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Posted in: Japan's whaling fleet departs for hunt despite international outrage See in context

The Japanese people themselves ought to stand up to their government - and to the big business that is behind whaling, and stop this because it is sending a clear message to the world that barbarism still exists in Japan today. It is as simple as that.

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Posted in: U.N. envoy calls on Japan to ban extreme child manga porn See in context

Can someone tell me why on earth Japanese people all love Manga porn so much.

It is the only country in the world where people get excited about cartoon sex. it really is very strange. ... weird, in fact.

Every time I am in Japan I see Manga comics all over the place and I never could understand how anyone can get excited by something like this. I have even been told that the Emporer has one of the biggest collections!!!!

Is it because there are so many pedophiles in Japan.

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Posted in: 12 Pacific countries seal huge free trade deal See in context

And one of the best parts is that it helps put the brakes on China's dirve to dominate because 40% of the worlds trade is within this group that will be larger than the EC.

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Posted in: Oregon gunman was army dropout who studied mass shooters See in context

America ... the supposed "land of the free" .... has so many problems and issues now. When a person like Donald Trump can get so many followers, you know it is a country with real problems. The problem starts at the corrupt top .... but that's the fault of several generations of Americans being so foolish for putting people in power that really did not have any real reason to be there ... other than greed and desire for power. And the fact that criminals like Dick Cheney and George Bush have not been prosecuted, is so indicative of a people that simply don't care what is happening.

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Posted in: What do Japanese men think about dating foreign women? See in context

Personally I think the biggest problem for Japanese men is much to do with the traditional aspects that govern the ways that Japanese people are expected to communicate. My experience in Japan has actually been "ask and thou shall receive". Most of the women I have met in Japan have enjoyed sex as much as anyone anywhere else, maybe even more so. But many of the Japanese men I have known have been generally too timid to ask.

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Posted in: Madonna to perform in Japan for first time in 10 years See in context

She was rubbish then ... and she is still rubbish now.

She has done more to harm, damage and mislead women then any other single individual I have ever come across. And to see that she is appearing on stage at a wrinkly 57 is nothing more than mutton trying to dress up as a lamb.

And "baby" Beiber too .... a legend in his own mind and not an ounce of musical ability in his whole body.

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Posted in: Rolling Stones plan first album in decade: Richards See in context

zones2surf - You do not need to apologise with the words "Sorry, but when you are legends, the bar is just so much higher!"

But I have to ask where are you looking for those higher bars....Roppongi?

Most of the "new" music that has come out in the last decade or two is complete crap including supposed "artists" that cannot even play an instrument, boy bands that do nothing more than jump up and down while trying to hold their pants up, and those that think that theatrics, their tatoos and coloured hair make a stage act..

If you rate or condemn musicianship by age, then where do the likes of BB KIng, Tommy Emmanual, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck and many other over 50, stand? Most of the stuff that comes out today are cheap takeoffs that no-one will have even heard of in 5 years from now.

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Posted in: Runny curry, no pudding spoons among complaints of Japanese prison inmates See in context

Runny curry and chopsticks ... this is not a punishment .... it s actually an innovative new diet plan for the 21st Century.

The only negative is that you need 6 hours or more to eat a meal, but of course eating your food slowly is also great for your digestion.

At the same time I guess it introduces a whole new meaning to the expression ".... having a long lunch"

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Posted in: Taiji dolphin hunt begins; coastal whaling set to start See in context

Another national disgrace for the Japanese people.... who can't be bothered to bring an end to it.

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Posted in: Police on alert over split in biggest yakuza gang See in context

If you study the last 150 years of Japan's history - and especially the books about Japanese history written by invesigative investigators like Sterling Seagrave, you will discover that the reason that the Yakuza is able to continue to operate legally in plain sight, is because the Japanese Government, the Royal Family, the 10 largest industrialist families, and the Yakuza are all one in the same. And that's one of the main reasons why the Japanese Royal family was able to keep most of the welath it plundered with the help of Prince Chichibu, from all of the countries they invaded. And yes, that was sanctioned by none other than McArthur while he was in control of Japan after WW2. It was a strategy he used to ensure that America was able to maintain control in Japan after the surrender without having to keep literally keep hundreds of thousands of American troops.

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Posted in: Fired reporter kills 2 former co-workers on live TV in Virginia See in context

What is it going to take for America to wake up and realise they have a MAJOR problem with guns.

They ongoing deniability that comes from those people that continue to quote their Constituional rights from a document written in another place, at another time, is unbelievable. Are they going to tell me that they also continue to shave with cuthroat razors???

How long before those people realize they are simply being manipulated by the National Rifle Association because they make money every time a gun is sold?

We hear Trump speak about how he wants to make America great again. Thats totally impossible when the country has so many fools living in it that believe guns are a solution?

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Posted in: Japan rugby coach Jones talking to Stormers but no deal done See in context

The Australian Rugby team is looking for a new coach !!!!

In fact the only decent rugby coach they've had in the last 20 years had 4 wheels on it.

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Posted in: Chinese film on WWII summit lambasted online for distorting history See in context

I wonder........... was there ever a time when the Japanese and Chinese got on together rather than each thinking they were superior to the other?

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Posted in: China says Japan should have made 'sincere' WWII apology See in context

That information is actually on Wikkipedia as well as other historical websites.

Abe's grandfather Nobusuke Kishi was actually held in prison for 3 years until 1948 as a Class A war criminal who was then released under the deal that General McArthur did that ensured that most Japanese war criminals were not prosecuted as happened to the Nazi's in Nuremburg. He remained legally prohibited from entering public affairs because of the Allied occupation's purge of members of the old regime but then went onto to become PM in 1957.


