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Posted in: Garth Brooks reassessing stadium tour because of COVID surge See in context

Are there really that many people that would go see that guy?

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Posted in: Faster, higher, older: Pensioners defy virus fears to keep Olympics running See in context

Elderly Japanese people take pride in their country and typically keep fairly active into old age. It’s a beautiful thing compared to all the jaded expat English teachers in these comment threads. ; )

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Posted in: Japan concerned over S Korea's Olympic food site See in context

Koreans are elitist always trying to make people that don’t look like them inferior. So sick of hearing about their petty nationalism.

I think most people can overlook the petty tensions between governments, and appreciate people and cultures from other countries, but not Koreans. You have 20 year olds boycotting Japanese goods because their favorite tik tok account told them to.

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Posted in: Warholm obliterates his own world record in fast, fast Olympic hurdles See in context

I would hardly call .76 second difference “obliterating” his old record.

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Posted in: Powerless and angry: Japan's anti-Olympic activists fight on See in context

This is just some bitter jaded artist trying to use a protest platform to promote his artwork.

Japan has pulled off hosting the Olympics during a pandemic. Not sure how many countries would be able to execute that. Japan should be proud.

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Posted in: Japan expands virus state of emergency, restrictions to more prefectures See in context

All you people complain about the government not doing anything and then complain when they put restrictions. They can’t magically make the problem disappear without the cooperation of the public.

The government is not here to babysit you. Follow the same guidance they give every single day and the numbers will go down. Ignore it, the numbers go up.

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Posted in: Frenchman in Tokyo ends hunger strike over his 'abducted' children See in context

This is such a sad situation. The woman likely has mental issues to make false statements to the police and runoff with the kids.

She probably told her kids their father abandon them. Not sure what other explanation she would offer them. The kids are the victims here and when they get older, they will hopefully find out what happened.

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Posted in: Suga says no link between Olympics and virus surge See in context

I think Suga is correct. It’s actually incredibly racist for people to keep blaming foreigners traveling here for the Olympics for the cause of the increase. Those people went through rigorous testing before and after arriving in Japan, and there is no wide spread outbreak of cases among people connected to the Olympics.

If Japan had allowed spectators and there were surges among those people that attended, totally can hold the Olympics accountable. However, Japan did not allow spectators, and mostly all people connected to the Olympics are vaccinated, masked and separated from the public.

This is a homegrown Japanese problem. People are tired of caring and a lot of 20-30 have gone full on back to social gatherings and not being careful. I see it around me everyday.

Its easy to point fingers at the government and foreigners, but at some point people need to take responsibility for themselves.

Vaccines on the other, that is a failure on the government and the large population of anti-vaxxers in Japan.

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Posted in: Video of Israeli athletes breaking cardboard village bed goes viral See in context

The best is the response from the company that produced these beds. They said “This is not how the beds were intended to be used and we are glad that nobody got hurt”.

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Posted in: Video of Israeli athletes breaking cardboard village bed goes viral See in context


really, you don’t get it?

They are making a joke out of Japan for their choice to do it. They are trashing it and expecting some Japanese people to come clean up after them.

They are disgusting and that’s why there is a backlash against them. You would think Israel has enough bad optics for being agro, but looks like it runs deep in their culture.

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Posted in: Video of Israeli athletes breaking cardboard village bed goes viral See in context

Japan thoughtfully makes an efficiency and sustainability decision to use beds that can be recycled. That should be celebrated.

These are entitled and immature athletes that should be called out.

9 people jumping on a bed will pretty much make any bed break, so their joke blew up in their face because those beds are actually incredibly durable.

I hope they all lose, and they likely will.

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Posted in: 'I can die': Medvedev survives extreme heat at Tokyo Games See in context

It’s not even that hot. They should be glad they’re not playing in Kyoto.

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Posted in: Japan's Horigome wins first ever Olympic skateboard gold See in context

Yuto was the only one that didn’t unravel. Congrats Yuto!

