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Nguyen Huu Minh comments

Posted in: Japan complains over S Korea's 'comfort women' ruling See in context

I do wish the Japanese government and its people would swallow their pride and apologize to the people of South Korea, ask for forgiveness, and prepare to pay any compensation to the victims that are legally viable. Only by doing so, a new chapter of relations between South Korea and Japan can begin for the better. You cannot hide the fact that this "comfort women" did occur when imperial Japan occupied Korea.

Since Kevin Rudd, the former Prime Minister of Australia formally apologized to the indigenous people for the past deeds done to them, the issue of "lost children" when the native kids were taken away from their parents to make them "white" is no longer a thorn in the Australian social relation with the native people. A sense of relief and forgiveness from the indigenous people was widespread. A new milestone was laid for the future.

The current Japanese government is not the one responsible for what happened in the past but an apology on behalf of the former imperial government will soothe the sorrow of those victims who are still alive. I believe that the Koreans will forgive if the current Japanese government is sincere enough. There is no suffering that will last forever if a sincere apology is brought forth but a denial will make the suffering worst.

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Posted in: Australian PM Albanese heads to China as relations thaw See in context

"{China} it seeks a region that is much more accommodating of its values and interests,"

This said it all. China wants its neighbors to accommodate whatever China wants but not the other way around just because they are smaller and weaker.

That is a lot of b.s.

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Posted in: Japan, Philippines to negotiate defense pact and boost ties amid China's aggression See in context

Well done, Phillippines. The threat to the Philippines once China takes over Taiwan will be more real than it is now. Small nations of Southeast Asia should unite on this threat from China which is more prominent as time goes by. The benefits from the Southeast Asian Sea that the people of these nations have enjoyed for centuries are now diminishing since China has been coercing and bullying these nations in order to take the sea for its own selfish benefits. The collaboration in defense and intelligence sharing is a must for early warning of any preparation of attacks from China. It is a relief that the Phillippines begin to realize that there is no confidence or belief in the CCP's so-called goodwill like the former President Duterti had with China. Everyone should adopt the saying that goes: "Do not listen to what the communists say. Look carefully at what the communists do" the former South Vietnamese President Thieu had said. The Phillippines and other Southeast Asian nations have already seen that when the CCP's president Xi Jinping said China won't militarise their man-made islands which China has stolen from the Phillippines and Vietnam. Remember this saying when dealing with the CCP, always.

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Posted in: China declines to join IAEA system to monitor Fukushima treated water See in context

Of course, China won't join the IAEA system, not because it fears being seen as approving the release of Fukushima water but because it is afraid that the IAEA would have a say in China's own release of its nuclear waste water which many people believe China is far more irresponsible. Well, China won't join at least until it can manipulate like it has done with WHO during the COVID-19 to cover up its own flaws.

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Posted in: U.S. aircraft carrier arrives in Vietnam See in context

The cost that Nixon and Kissinger made in 1974 by abandoning South VN to the communist North VN and moving out of the Philippines is mounting high just because Nixon and Kissinger had underestimated the CCP, and the subsequent US governments had overestimated Chinese contribution to world economy. The US and the West have no knowledge how China operates at all. Now they are trying to win back Southeast Asian countries.

The US has always focussed on the main adversary and ignored those influenced by it. China is more cunning by focussing on the lesser important countries while creating fears in those countries by coercion, weakening the US by removing those countries which would be allied with the US in the act of turning them into countries ruled by dictators.

If the US focus on military only, ignoring ideological, economical aspects of war then it would be tough to win against the CCP.

Anyway, Vietnamese people always wholeheartedly welcome the US visits but the fact that the Vietnamese communist official went to China during the US visit is to soften the blow and confirm their alliance with the CCP says it all.

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Posted in: Japanese A-bomb victim's paper cranes eyed for UNESCO heritage list See in context

I hope Sadako Sasaki's relatives succeed in making her paper cranes on UNESCO's world heritage. We all need to be reminded of what war can do to people and countries. Most of us are sane but it always take a few insane persons to create havoc and inhuman sufferings to us all. Yet, do not say we, on either side, are not guilty. That's why history must be learned and the truth be talked so we do not allow those few mad persons to repeat the history. Many countries have tried to rewrite history that suits those in power, excluding the truth that their predecessor(s) have done in their own country or in occupied foreign countries. Luckily, most democratic countries like Japan people can help bring out the truth so the world can read and listen to.

