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Posted in: Japan, China mark 50 years since normalization of ties amid tensions See in context

Those flags appear to be touching, can we just get a little more space there…

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Posted in: Idol singer from Keyakizaka46 says she’s now working as a Tokyo bar hostess See in context

Terrible, and sad, but this is Japan so this is the price you might end up paying if you want to follow in these idols shoes. Disgusting industry.

Not sure if you’ve traveled much, but this is not specific to Japan. It’s the same or more extreme in China and South Korea, but really it’s global in the entertainment industries.

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Posted in: Elton John sings at White House See in context

Trump loved Elton and Elton rejected him. Really the story of his life, no wonder trump is always in such a foul mood.

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Posted in: Half of Japan's ruling LDP lawmakers had ties with Unification Church See in context

It’s truly bizarre and quite suspicious that at least half the LDP is connected to this church and this church comprises of less than .4% of the population.

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Posted in: Half of Japan's ruling LDP lawmakers had ties with Unification Church See in context

Japan needs to burn down the house and start over. These fools have been leading the country in a downward spiral for decades.

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Posted in: Japan eases COVID-19 border controls but tourist surge doubtful See in context

Interesting that booking a.” hotel in advance through a tour package can reduce the chances you spread Covid. Always learning new things about this virus.

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Posted in: Cost of Abe's state funeral rises to ¥1.6 billion See in context

Why can’t the Unification Church pay for it?

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Posted in: China's COVID curbs hit youth mental health See in context

Well, at least they don’t have Covid, probably.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka to defend Pan Pacific Open title in Tokyo See in context

And she can come in I see, no Guided Tour ?

Naomi Osaka is a Japanese citizen. Did you see the Olympics?

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Posted in: S Korea working to solve wartime labor issue: Japan official See in context

This was already resolved in the 1965 treaty between Japan and Korea and Korea was compensated. Korea accepted and agreed to this.

I mean, you can’t just keep suing someone over and over for the same thing after getting paid out.

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Posted in: Toyota accepts California's independent emission standards See in context

California just passed a ban on selling gasoline cars from 2035, so these Japanese companies better stop playing politics and focus on innovation. Otherwise, they will be left behind.

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Posted in: Japan grants refugee status to 98 Afghans fleeing Taliban See in context

Gotta keep it in the 2 digits apparently.

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Posted in: Kishida shaken as list of lawmakers linked to Unification Church grows to 20 See in context

Considering the UC only makes up about .25% of the Japanese population, it’s truly concerning how embedded they are in the LDP.

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Posted in: Do you think China is a military threat to Japan? See in context

China can come up with a reason to victimize themselves and justify invading pretty much every country in the world.

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Posted in: Why the Unification Church has become a headache for Kishida See in context

This may be Abe’s greatest contribution to the improvement for Japan.

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Posted in: Drunken police officer arrested for trespassing into company he believed was his home See in context

Come on everyone, we’ve all been there…

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Posted in: Pelosi lands in Taiwan, defying China threats See in context

Sorry China, but the world will not bow to your insecure outbursts.

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Posted in: Top Japan chefs group to open Japanese cuisine theme park in China See in context

Hope not from polluted waters in third world parts of Japan because Chinese consumers will turn their backs on this effort.

3rd world parts of Japan does not make any sense, you clearly have never visited.

There is a small amount of people with money in China that could afford this experience, but a majority of Chinese citizens are living below poverty level.

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Posted in: Over half a million yen in cash comes floating down river in Toyama See in context

Loving the google map pic as the headline photo.

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Posted in: Japan reports 186,229 coronavirus cases; Tokyo has record high 31,878 See in context

15 hospitalized with severe symptoms in a city of nearly 15 million people.

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Posted in: Shanghai enforces new COVID testing as some parts of China extend lockdown See in context

Just let china keep at it, they are running their economy into the ground all by themselves.

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Posted in: San Francisco airport terminal evacuated due to bomb threat See in context

Probably just kids “swatting”.

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Posted in: Rice balls that can be stored for 100 days at room temperature released in Japan See in context

Maybe good for emergencies? It’s really not hard to avoid waste when it comes to rice balls though.

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Posted in: China says it 'drove' away U.S. destroyer that sailed near disputed isles See in context

China does this to every country in the pacific on a weekly basis.

To quote Confucius, a Chinese philosopher: Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you.

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Posted in: Japan ranks 116th in 2022 gender gap report, worst among G7 See in context

Japanese politicians and corporations will celebrate this as a success.

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Posted in: Global talent, Korean-trained: K-pop's new recipe for world music domination See in context

Too bad they don’t invest much energy in the actual music. It’s so sterile, repetitive and soulless.

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Posted in: China complains to Japan about Taiwan vice president attending Abe's funeral See in context

It must be difficult for a country like China that has total control over their citizens, through oppression and censorship, to not be able to control the world outside its borders.

Typical neurotic ocd mentality.

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Posted in: Russia threatens broad Ukraine offensive as U.S. presses China over war stance See in context

The west is slowly eroding Russia’s military without even putting a soldier on the ground. It’s actually to the west’s favor to take Russia down indirectly like this.

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Posted in: Giuliani, Graham testimony sought in Trump election probe See in context

There is a recording of trump on a call directly telling Georgia election officials to “find” enough votes to overturn the election. No more evidence needed, trump is as guilty,

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Posted in: Shanghai reports zero COVID cases for first time since March See in context

China insists on a zero Covid policy because their vaccines have a zero efficacy.

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