Love seeing skateboarding enter the Olympics, but most of the skaters showed just how inexperienced they are at skating as sport. The professionalism just didn’t compare to what you see in other sports.

Looking forward to seeing it evolve as sport.

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Posted in: Time to start tipping taxi drivers in Japan? Cab company now gives passengers option in Tokyo See in context

This company is giving such a false motive. They want their drivers to get tips so they can either take a cut of it or pay their drivers less.

I’ve seen multiple businesses try this in Japan and it just comes off as cheap and an awkward customer experience.

This is not innovative, just a lazy attempt at doing something “new”.

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Posted in: Rare 'breakthrough' COVID cases causing alarm, confusion See in context

99%+ positive cases come from unvaccinated people.

100% deaths come from unvaccinated people.

Its not socomplicated. Get vaccinated to avoid serious illness or death, or spreading it to someone that may experience serious illness or death.

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Posted in: Sex Pistols singer calls TV show 'nonsense' in songs dispute See in context

Disney is not punk enough.

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Posted in: Tokyo's drinkers drown frustrations over virus restrictions, Olympics See in context

This picture depicts exactly the situation causing the surge in cases. Small bar, 20-30 year olds getting wasted with no masks.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,832 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,943 See in context

The root cause of this is not even related to the Olympics. It’s Japanese people spreading this, mostly younger that just don’t care anymore.

It’s always easy for people here to point to foreigners as the cause, but it’s not based on reality.

This is the result of Japan not securing vaccines, rolling out the vaccination quickly, and a large population that believe in conspiracy theories.

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Posted in: BioNTech produces 10 times more antibodies than China's Sinovac: study See in context

I think the quality of most things coming out of China is about 40% compared to the west.

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Posted in: Padres-Nats game suspended after shooting outside DC stadium See in context

Republicans claim this is the cost of freedom.

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Posted in: S Korea removes banners at Olympic village after IOC ruling See in context

I wonder when South Korea will stop playing the victim card.

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Posted in: Padres-Nats game suspended after shooting outside DC stadium See in context

Americans love shooting each other, it’s part of America’s unique culture of violence.

Seems dramatic to stop a game over such an everyday event.

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

Just give these anti-vaxxers a coupon to saizeriya as an incentive and they will be lining up in no time.

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

Just watch videos of those anti-vaxxers sitting on their deathbeds admitting they were wrong and it’s too late now; they lost. The terror in their eyes is sobering.

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

Anti-vaxxers are factories for breeding new more harmful variants.

They are not just hurting themselves, but putting the population and vulnerable at risk.

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

The only people that are dying of Covid these days are the unvaccinated. It’s not that complicated.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,149 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,194 See in context

The government failed getting the vaccine out quickly.

However, can we really blame the government for the numbers going up? Sure, they can lock everyone in their houses like China, that would get the numbers down. But, I don’t think anyone wants to go that way.

People need to take responsibility. People’s guards are down. I’m shocked by the irresponsibility I see from people in smoking rooms and bars across Tokyo. They gave up and this is the result.

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Posted in: Chinese athletes complain about lax virus measures at Tokyo Olympics hotel See in context

After hearing this, I just assume the opposite is true since China lies about every single thing. It’s almost laughable, but yet just pathetic.

Especially when those lies make other people look bad. Typical characteristics of insecure people that are likely not even going to win a medal.

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Posted in: Toyota halts donations to Republican objectors to Biden's win See in context

Putting aside the hate analysis and objectively observing the situation in the US election system there was a massive four year effort to impeach an elected president that involved a level of deceit and fact manipulation by the media and political opposition.

I think you need to read further than fox headlines for your intel.

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Posted in: Suga declares state of emergency lasting through Olympics See in context

I know it’s fun to just bash the government, but should they not call a state of emergency and just see how high the numbers go? That strategy certainly didn’t go well for many countries.

Tokyo has kept the virus relatively in check and avoided the strict lockdowns many other countries dealt with, by going into state of emergency when the daily number gets to 1k/daily. Yeah, it’s annoying, but it’s also working.

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