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Posted in: Japan's growing military strength not a threat, says defense minister See in context

Japan is doing the right thing. Well done Japan. You have the right to defend your country and your people. After WW2, Japan has known what war means and the cost of it as well as the destruction it had caused and received. Japan has learned to be a civilized, peace-loving nation.

With the threats coming from Russia, China, and North Korea, Japan cannot just rely on the USA for defense, so that is your right. I just hope that Japan can make peace with the Korean people sincerely and build a new future regional true friend and ally. China's CCP only makes noise to belittle Japan but the main aim is to stir up its people for the nationalist movement it tries to create. Japanese people are not stupid to let their government try to become a superpower like it once was. Japanese people should be sensible to support their government to rebuild and to make defense strong and effective. China's ambition is clearly demonstrated by the deeds it has done around the world, especially in the Southeast Asia Sea where it has bullied and coerced Southeast Asian nations for a future war with Taiwan by cutting off possible support from the southern front.

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Posted in: Japan, land of the hybrid car, takes slowly to EVs See in context

Japan is not a country with a temperate climate throughout the year. It can be too hot or too cold. I heard that EVs is best suited to temperate climate where the reliability of batter is depend upon temperature. Too hot or too cold will reduce the range of the battery significantly. I also heard that some Japanese car makers (was it Toyota?) are aiming for Hydrogen H2 as fuel which does not need to import from anywhere. Reliable on China for Lithium to make batteries was another issue, remember Japan was once threatened by China on rare earth minerals? Being slow to catch on to Smart gadgets was a mistake but to EVs, it may be not because of the issues of safety in mostly tight urban areas of Japan; of providing charging stations at home or in public (again relating to limited available space). The EV technology is not mature enough to ensure the environment is protected, and producing batteries is not an environment-friendly process.

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Posted in: S Korean wartime laborers file suit against Mitsubishi Heavy See in context

I wish Japan can be sincerely and truthfully make peace with South Koreans for what had been done in the past. With the two great countries being true friends, they can support each other to survive the threats coming from China's CCP and North Korea. Adding Taiwan to that friendship, the three great countries would have a better chance of surviving a war coming from China than countries of South East Asia. To me, South Korean president Yoon Suk Yeol has taken a political risk trying to initiate amendments with Japan, it should be Japan's turn to really do some good wills toward South Koreans. National pride should not be of great concern and importance right here and right now when threats from China can be a real thing at any time.

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Posted in: G20 finance chiefs differ on Russia-Ukraine war, debt See in context

It's just so sad that many countries that have a survival relationship with Russia and/or China chose not to condemn Ukraine- Russia conflict as a war where the stronger one, Russia is clearly the one that started it in a foreign land, Ukraine.

Anyway, at this date and age, all nations should condemn any war and point fingers at the one that started it otherwise the villain who managed to control strong countries like Russia, China, and the USA keep creating war anywhere they are interested in. We all know about WW2 and its horrific aftermath. The next WW could obliterate the whole world if one of the villains disregards any concern for humanity. At a smaller stage, the suffering is laid on the weaker country, such as Ukraine, which should be of great concern to everyone. The majority of countries are no match to Russia's, China's, and the USA's military power; these weaker countries could be attacked by any of these powerful nations if they see fit. So far, Russia and China are the most horrible nations whose ambition or hunger for domination has been physically, and politically bullying and coercing neighboring nations; and these two could use their military power to create war with their weaker neighboring nations anytime they want.

Economic downturns can go up again but the devastations caused by war take generations to recover physically and emotionally.

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Posted in: Ukraine today could be East Asia tomorrow: Kishida See in context

And Southeast Asia sea too! Considering the recent China warplane harassing an Australian surveillance plane with flaps that got sucked in its engines. That is an act of war, of a pully nation towards weaker nations who could do nothing because they cannot do anything about it.

Human History shows that war-mongering nations had a way to divert attention at home to war overseas to gather nationalist support and suppress discontentment at home. Putin did the same by attacking Ukraine. China CCP would follow. These dictators do not like anyone better than them with democracy. CCP has created havoc in Myanmar is proof of that intention. Belarus is governed by a dictator regime so it is left "safe" while Ukraine is not. The bully does not like to surround them with non-bully ones.

