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Nhan Thai comments

Posted in: Japan to expand Djibouti military base to counter Chinese influence See in context

To destroy the military of china , Japan will easily do quickly eventually in the near future , china is just actually a copying chicken , this type of chicken barks out so loud , but it does not dare to go to war honorly like Japan

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Posted in: The most important issue Obama should discuss in China See in context

Do not forget about China is ninjaing South China Sea & island from its weaker neighbors by it big amount of force , & suggest a plan to destroy China bullying military

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Posted in: Japan warns citizens in China to be wary as tensions rise See in context

Japan should give stupid China a lesson by force of Japan , otherwise China keeps to bother Japan so much . With the bad moral China people must not think about how to treat human being , because China actually is not a nice human being minded

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Posted in: Japan will closely watch Chinese activity in East China Sea: Nakatani See in context

Every one scare a starving dog named China , lol

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Posted in: Orlando gunman raged against 'filthy ways of the west' See in context

It is just a stupidest , & why there is a religion tells its people to kill others for getting choice going to the heaven ? If our religion tells us to do the same , then it is ous stupidest ?

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Posted in: Japan hits back at China for criticizing Abe's remarks See in context

lol ! china pretending like they are so gentle ! do not ever trust the Pretender ! lol !

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Posted in: Vietnamese fishing boat rammed, sunk by Chinese ship See in context

inhuman being act to others from china government

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Posted in: China says U.S. must be objective about Asia tensions See in context

s t u p i d china

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Posted in: Abe to discuss China's air defense zone with Biden See in context

Ytf we need to care China ADIZ , china just make it up by its self , no one or even the UN to recognize this , lol , china better stay on bedkeep its dream for good

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Posted in: China’s passive wait-and-see strategy See in context

Badass China

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Posted in: N Korea keeps world guessing on birthday plans See in context

this starving and crazy N korean president of dog is just barking so much , but it is not ever and ever brave to do so

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Posted in: N Korea threatens nuclear retaliation against Japan See in context

it is best to let N korea to test its weapon , then to end up the bad regime of communist there , if not it keep barking once in a while for food to people scary . kill the crazy dog is better than keep it survive with its sickness

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Posted in: China 'extremely concerned' about U.S.-Japan island talks See in context

sucking china is so scary that it will be beaten up by the US and Japan

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Posted in: Abe woos Vietnam amid shared China concerns See in context

Mr Abe is the best if you can pay attention on what he does , he is very meaningful to japan , and to others too in all field , i pray for his successful then he can help the Asean to deal with the bullying china

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Posted in: U.S. to deploy newest weapons to Asia-Pacific See in context

with all the bad behavior that china is to its smaller and weaker neighbors , and now it (china) must facing to the US force , that is deserved to the bullish , so wait and see what is the new game that china use to confront to the US force . china should taste the S H I T of the US and experience how the Asean feel while tasting its ...

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Posted in: U.S. to deploy newest weapons to Asia-Pacific See in context

america is a really police officer of the world , and is really a reliable friend to its friends . not like china , who is always taking advantage from its fade friends and bullying friends as it has a hard time to take advance .

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Posted in: China commentary questions Abe's sincerity See in context

is china feeling of ashamed to ask for peace with japan ? being colonized by japan for decades china should know that japan rather to suicide than to ask for peace like as china does now . i dont really know how this fuc ken china understand about the word HONOR , therefore Hong Lie better shut the F U C K up , go to bed hit your head to your pillow to suicide with your S H I T honor

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Posted in: China commentary questions Abe's sincerity See in context

china is as same as others , it has been aggressive as it believes its self stronger than the other , but to face the strong one china is as chicken as same other . in fact : every ones knows how product made in china is , of course china must know that even better than others , so china is chicken S H I T to japan that is so normal , i am not wondering why

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Posted in: Defiant N Korea holds mass rally, vows more launches See in context

the best partner of china to coorperate with its...., how do you think about the handicap ignorant reacts as it first to know how to walk

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to halt entries into disputed waters See in context

base on the UN law of sea to follow , in case if needed japan should strongly react to china like as shooting china 's air plane down or sinking china 's ship in japan ' territory (senkakus ) . i bet on japan side , japan must be the winner , get will get the winning medal easily . BRAVO HERO JAPAN

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Posted in: China marks 75th anniversary of Nanjing Massacre See in context

this shows so honor of japan , as japan was small but it was able to beat up china badly and easily , wishing that japan will teach china this lesson again soon in the future . JAPAN IS AN HERO , CHINA IS THE WORST BULLISH

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Posted in: 8 fighter jets scrambled after Chinese plane flies over disputed islands See in context

it is not an honor sign of china , this is just a sign of bullying , and the bullish is always not respected by others . but china is not really stronger than japan , it is just the the bigger ass , and eventually japan must teach it the old lesson however

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Posted in: U.N. Security Council condemns N Korean rocket launch See in context

china is playing game of " The cat is crying for the mouse die " with the rest of the world , it is also showing its threatening sign to whoever it is quietly aim to . SO to solve this problem is only way by beating up and breaking up N korea ' s trouble feeder china

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Posted in: 2 Chinese ships enter disputed waters See in context

since china is the biggest ass , the vast number of low quality weapon made in china , so japan needs sometimes to prepare before serving and executing these bullying china in the surrounding area of senkakus

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Posted in: As China's clout grows, sea policy proves unfathomable See in context

If someone from the Asean dare to hit back China's bullying by their force even though they lose, then china might think about that and stop trying to invade and expand its territories to Asean . Everyone is chicken at their own point, China is not exceptional, but if bullying for easy to gain then why not China does by easy way without paying any hard time . The Asean must show to China that China must pay the same price to them as same as one else must pay to china ss the one want China 's territory . In such China must pay by its human blood for its bullying and robbing others

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Posted in: U.S. Senate OKs amendment backing Japan in Senkaku dispute See in context

it is the least nice of the US , being bigger bro the us should show its responsible to the younger bro and to the world for its big face . and at least bullying china does not think of the US is afraid of facing to china . there4 i agree that the US is reliable to all friends

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Posted in: China says Japan distorted facts in island dispute; no meeting between Kan, Wen See in context

im not sure that japan is , but im so sure that , this is the clearly sign of dishonest and dishonor china in south china sea recently , LOL . china thinking of japan is being , but it shows obviously that is bullying china in south china sea rite now

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Posted in: Ishihara calls for nuclear-armed Japan See in context

china is a starving sucker , it wants to suck all what it can , if japan can have some nuclear bottle for china , then the best is to come , otherwise china keeps licking all the SH IT in the surrounding area

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Posted in: Ishihara calls for nuclear-armed Japan See in context

the best idea ! if not bullying china keeps intimidating japan for good . japan should not 4get that china asstitude is just chicken , if japan has nuclear toy then im sure this bullying dragon will beconme a chicken sh it real quick

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Posted in: Japan to make F35 parts under relaxed arms ban See in context

the US fell sry to not hiring china to do this work , first because dishonest china is not reliable , secondly idiot china is not qualified to make real hi tech parts , thirdly dishonor china always steals and contaminating and spoiling hi tech . conclusion : the world only use cheapest labor of china to make cheap goods for the living of poorest people

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