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Posted in: Japan urges China to use sea power peacefully See in context

our and your hero japan is informing to the world that , the idiot china is messing up territory of japan , so in the near future japan is going to beat china up again , to teach the idiot the old lesson then every one is not surprised with . this is a smart idea japan made , the evident of reason , and the way leads to really corrects bad asstitude , bullying , dishonest , pig brain washed super sh it power china

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Posted in: China's leader warns of 'collapse' at start of congress See in context

waste time to look at the worst government , it does admit that it is trying to rob its weaker neighbors as much as it can . china is also a robbing government

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. troops consider drill to retake island See in context

to at least give a warning sign to bullying china , and if china gets piss off then the result of the drill is perfect . the world cares of china ambition to rob others , but not to care how china feels

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Posted in: China needs to change with new leader: Dalai Lama See in context

japan should not need the bullying trader like china , after japan move all of their business out of china then answer to china WTF that china want is not too late , lol . poor china needs japan much more than japan need to use its cheapest labor , HAHAHA , LOL

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Posted in: China says it held talks with Japan on islands row See in context

wasting time time to talk to china , Hong LIe n no good manner name , lol . time to test war product made in china , japan better well prepare for testing weap made in china , and teach china the old lesson that japan did several time b4 . being the next door , china has the big mouth for frighten the smaller only , in all the war with vietnam china always died at least 10 times more than vietnam soldier , in vietnam all people always think china is stupid at war , does not know how to fight in real war , only be skilled in exchange life of its soldier for the victory

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Posted in: S Korea considers extraditing Chinese man to Japan See in context

there is only bad asstitude china to go around to commit crime , wondering why ? china might teach its people to do this , because every chinese who commit crime in other countries will become an hero as that one come back to china . there4 it is so good for s korea to send liu to japan

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Posted in: U.S. urges calm in China-Japan dispute See in context

if it is me , i rather to encourage japan to teach the so called super powder (LOL) CHINA the old lesson , if not it keeps trying to take others ' property . In the past few years china did lot of bad thing to vietnam and philippines , like as china shooting 70 vietnamese to stand in water at sea with no weapon on hand , taking islands that belong to VN and PHLP , wrongfully arrest vietnam fisherman and beating up the fisherman badly with none feeling of human being . So if no one to beat china up once then china keep continue to intimidating others

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Posted in: U.S., Japan to hold joint military drill amid island row with China See in context

robbing and shouting out loud for help is china 's habit . it is happily ruining up others ' rule , and crying out loud as others ruining back its ... lol , the most dishonor government is china

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Posted in: Japan hopes medical tourists immune to China row See in context

china is so far behind japan , and it is nice of japan that the idiot china knows what it is , lol

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Posted in: China warns of strong measures in Japan island spat See in context

time japan to teach china the old lesson again soon , it is the only way to help idiot china to wake up , otherwise china stupidly thinks its self is super made in china lol

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Posted in: China warns of strong measures in Japan island spat See in context

WTF china think it is? And who is japan in the real world now? Bullying china keep warning one to another, is it rite or not bullish is doing that to almosr everyone?

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Posted in: China's leadership change: Why it matters See in context

it is not a matter because it is all communist minded , lol . its only ways to go is unknowledge its people , and people has no choice . lol , to keep leaders to b full of gold and people is none of care , china is a lying government

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Posted in: Japan protests after Chinese ships enter waters around disputed islands See in context

is china testing how brave japan is ? if not china is going to rope off the islands , and it will tell japan not to get close or into its territory as same as it did to philippines . could japan use the UN LAW OF SEA to answer and react to china ? i think china made products can not compare to the japan made weapon , if this is a good case and also a good chance then japan should teach china a lesson name " how to learn in a real battle at sea ". the bull minded and none war experienced china really needs to take this lesson seriously , lol

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Posted in: U.S. aircraft carrier cruises through disputed Asian seas See in context

we must not pity the so called and so colded super china , look at its attitude and see how it is proud its self to not respect the international law of sea , lol , idiot is idiot , china taste japan shit is not different from what it let the asean to taste its own . china ' dream is coming true real soon if china does little more to give the rest of the world enough of evidence of CHINA BULLYING , ROBBING , KILLING THE SMALLER NEIGHBORS IN SOUTH CHINA SEA . remember this , made in china is lowest quality , so pictures of china navy is real and originally made in china lol , its just 4 frightening the smaller

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Posted in: U.S. aircraft carrier cruises through disputed Asian seas See in context

if china really want the world to admit that china is an hero , and china is a super power then china should patrol near by the US coast , just do the same as the US does to china , this world wait to see china is either the super power hero china or the chicken shit that can only bully smaller , it is up to hero china , lol

