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Posted in: Japan, Vietnam to strengthen security and economic ties See in context

Hope to see more goods made in Vietnam and less in China from this.

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Posted in: Japan complains over S Korea's 'comfort women' ruling See in context

Japan should just flat out ignore and stop reporting on this nonsense.

Don’t give Korea a platform to complain and try to renegotiate a deal that Japan already paid out and Korea agreed to decades ago.

Just give them the fax number that goes nowhere.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders Japan to compensate former 'comfort women' See in context

Please read up a bit more before posting tired old generic comments.

You should look it up before spreading misinformation.

Japan and Korea already resolved this nearly 60 years ago. Koreans are just not happy with the deal their leaders negotiated. If they have an issue, they should take it up with their own government.

Yoon Suk Yeol realizes this and that’s why he dropped it and said the Korean government will pay it out.

keep up!

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Posted in: S Korean court orders Japan to compensate former 'comfort women' See in context

Japan paid this compensation decades ago. Korea looking very out of touch and desperate here.

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Posted in: Cannabis-derived gummies probed after 9 fall ill in Tokyo See in context

Where can I find this guy? Asking for a friend…

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Posted in: Bestseller Musk biography to be adapted into film See in context

Sounds incredibly boring.

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Posted in: Woman dies after being beaten by 2 men outside Chiba home See in context

You don’t just get beaten to death for no reason in Japan. This is likely the result of the Chinese government that runs underground police in Japan and other countries against their own citizens. She probably said something negative about China on SNS.

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Posted in: Japan needs to make stance on Israel-Hamas war clearer, observers say See in context

Japan’s position is quite clear. They don’t want to be dragged into a fight where both sides are wrong.

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Posted in: Weak yen forces Japan to shrink historic military spending plan See in context

Imagine if countries invested all the money they spend on the military for things like infrastructure, healthcare and not charging their citizens all those taxes to float the military.

Everybody would benefit.

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Posted in: Hong Kong student jailed for 2 months under sedition over social media posts in Japan See in context

Yet another example of what a horrible country China is.

This is why they will never be a world leader. Xi is a modern day Hitler.

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Posted in: China, Japan coast guards face off again near disputed islands See in context

China claims they own everything, when they in fact do not.

They must be very frustrated they can’t control the narrative outside of China, because they are pretty much perceived as criminal, aggressive cheating liars and everyone just assumes the opposite of what they say.

They just continue to isolate themselves while their economy has basically collapsed. I was just there and it is bleak.

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Posted in: G7 calls for immediate repeal of bans on Japanese food, pressing China See in context


I spend a lot of time in China for work and the water is literally undrinkable, even if you can manage the foul taste, you will likely become sick.

I get food poisoning nearly every trip, no wonder Covid started from the unsanitary markets there.

All this is to say, the Chinese government has no care about the safety of their citizens when it comes to sanitary food. Chinese fishermen are literally selling Chinese people seafood from the same water. The ban is 100% political.

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Posted in: A year after Musk's Twitter takeover, X remains mired in turmoil See in context

twitter has become a cesspool for breeding hate and conspiracy theories. I quit and my mood is so much better.

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Posted in: Trump compares himself to Mandela and rails against Biden after filing for New Hampshire primary See in context

Yikes, trump has become even more unhinged these days. Bad news and losing in court, plus facing down a lengthy prison sentence will do that to anyone I guess. He is sounding truly desperate these days for sure.

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Posted in: China imported no seafood from Japan in September See in context

I just got back from China and their tap water is so dirty you can’t even drink it. You would get sick. Everyone buys bottled water there. If they were so concerned about toxicity, shouldn’t they start with their own tap water?

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Posted in: Meta, Google quit tech summit over organizer's Israel remarks See in context

A majority of Palestinians in Gaza do support Hamas, so best to be careful the regime you stand behind as you will have to accept the consequences that entails.

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Posted in: Youth gang member briefly snatches firearm from Tokyo police officer See in context

No charge for trying to steal a police officers gun? Does that mean it’s legal to steal a police officer’s gun?

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Posted in: China keeps raking in the golds as it dominates Asian Games on home soil in Hangzhou See in context

China better win a lot of golds or their government will disappear all those judges.

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Posted in: Japan defy crowd to beat North Korea for Asian Games women's soccer gold See in context

CCP must be happy to see that their propaganda machine is fooling their citizens.

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Posted in: Okinawa pub posts 'Japanese only' admission sign based on some shaky logic See in context

The thing is, it’s not about language ability. If it really was language, they could just provide a simple picture menu to point at. Plus with translation apps, it’s no longer impossible to navigate for non-speakers.

I’ve been refused service at restaurants in Tokyo and I can speak Japanese. The owners and guests just don’t want an environment free of foreigners. In the past 10 years though, I have seen less and less of this.

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Posted in: Japan school absenteeism at record high of nearly 300,000 in FY2022 See in context

Maybe if the schools didn’t look like prisons kids would be happy to spend more time there.

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Posted in: Fake monks scam foreign tourists out of their cash in Tokyo See in context

a Chinese national posing as a fake monk was arrested in relation to the scam.

Sounds about right.

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Posted in: Pro-Moscow Japan lawmaker visits Russia in defiance of gov't advice See in context

The Kremlin ordered him to go, so he must go, no other explanation.

It’s amazing what Putin can get people to do, from this guy all the way to trump. As usual with Putin, there are consequences if you don’t follow orders.

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Posted in: Construction of Japan's tallest skyscraper begins near Tokyo Station See in context

Why is it that as buildings get bigger, the design gets uglier?

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Posted in: China, S Korea, Japan leaders to hold first summit since 2019 See in context

Maybe China should take down their new floating military island in the Philippines before talks begin.

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Posted in: Fewer 'I dos' ruin the party for China's $500 billion wedding industry See in context

6.8 million weddings in a population of 1.4 billion. Dark days ahead.

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Posted in: China's Xi welcomes summit with Japan, S Korea at proper time: report See in context

I was just in China and have to say things are not looking good there. The unemployment for young people is out of hand, and with the real estate market about to implode, people’s outlook for the future of China is very dark.

Xi’s strategy of isolating China from the world is not going well for the Chinese population. Not surprised he is looking to backtrack now.

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Posted in: Solomon Islands leader 'appalled' at Japan over Fukushima water release See in context

I just got back from China and it is a disaster there. The economy is about to go up in flames. Isolating yourself from the rest of the world pretty much never has a good outcome for the population.

They have much bigger problems.

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Posted in: Keep your hands free with this backpack umbrella stand See in context

Can I use it while riding a bike?

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Posted in: China declines to join IAEA system to monitor Fukushima treated water See in context

If China joins, they won’t have any political strategy when the results show there is no problem.

This makes it even more clear that China has no interest in the actual safety, it’s just a way for them to boycott and pressure Japan.

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