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This is not a tragedy, it's not sad, but rather it's an American celebration and display of their love for guns. Mass shootings are part of the American culture and are thus expected, unless there's a strict gun policy enforced.

Thoughts and Prayers will not help, they never do, it's just an empty gesture.

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Posted in: Pre-emptive U.S. strike on North Korea could be 'catastrophic' See in context

Should the war happen, i feel sorry for the South Koreans. Seoul will be turned into a war zone and a lot of Koreans will lose their lives - more than that of Americans ( who will be far away in the States watching everything from their big screen tv )

The decision whether to invade NK or not, should not be taken lightly and the US is in no position to call the shots. This decision should be left for South Korea to make because they will suffer the most.

This is North Korea, not Iraq, Syria or Libya. any provocation from the south will be met with aggressive response.

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Posted in: U.S. prepared to use force against N Korea: U.N. envoy See in context

I don't blame NK for continuing to launch nuclear missiles and strengthening their military. If your neighbouring countries are heavily protected by a country that has a history of invading other countries and bombing the hell out of its people and infrastructure, it would be in your best interest to heavily arm yourself in case the country in question decides to fabricate a story in order to justify showering you with FREEDOM.

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Posted in: U.S. woman arrested over disposal of 100 live bullets at Haneda airport See in context

Why on earth would she bring bullets to Japan?

Suppose she was not aware that she has them on her carry on bag....... - but then the weight of 100 bullets of a 22 caliber is pretty noticeable and difficult to ignore. I would understand if it was just one bullet found - that's a mistake that anyone can make.

She could have just left them back in the States?

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Suppose this claim that Russia interfered in the US election is true, why does the US continue to make a fuss about it? It's not like they haven't done the same thing in other countries.

The US always interferes in other country's internal affairs, and do even worse, forcefully change the regimes, and orchestrate attacks on the leaders of the countries in question. Washington is in no position to criticize Russia because they ( the US ) have done far worse.

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When 7 people die in Europe or North America as a result of extremists, it becomes BREAKING NEWS for days. But when it happens elsewhere outside those regions, it only gets a minute coverage on tv ( just like the weather update).

Clearly the media perpetuate this false narrative that other lives outside Europe and North America are not important.

RIP to the victims in Somalia.

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I don't blame North Korea for continuing to strengthen their military. If your region was heavily occupied by an aggressive foreign country like the US - that is known for invading other countries and dropping bombs on innocent people, and often leaving the country in question in total destruction... i think it will serve NK well to always be on the look out, and arm itsself, incase the US creates a false story in order to justify invasion.

The presence of the US bases in the entire Asia pacific is a threat to the Reunification of Korea.

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Posted in: Trump team softens war talk, vows other pressure on N Korea See in context

Politics Politics....bla bla bla bla..

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Posted in: N Korea says it is ready to strike U.S aircraft carrier See in context

Somebody is itching for war.

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Posted in: N Korea says it is ready to strike U.S aircraft carrier See in context

So the US is planning to sink its aircraft carrier in order to gain public support and justify invading NK, just like they did with Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc etc.....

We are no longer falling for this western propaganda anymore.

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