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Posted in: 60-year-old police officer killed in hit-and-run one month before retirement See in context

I was involved in two hit and runs, resulting in now have a lot of metal implants.

1st time was a guy running a stop sign, resulting in 3 weeks in hospital with cuts and bruises. Witness gave the police the guys car's make, model and plate number, and after a few days the police told the wife and I that the plate number and car did not match, and that was that, the investigation was over, they could not find the driver.

About 1 ½ years later the now ex-wife and I was crossing at a crosswalk, when a guy did not stop, I managed to push the wife out of the way, but again I was cleaned up, resulting in two broken hips and over a month in hospital, this time the guy stopped to check on me, saw I was a foreigner, jumped back in his car and took off. The wife managed to photograph the car including the plate number, and once again after a few days the police told the wife and I that plate and car did not match, and that was that, the investigation was over.

Now because they could not find either driver, I was left with 100% of the medical bills, could not sue the drivers, to top if off, after having due hip replacement, and the doctor telling the wife I was now disabled and cannot return to my job, she filed for divorce the next day.

I have heard of this happening to other foreigners, the worse case was in Roppongi back in 2004, when a German lady was cleaned up, 100's of people got photographs of the car and driver, and the same BS from the police, she ended up returning to Germany in a wheel chair for life, and because the police did not find the driver, she could not sue for damages.

But you can bet your life on it the police will find the driver who hit this cop, with out any information, because one he is Japanese and two a cop.

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Posted in: Mother, 3 young children found dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

how many of you are married to Japanese men?they are not the family tipe,they just take the kids out to park on Sunday,I call them (Sunday park dads )because that is all they do,included my husband that is Japanese,she was in such despair that took her children’s life

Why is it when a father kids his kids, women go nuts and claim he is to blame, but when a mother kills her kids, women defend her, claiming she was in a dark place, and it is all because of the father?

This rubbish it's because of the Japanese father, is wrong.

The men in this county work their a$$es off to put a roof over the females and kids heads and food on the table, so do not blame the men.

100% blame lands on the mothers, they do this not because of love for the kids, the did this as revenge on the fathers.

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