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Posted in: Putin says Ukraine's future in doubt as ceasefires collapse See in context

Putin is the reincarnation of evils, the likes of Hitler, of Stalin. Xi is another in the making in China who is watching and learning Putin's tactics for his moves against Taiwan and maybe, the rest of East Asia and Southeast Asia afterward. Previous World Wars were started by these demons.

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Posted in: China warns Olympics diplomatic boycott nations will 'pay a price' See in context

To TARA TAN KITAOKA, you must also know that the CCP has politicized everything, whether it is a business, sport, or entertainment. To be able to do them in China we have to self-censored our own views and not to show China in a bad light because "it hurts Chinese feelings". If you remember, the Chinese have made many films painting Japan as a bad guy; they had boycotted Japanese products that you build in China; cut off the supply of rare earth to Japanese electronics manufacturers; they have tried to dump their products in Japan at a cheap price to destroy your market; copied your technology and sell at a cheap price that Japanese cannot compete... There are so many to mention here.

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Posted in: China warns Olympics diplomatic boycott nations will 'pay a price' See in context

I wonder what "the price" would be? Taking athletes from those who come for the winter Sinolympic as ransoms? Athletes beware! You come at your own price for your country.

I hope there will be more countries to join in, especially those from the Arab world - you should help your brothers and sisters from the atrocities by the CCP. We have yet to see the response from the European nations that often compete in winter games but they should remember the benefits they gain with collaborations with the CCP is far lesser than the CCP rips from them, not to mention the social and economic ruins the CCP has successfully inflicted on the World.

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Posted in: Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan may change China's strategy toward Japan See in context

This article is a bit too early and optimistic. China now may be cozy up with the Taliban and learn their thinking first, gauging the pros and cons. But do not forget that China will corrupt the Taliban's influential people first with money, prestige, and promises just like it did with Myanmar's military generals and elsewhere in the world. That will take care of the Xinjiang problem. The BRI, if successful with the Taliban, will pose a threat to the oil trade to most countries if that threat can be realized in the long run into the future. As for China, the eastern front includes Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Guam, the Philippines which can hinder China's power projection. In the south, China has opposition from Australia, and to some extend, from Indonesia. In South Asia, there is India. China's military power needs resources but now China's feeling of being trapped is not a nice feeling at all. A corridor to South Asia through Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan will take care of India and the oil trade that China can support on land. Once this corridor is established and secured, China will attend to East Asia. For now, China may just do some planning as the chessboard is altered.

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Posted in: China tells Japan to stop interfering in South China Sea See in context

I as well as the wish of Vietnamese and Filipino peoples, want China get out of South East Asia seas. You have no historical rights nor legal rights to be there. China, the SUPER THUG, get out now because only THUG never respect the laws. Only THUG wants to take the livelihood of other people for its own gain. China is that THUG.

Thank you Japan for being one voice with the South East Asians.

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Posted in: Abe suspends work on U.S. base relocation on Okinawa See in context

I don't know how a USA military base in Okinawa is affecting the local social and natural environment, However I wish that Japanese Government can really sit down and talk it out with the USA counterparts. My only concern is if the USA Military Base is knocked out of Okinawa then that will present a disaster to Japan's national defence and security.

Look at how China has been doing towards the Philippines and Viet Nam, especially the Philippines, after the Philippines people succeeded in driving out the USA Naval Base in Subic! The Philippines has been the underdog in all the threats and occupation of reefs China is giving to the Philippines, direct and indirect. The Philippines national defence is unable to stage any measures against China's aggressive tactics. The Philippines does not of course have the military strength that Japan has but Japan should not forget that China has been prepared for a showdown for decades during its economic rising. Now China feels that it is ready if time and circumstances permit. Is Japan ready after so many decades of restricted military development?

USA is the only savior at the moment, no one else can help the weaker nations surrounding China. I feels that it is a little too late for all nations in East Asia and South East Asia, and possibly South Asia to form a coalition to present a united front to China's threats. This coalition is urgently needed at the moment. I hope that these nations will work closely with the USA to prevent a possible war that one day China would start to achieve its goals.

Most South East Asia nations have lost their own economic zones and fishing grounds in the international seas that they had before China's building up its military present in the area.

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