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Posted in: Trial of Abe shooter to face issue of sympathy for church 'victim' See in context

Not an advocate for Abe or the Unification Church.

But, you can’t go and assassinate someone that is no physical threat to you and you’re really just bitter about your parent’s poor decisions. This guy is not a victim.

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

Getting your child into daycare in the Tokyo metro area is based on a scoring system, and very challenging to get them in. Nearly impossible if you weren’t already working full time before.

If women didn’t have to choose between a career or child, maybe more would be willing to do so.

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Posted in: Gov't to discuss downgrading COVID-19 classification to same as influenza See in context

@el rata

Most people being refused are people with other ailments and happen to be infected with the virus rather than people sick with corona only

They are being refused because the hospitals are full and do not have beds to take on severely sick patients. BECAUSE the hospitals are maxed out from so many severely I’ll Covid patients added to the usual impatient cases. Obviously people with underlying health conditions have a higher risk when they catch Covid. That is common sense. Doesn’t change the fact that people are getting severely sick from Covid and straining the hospitals. Downgrading it does nothing to help this. The virus doesn’t follow government classifications.

I was told by this guy that he knows

Yeah, I think you may want to dig a little deeper than hearsay.

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Posted in: Gov't to discuss downgrading COVID-19 classification to same as influenza See in context

@el rata

I think you are missing the whole ambulance and being admitted to a hospital. This is obviously people that are having more severe cases, which clinics are not equipped to support.

We’re not talking about people with mild cases. Downgrading it will not decrease people with severe Covid that need to be hospitalized. This is why it is different than influenza; it leads to more severe illness and death compared to influenza.

I know this doesn’t fit everyone’s narrative.

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Posted in: Gov't to discuss downgrading COVID-19 classification to same as influenza See in context

And the headline right under this article:

Ambulance workers struggle to find hospitals to admit patients for 4th consecutive week

As much as I want to be done with it, it’s still not the same as influenza.

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Posted in: Davos organizers: Musk wasn't invited despite what he says See in context

Always embarrassing when you get called out for lying, especially on the global stage.

Musk’s insecurity is eating him alive.

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Posted in: Elon Musk's next drama: A trial over his tweets about Tesla See in context

It’s kind of nice to see the 2nd richest man in the world is not all that smart after all.

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Posted in: Kusama installation See in context

Love this. Such an interesting artist and career. Bravo

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Posted in: Trial ends for defendant in Tokyo subway station acid attack See in context

Wow, 6 years. That’s less than the jail time for marijuana possession in Japan.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes spring or summer for Fukushima plant water release See in context

Perfect, just in time for beach season.

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Posted in: South Korea plans fund to compensate World War II forced labor victims See in context

You can’t sue someone for the same thing over and over again.

This was resolved decades ago. If Koreans still have a grievance about compensation, they should be fighting with their own government.

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Posted in: China suspends visa issuance to Japanese travelers, industry sources say See in context


You should check more carefully what’s going down in China right now, I think you would reconsider your statement.

It has spread like wildfire there in the last month. The population has almost no immunity and many elderly were far off from their vaccines, most notably even getting boosters.

No exaggeration, but 90% of my companies team in China was infected in the last month. It’s the worst place on the world to be for Covid right now.

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Posted in: China suspends visa issuance to Japanese travelers, industry sources say See in context

Japan is not banning travelers from China, only requiring a negative Covid test result. Not really political considering it’s expected nearly 70% of China’s population has become infected in the last month.

China is banning anyone coming from Japan, regardless of Covid test. Japan is erring on the side of safety. China, as usual, is only thinking about politics.

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Posted in: Famed Danish restaurant Noma to start new 'flavor search' See in context

Another restaurant that served useless food for some diners with deep pockets with no sense.

He is one of the most innovative chefs in our lifetime, totally changed how people think about food, and his impact is seen across so many restaurants today.

People in any medium should be able to push the boundaries. You see this across all cuisine and goods. Not everything has to be catered to the average person and for mass appeal. That can often be a boring audience to create for and result in uninspired products.

So many chefs launched their careers based on their time there. Bravo to Noma.

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Posted in: Twitter leak exposes 235 million email addresses from hack See in context

Twitter is understaffed and can no longer even stock the rest rooms with toilet paper at their offices, much less deal with cyber attacks.

Beginning of the end for Twitter.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan launch task force to tackle forced labor in supply chains See in context

That’s certainly not going to help inflation.

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Posted in: Kishida says he has been invited to visit Ukraine See in context

That’s a really generous offer.

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Posted in: Sony unveils prototype EV, Afeela, to be made with Honda See in context

Much cooler looking than Tesla.

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Posted in: Tesla says it sold a record 1.3 million vehicles last year See in context

Tesla fell far below their sales targets for 2022. The combination of a backlash against Tesla and all the new EV coming into the market is bad news for Tesla.

They may survive, but will just play a small role in the car market. Most EV buyers lean liberal and prefer a car without all the toxic political right wing conspiracy garbage.

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Posted in: 'Emily in Paris' season three – Netflix hit loses sight of the real city See in context

Oof, the author seems to have missed the whole appeal of the show. You can pick out silly details like that for any movie, but nobody cares, it’s a lighthearted superficial show and that’s why it’s great.

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Posted in: Woman sues Steven Tyler, alleging child sex assault in 1970s See in context

50 years later? This is just an attempted money grab, but time is not on her side.

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Posted in: Republican lawmaker-elect admits fabricating resume See in context


Its quite telling that you are defending the guy, how low the Republican Party has fallen.

He lied about graduating college and his entire job history and you’re defending him? It’s truly bizarre. You can’t just admit he is a liar? He’s going to get hit with ethics violations the minute he’s sworn in.

When did the Republican Party become so pathetic? No wonder they keep losing.

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Posted in: Republican lawmaker-elect admits fabricating resume See in context

Compulsive lying has become the new standard mode of operations for the Republican Party since trump.

Not surprising at all.

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Posted in: Musk tells investors he'll pause on Tesla stock sales See in context

This is the beginning of the end for Tesla. They were the only EV option before, but there are now so many other EV coming on the market.

When you factor in most EV buyers are liberals, they will be looking for options outside of Tesla due to musk’s toxic personality. Conservative Americans, musk’s base, are defiantly against EV.

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Posted in: Musk sells $3.58 bil worth of Tesla stock See in context

Tesla lost 61% of its value since Musk got involved with Twitter. We are about to witness the richest man in the world become one the most in debt in the world within the next year. Both companies are nosediving into the red.

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Posted in: Fusion breakthrough is a milestone for climate, clean energy See in context

Say what you want about America, but that is where all the innovation comes from for technology, medicine and the arts.

Look forward to seeing if they can make this commercial in my lifetime.

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for causing plane to divert after refusing to wear mask See in context

I bet you he will never do that again.

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Posted in: Twitter relaunching subscriber service after debacle See in context

Wow, the video of Musk getting booed off stage is priceless. He was shook, couldn’t even talk. I guess when you tweet all day you get detached from reality.

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Posted in: Backstreet Boy Nick Carter sued over alleged 2001 rape of teen See in context

Nobody really knows what happened. There will be no physical evidence and waiting 21 years makes her story a bit suspicious.

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Posted in: Chinese cities announce further easing of COVID curbs See in context

No mention of all the people that protested being tracked down by facial recognition and thrown in jail.

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