2017 as profits dive See in context

@VesnaDrofenik Bad comparison, you do know that Sony is a diverse corporation right ? While Nintendo is just a gaming company. Sony is in deep trouble because of the other divisions such as you said, Vaio, Smartphone and TV. Their health/medicine, finance, entertainment were and STILL profiting. Especially their gaming division Sony Interactive Entertainment aka PlayStation, which is like the main source of their profits. With that being said, i agree with you completely about Nintendo shouldn't switch to something they're not familiar with. But that's not a good reason to attack Sony for no appearance reason... unless you're a typical fanboy/girl.

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Posted in: Schoolgirl says education pointless; gets schooled in debate on Twitter See in context

That guy just won internet. Kudos to him ;).

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Posted in: Quakes disrupt Sony production of image sensors used in Apple iPhones See in context

That's suck, Sony is like one of the very few Japanese company that im actually like (the other one is Suzuki because of their bikes). Best wishes to them and to the people of Japan. Stay strong!

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Posted in: Top 10 complaints Japanese men hope to never hear from their wives See in context

This whole article make me want to leave Japan for good... LUL!

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Posted in: ASIMO to welcome visitors arriving at Narita International Airport See in context

ASIMO IS HISTORY! Japan need to investing on their software. Japanese software is among the worst in the developed countries.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi's Display projects 'passable' image in midair See in context

And 10 years later, the korean/chinese will make it more efficient and Mitsubishi gone bankrupt like most Japanese companies! lmfao!

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Posted in: Intelligent robots threaten millions of jobs See in context

Greatness Awaits!

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Posted in: Disrupting Japan: Only Start a Company When You Have No Other Choice - Taku Harada – Peatix See in context

More like he got fired, lelelelelelel!

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Posted in: Moody's, S&P cut Toshiba's credit rating to junk See in context

I'm from Vietnam, and Japanese brands are very popular in here, especially in the automobile and bike/motobike industry. However, in the electronic industry like Smartphone/tablets, air conditioners, fridges are leading by South Korean's Samsung and LG right now. Chinese/Taiwanese brands are growing very strongly as well.

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Posted in: Toys 'R' Us to shut flagship Times Square store See in context

That's becuz Toy R Us is a store for kids... duh!

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Posted in: Honda Aircraft Co begins HondaJet deliveries See in context

Great plane, weird name. Why not just Honda Air ? Or Honda Falcon ?

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Posted in: Kishida to visit S Korea Monday for 'comfort women' talks See in context

This is it! We're watching historic moment right here! The End of Korean-Japanese hatred! Freakin finally!

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Posted in: Google, Ford in talks on self-driving car partnership See in context

Japan is very strong in automobile industry. However, their software division is just mediocre as best. They need to heavily improving this factor as it's become increasingly essential to the Tech World.

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Posted in: S Korean students protest See in context

They should just changed to #KoreanPrideMatter

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Posted in: Return of the cinema: 'Star Wars' a major coup for theaters See in context

The Force is Strong with USA! Meanwhile in Japan...

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Posted in: Man beaten to death after his car intercepted by gang of foreigners See in context

So where the heck is the video ? Why not release to the the Public ? Perhaps, some of us can identified the suspects.

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Posted in: Facial recognition tech may be used at Arashi concerts See in context

The music industry in Japan need to expand beyond their own borders like their animation and video games.

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Posted in: 'Force Awakens' pulls in record $57 mil on opening night See in context

The movie costed $200 Millions to make but they spent on additional $400 Millions in marketing, look it up.

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Posted in: China accuses U.S. of serious military provocation See in context


Donald J. Trump

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Posted in: Tech titans pledge $1 bil for artificial intelligence research See in context

I want to Fiick an Ex-Machina with VR supported, so fiicking yes please!

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Posted in: Rakuten to open flagship store on JD Worldwide See in context

China is next-gen. Japan is so last last-gen, sadly ofc since i love Japan, the land of deez nuts! Gotem!

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Posted in: Trump lead among Republicans undiminished in first poll after Muslim comments See in context

Holy heck! i was just trolling around when i said #Trump4president2k16. But man, this is actually happening! LMFAO! Americans just gone nut! Hillary and now Trump. 2016 is gonna be a hella exciting year for the world :3. God bless america, cuz you're gonna need it!

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Posted in: New 'One Piece' movie’s summer 2016 release date confirmed See in context

What we need, is Deez Balls Evolution!

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