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Just one word for Mrs.Reder. You are quite contradictory in your statements, for one side you agree that children should have contact with both parents, from other side you disagree that Karina is living with me... Please notice, US is the only chance for this little girl to have both parents in her life. For 4 years, her mother, her family and her whole country blocked any access that I could have with her.... The media reports what is out there....She was in Jail for a crime and that is her side of the story....She pledged "Guilty" (meaning the State of wisconsin had enough evidence against her), so I don't see why Mrs.Reder insist about listening her side of the story ! when we all know it! SHe is remembering US and Nicaraguan culture, at the same time I am respecting her Japanese heritage... I speak, cook, and know Japanese culture...she has contact with her friends in Japan and her extended what is wrong with this?

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Posted in: Child abduction issue should be key concern in Japan-U.S. relations See in context

Agree with Kevin (kwbrown2), in Karina's case, there was significant logistic support from the US government and Nicaragua Government. However, the most important part was the "enforcement" provided by the State of Wisconsin. I am glad that in the article is mentioned that for the time the word "abduction" was issued by the Japanese media. They took this language from the same Japanese court. It is not well-known that the on the verge of the plea bargain, there was a possibility for my case for Karina to be given in adoption to the grandparents and lose any control over her faith. However, the position of the Japanese court together with the US enforcement, and international pressure (media and both governments) made the return of Karina possible. I think more than adopting a "sole custody" model, we should secure that "enforcement" of any order is attainable. For other cases, it is important to have "clean" facts (clear from DV, Child abduction, re-abduction or any other issue that could be detrimental for the children). In addition, cases with clear US jurisdiction, who were totally evaluated by US courts . Again, I think the principles "friendly parent rule" is well-known by the Japanese courts, what happens is that the diet is not given any enforcement power to the judiciary therefore, judge Wakabayashi said the comment from Eda are just political and irrelevant. Mr. Eda is just like any other politician "taking advantage of the opportunity without making any significant contribution". Sorry as I live in US, I mentioned the US, but this idea is similar for other courts and countries as well.

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