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Posted in: U.S. aircraft carrier cruises through disputed Asian seas See in context

if the so called super power china dare to mess up with this US navy then china becomes the real hero , lol . do it china or you are please to let the world to think that you are the chicken shit ? lol

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Posted in: China says warships were on scheduled cruising exercise See in context

this is a clearly sign of china to bully the smaller , to bet if china dare to do this with vietnam , the US , or russia . but it mouth is barking to maintain peace to keep benefit to asia pacific country . hyenas china is barking too loud to annoy the surrounding area . i would suggest china to suck fade behavior mouth up

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Posted in: China IMF boycott a sign of things to come, say analysts See in context

it is ok people can see clearly the real face of china . china is only barking nicely but all others is dishonest , lying , bullying , cheating , selfish , small minded , and mean it

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Posted in: Flare-up See in context

time japan to show to china that japan is deserved the master of japan in war . but going to vietnam to get second opinion for war to china , vietnam experienced so much how china is idiot in real battle , china is kind of dump at real war is another word that vietnam use for china , lol

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Posted in: MSDF showcases warships on 60th anniversary See in context

noda is so polite to china , it is too much , Noda ! china is kind of lying , dishonest , bullying , and stealing , every one knows this fact , there4 being preparing for war with china is reasonable and correct , noda must not be shy to say ....

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. troops consider drill to retake island See in context

china is not comfortable to see this drill

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Posted in: 'Food terrorism' a new concern in China-Japan rift See in context

whatever else i do not know , but with food terrorism , terrorism of fruit , crops , live animal for meet , water , land , toy for kids , and lot others more china is best . my country vietnam is heavily affected by the contaminating china , but we are weaker , smaller so we can not do any thing to china . however if you wish to learn how bad china is to its neighbors people you could go to vietnam and experience what poisonous minded china is from vietnamese there

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Posted in: Japanese insurers stop covering firms against China riots See in context

i assume that china is my friend , and my friend ask me to come to his hometown to do business . lately we have a personal conflict then china encourage his relative to hurt my business (as same as china just did to japan in china) . thus im judging my self , and the solution is im facing to the china law , but im still not feeling good because im not sure that either im or china is wrong , there4 i would ask you all that , if u come to my hometown to work and i dont like you then i tell my people to hurt your ... , is this im small minded or CHINA IS SMALL MINDED

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Posted in: Island plans by Ishihara may stoke fresh China tensions See in context

he is free to think , free to address his ... , and others are free to ignore . it seems like he is insulted , im sry if he is not

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Posted in: Chinese ships enter disputed waters for 2nd day in a row See in context

this is game of starving hyenas hanging around lion japan eating food

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Posted in: S Korea: Japan must educate its people about World War II See in context

south korea is using the islands for a while already , and skorea is not longer poor , so it is time to return the disputes back too japan to make people thinking that south korea is the correct one , not like as the idiot , starving super power dragon

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Posted in: Japanese firms look at other countries as alternatives to China See in context

there are lot of threaten words to the economy of japan from china , no one knows who lose more or less , but the fact is coming soon . japan is limited words in the conflict , but japan strongly does like as strong japan ever b4 . is this a lesson , economy war , or time to teach by work cannon ? not only do i agree with hero japan , but all of my vietnamese people love and admire your strong attitude japan

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Posted in: Japan 'stole' our islands, Chinese foreign minister tells U.N. See in context

if and even if the islands is china 's , and japan does not return .. , that shows japan is correct , correct with the same way china does to vietnam and phillipines . does idiot china remember an american slang < it goes around and it comes around > . china is deserved to taste japan 's stool . LOL . it must be self ashamed that its is not even equivalent to the other yet , but it thinks like it is able to swallow .. LOL

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Posted in: China's aircraft carrier a show of force as Japan tension festers See in context

it is just a rusty piece of metal floating on sea , but china always and only use it to frighten its smaller and weaker neighbors , lol , i am hugging my stomach to laugh on the face of idiot china . china 4get that , japan is really deserved its teacher at war , so this action of idiot china is just make japan to look down the idiot only

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Posted in: Japan-China military conflict seen unlikely See in context

japan must help to wake china up , because china is streaming that it is the most super ( idiot ) power . if japan does not help china and in the worst case of japan gives charity of the islands to china , then china will surely to establish a newer city in east china sea , which china claim the whole east china sea as its front yard , every one can see that , china just did like that in south china sea in a few weeks ago . therefore i am not china i should think of my future , while china control the world , will we be china ' s slavers , remember that , people of china ' s lives rite now is not better than slavery , so to the slavers of china our lives will be even worse than slavery .

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