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Posted in: Japan picks $1.2 bil Lockheed radar for Aegis Ashore batteries See in context

unbeleivable waste of money in the face of the natural disasters that have ravaged Japan the last few years and the continuing suffering that they caused due to insufficient defences. Surely stuff like this should be prioritised over buying shiny new toys to keep the orange tit happy, seems like Abe is just another conservative hawk spending public funds on defense contracts to line the pockets of his fellow hawks.

Wasn't his aim to rebuild the Japanes economy, how is buying this stuff going to achieve that in any way?

At the very least if this stuff ain't going to be available off the shelf yet wouldn't it be better to wait another 6 months to a year to see how the denuclearisation goes on the peninsula?

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Posted in: Sakurajima volcano erupts explosively in southern Japan See in context

@disillusioned, no one ever said it was a perfect place to build nuclear reactors, there is no perfect place to build nuclear reactors. Maybe you know a better way of supplying electricity to >120 million people in a nation with limited natural resources? Renewables are held up as a Utopian vision of the future but can only provide a fraction of what's required at present.

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