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Putin is the reincarnation of evils, the likes of Hitler, of Stalin. Xi is another in the making in China who is watching and learning Putin's tactics for his moves against Taiwan and maybe, the rest of East Asia and Southeast Asia afterward. Previous World Wars were started by these demons.

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To TARA TAN KITAOKA, you must also know that the CCP has politicized everything, whether it is a business, sport, or entertainment. To be able to do them in China we have to self-censored our own views and not to show China in a bad light because "it hurts Chinese feelings". If you remember, the Chinese have made many films painting Japan as a bad guy; they had boycotted Japanese products that you build in China; cut off the supply of rare earth to Japanese electronics manufacturers; they have tried to dump their products in Japan at a cheap price to destroy your market; copied your technology and sell at a cheap price that Japanese cannot compete... There are so many to mention here.

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Posted in: China warns Olympics diplomatic boycott nations will 'pay a price' See in context

I wonder what "the price" would be? Taking athletes from those who come for the winter Sinolympic as ransoms? Athletes beware! You come at your own price for your country.

I hope there will be more countries to join in, especially those from the Arab world - you should help your brothers and sisters from the atrocities by the CCP. We have yet to see the response from the European nations that often compete in winter games but they should remember the benefits they gain with collaborations with the CCP is far lesser than the CCP rips from them, not to mention the social and economic ruins the CCP has successfully inflicted on the World.

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Posted in: Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan may change China's strategy toward Japan See in context

This article is a bit too early and optimistic. China now may be cozy up with the Taliban and learn their thinking first, gauging the pros and cons. But do not forget that China will corrupt the Taliban's influential people first with money, prestige, and promises just like it did with Myanmar's military generals and elsewhere in the world. That will take care of the Xinjiang problem. The BRI, if successful with the Taliban, will pose a threat to the oil trade to most countries if that threat can be realized in the long run into the future. As for China, the eastern front includes Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Guam, the Philippines which can hinder China's power projection. In the south, China has opposition from Australia, and to some extend, from Indonesia. In South Asia, there is India. China's military power needs resources but now China's feeling of being trapped is not a nice feeling at all. A corridor to South Asia through Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan will take care of India and the oil trade that China can support on land. Once this corridor is established and secured, China will attend to East Asia. For now, China may just do some planning as the chessboard is altered.

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I as well as the wish of Vietnamese and Filipino peoples, want China get out of South East Asia seas. You have no historical rights nor legal rights to be there. China, the SUPER THUG, get out now because only THUG never respect the laws. Only THUG wants to take the livelihood of other people for its own gain. China is that THUG.

Thank you Japan for being one voice with the South East Asians.

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Posted in: Abe suspends work on U.S. base relocation on Okinawa See in context

I don't know how a USA military base in Okinawa is affecting the local social and natural environment, However I wish that Japanese Government can really sit down and talk it out with the USA counterparts. My only concern is if the USA Military Base is knocked out of Okinawa then that will present a disaster to Japan's national defence and security.

Look at how China has been doing towards the Philippines and Viet Nam, especially the Philippines, after the Philippines people succeeded in driving out the USA Naval Base in Subic! The Philippines has been the underdog in all the threats and occupation of reefs China is giving to the Philippines, direct and indirect. The Philippines national defence is unable to stage any measures against China's aggressive tactics. The Philippines does not of course have the military strength that Japan has but Japan should not forget that China has been prepared for a showdown for decades during its economic rising. Now China feels that it is ready if time and circumstances permit. Is Japan ready after so many decades of restricted military development?

USA is the only savior at the moment, no one else can help the weaker nations surrounding China. I feels that it is a little too late for all nations in East Asia and South East Asia, and possibly South Asia to form a coalition to present a united front to China's threats. This coalition is urgently needed at the moment. I hope that these nations will work closely with the USA to prevent a possible war that one day China would start to achieve its goals.

Most South East Asia nations have lost their own economic zones and fishing grounds in the international seas that they had before China's building up its military present in the area.

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