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Posted in: Musk's China connections add potential risks to Twitter purchase See in context

I think Musk is devastated after the realization that all of his followers are actually just bots.

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Posted in: Twitter defends anti-bot efforts, Musk replies with poo emoji See in context


The only people that are calling Twitter liberal and oppressing freedom of speech are:

a) bots

b) extremists that want to be able spread misinformation

c) conspiracy theorists that have went down a rabbit hole, likely due to mental health.

Which one are you?

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Posted in: Shanghai announces gradual reopening of businesses See in context


China has been literally locking people in their houses with little food, using human oppression as a strategy. I would hardly call anything about what they’re doing admirable.

China’s vaccine has been proven to not be as effective as vaccines from the West, just look at what happened in Hong Kong.

Unless china is planning to isolate themselves from the rest of the world forever, their strategy is short term thinking.

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Posted in: Shanghai announces gradual reopening of businesses See in context

This is the best strategy when the country is vaccinated by an ineffective vaccine.

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Posted in: Google gets more multilingual, but will it get the nuance? See in context

Google’s translation of Japanese-English is quite poor; DeepL blows google away in accuracy and nuance.

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Posted in: 10 dead, suspect, 18, arrested in mass shooting at Buffalo supermarket See in context

This is the outcome of far right radicalization and nationalism that’s been skyrocketing since Trump’s endorsement of these ideas. This guy was brainwashed by Qanon and Fox News, just look at what he was writing about online for proof.

This radicalization is not harmless, there are real life consequences of letting these people breed online. They are no different than any other radicalized terrorist.

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Posted in: 10 dead, suspect, 18, arrested in mass shooting at Buffalo supermarket See in context

“No way to prevent this”

the Onion

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Posted in: Elon Musk says Twitter deal 'temporarily on hold' See in context

I’m pretty sure this whole thing was so Musk could punk republicans to get some attention.

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Posted in: Kremlin warns of retaliation after Finland moves toward NATO See in context

Russia’s military is weak and in shambles. They can’t handle taking on another war. Nobody is scared anymore.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles toward sea See in context

NK spent all their money defense (or offense?), while the citizens live in poverty and starve to death.

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Posted in: Finnish PM says joining NATO will strengthen security See in context

Putin didn’t plan very far ahead on this one. He sure did unite the world against Russia though. This careless miscalculation will set Russia back decades.

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Posted in: Musk says he would reverse Twitter's ban of Donald Trump See in context

People only followed him on Twitter because he was president, now the world just doesn’t care, he’s powerless.

If I’m going to follow a retired, uninformed, failed businessman, I would rather at least follow one that makes better jokes.

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Posted in: Shanghai disinfects homes, closes all subways in COVID fight See in context

Spraying people’s houses down is not going to have any positive impact, just ruining some furniture and making people sick from chemicals.

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Posted in: Activists urge ad boycott if Musk turns Twitter toxic See in context

Why do liberals hate free speech for all, good or bad?

You’re factually incorrect. Nearly every politician, both republicans and democrats and everything else have Twitter accounts on there.

Stop pedaling the victimizing of republicans narrative, it’s factually incorrect and makes you look out of touch.

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Posted in: Experts see harsh realities ahead for Musk at Twitter See in context

Hopefully Musk doesn’t make the Twitter dashboard as ugly as his cars.

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Posted in: China factory activity dips to lowest in two years: official data See in context

I think the world will be ok with a dip in low quality Chinese goods that just end up in landfills.

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Posted in: 1st film written by Japanese AI bot takes movie-making to next phase See in context

Most art coming out if Japan in the past few decades is so formulaic and derivative, most people won’t know the difference.

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Posted in: Pokemon video game developer will allow employees to choose four-day work week See in context

Now they will likely work 12 hour days at a 20% salary cut. And probably have to respond to emails on Monday anyway.

This is just an optics stunt.

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Posted in: Judge finds Donald Trump in contempt of court in New York legal fight See in context

Mr. Teflon will never be held accountable for one simple reason, He Has $$, and his money TALKS.

According to his taxes, he is broke. Considering how many of his businesses have failed and that he claimed bankruptcy in the past, I have serious doubts to how wealthy he is.

His most successful business has been to squeeze his disciples for all their money, but I think they’re even catching on now.

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Posted in: Judge finds Donald Trump in contempt of court in New York legal fight See in context


It makes perfect sense as it’s based on historical facts. Trump gets his magat base to donate their money to pay his legal fees.

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Posted in: Twitter bans ads that deny climate change See in context

Good for Twitter.

I think the world would be a better place without any of these SNS companies, but applaud the brave ones that take some accountability for fighting misinformation.

To claim freedom of speech means allowing people to spread misinformation is lazy and primarily supported by people lost in conspiracy theories.

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Posted in: Tons of Japanese nuclear waste may be destined for overseas disposal See in context

Russia will probably be desperate enough to buy it soon.

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Posted in: What Elon Musk's dance with Twitter really means See in context

How did he get so rich designing the worlds most ugly cars and charging a premium for them?

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Posted in: North Korea calls Biden an 'old man in his senility' See in context

Biden is still sharper than trump. Biden buried him in the debate and as a result trump was scared to face him again and backed out.

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Posted in: Amazon seeks to overturn union win, says vote was tainted See in context

Hope to see some mass boycotts soon. Amazon has destroyed small businesses and retail in general. They also treat their workers like garbage, hence the incentive to unionize.

Any loss for Amazon is a win for mankind.

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Posted in: Twitter stakeholder Elon Musk tweets 'Is Twitter dying?' See in context

More doesn’t mean better. Musk clearly doesn’t realize that. The guy just spews garbage from his mouth all day long.

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Posted in: Man arrested after confining teenage girl at his home for 3 days See in context

And they were going for a walk around his neighborhood? This girl could have runaway to him.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for stealing ¥9 mil from 51-year-old man See in context

Sugar babies are not free. I think she likely earned it.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam says she won't seek second term See in context

What a joke. She was the puppet for china from the beginning and now they have no use for her, so they told her she is out.

Regardless, all Hong Kongers hate her guts for ruining their lives and wouldn’t vote for her.

Such a cool city transformed for the worse in 2 years.

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Posted in: China's factory output at lowest in two years See in context

Good. I hope it continues to go down. Less low quality goods made with non-recyclable materials that end up in landfills is a positive. Hooray

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