Once you understand this, then you have a much better insight into why many of the power-brokers that caused WW2 still retain considerable power in Japan, why the Yakuza is so closely intertwined with the Japanese Government, and why Japan has neither failed to apologise - or to teach the younger generations about the truth of what really happened, because they still have no comprehension of why what they did was so wrong.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist pulls a 'Weiner' in Thailand See in context

It must have taken a lot of balls to do that......

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Posted in: Japan releases master recording of emperor's war-end speech See in context

Wasn't this the speech that had to be approved by Gen McArthur first?

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Posted in: China shows off victory over Japan logo See in context

Japan may have lost - but China did nothing to cause the win. Thats is why both countries have such massive complexes about what happened.

Interestingly enough what Japan did to its own people 60 years ago is actually quite similar to what China is doing to its own people today.

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Posted in: Disavowed by party leaders, Trump has supporters cheering See in context

Trump the chump ... what a complete embarrasment for his kids. I wonder if they are as dysfunctional as their dad.

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Posted in: Trump visits Mexico border; claims Hispanics love him See in context

This guy is a walking accident waiting to happen ..... and if he was to happen in the US, it would potentially make the death toll in Vietnam of 52,000 vets look like a walk in the park.

Could anybody be so stupid as to vote for such an arrogant, maniacal, self-glorifying, self-centred ego-maniac. A guy like this makes Jeb Bush look like a MENSA candidate ... and that's saying something.

I'll bet that the first thing he would do is to turn the White House into a reality TV program. LOL

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Posted in: Japanese company apologizes to U.S. POWs for WWII forced labor See in context

I watched the film of this apology and noticed immediately that the bows by the Mitsubishi people when they shook hands with James Murphy were barely a nod of the head.

If they had been bowing with a prospective customer they would have put much more effort into a proper bow.

True forgiveness can only follow true contrition.

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Posted in: China warns Japan against 'crippling regional peace' See in context

Are they serious???? ... China warning Japan about crippling peace ????????

Undoubtably the Chinese have very long memories about The Rape of Nanking - and fair enough too, but it is them that is threatening peace with their ridiculous attempts to reclaim all of the China sea and the international waters adjacent to them. Next it will be the airspace over it.

I believe this is going to get much worse before it gets better and the only way to slow this down is for ALL countries to place a complete trade embargo on China. No more buying cheap goods from them, and their economy will implode. The trouble is that most world leaders have neither the intelligence or balls to do that, and that is why the dragon has been allowed to grow so fat and powerful.

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Posted in: Cross-dressing Conchita Wurst visits Shibuya mayor See in context

If I had been the Mayor I would have refused to see him until he realised and appreciated that my office was not the place for his objectionable dressing-up antics.

If people like this want to make a spectacle of themselves its only because they want to make themselves the centre of attention because of their own insecurities.

People like this ought to have a more adult approach to life and show some repect to others instead of expecting everyone else to accept and bow down to their circus-tricks approach to the way they want to live their life.

Remember the old saying "when in Rome, do as the Romans do" ....

This is about showing mutual respect ...

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for Tunisia beach resort massacre See in context

I cannot understand why so many of the kids in the west that decide to join ISIS cannot see that the cowardly ISIS leaders only want them as free cannon fodder, because they are too frightened and scared to die for their own cause. How can these kids be so naieve and stupid?

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Posted in: U.N. commissioner urges Abe to meet 'comfort women' See in context

The UN should put Bill Clinton together with Abe for a few days and you'd have some sort of diplomatic explanation like "well it wasn't really sex in the correct sense of the word". Followed by " well why should we have to pay for something that didn't really happen?"

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Posted in: World shocked at enduring racism, gun violence in U.S. See in context

The American Redneck culture is alive and well when it comes to guns and the lack of gun control. The National Rifle Association in America is largely responsible for this ... and all because they make money from every gun sold in the US. This is the definition of a "Redneck Conflict of Interest".

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Posted in: U.N. commissioner urges Abe to meet 'comfort women' See in context

WOW .. You mean the the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights actually exists??? I actually thought the United Nations actually went into hiding when any work actually needed to be done. The UNited Nations has become a complete farce and one of the single largest waste's of money in the world. Where are they in the Ukraine/Russia conflict, the genocide Israel is committing in Gaz, the messes in Nigeria and Zimbabwe, the ISIS problem, the worldwide refugee crisis??? The UN has become the single largest dysfunctional organisation in the world. I would be ashamed to have anything to do with them.

And as far as "making an emotional plea for victims of Japan’s wartime sex slavery" goes, where has the UN been on this for the last 70 years?

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Posted in: S Korean 'comfort women' to file $20 mil lawsuit in California See in context

I suspect that these ladies are not receiving the best legal advice. If they were, there are attorneys in the US that would be turning this into a class action and would likely be doing it on 100% contingency. In otherwords there would be providing their services at no cost, and would be hunting down others in a similar situation to represent - and the amount would not be $20m, it would be in the billions of dollars. If cigarette smokers could get a settlement of $2bn from the cigarette manufacturers, this case could get far more. And they should be linking the claim to other parties like the Japanese military. And with the right attorneys, they could bring all manner of political pressure to bear on the Japanese government. I hope they do.

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Posted in: Indonesian court rejects appeal of Frenchman facing execution See in context

While I am no supporter of drug trafficking, this new Indonesia president, Joko "the Joke" Widodo is simply a frightened little man that is using the Indonesian military and Indonesian law to make himself feel a bit bigger than he really is. He was a transgender while at school and only managed to become the Indonesian President because he grew up in a family that has long been involved in Indonesian politics.

I agree that drug offences should be treated harshly, but if Widodo wants to appears to be more of a man, he should start doing daily trips to the gym and a bit of hard physical work, rather than using the death penality as a way to flex his muscles.

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Posted in: Apple changes tune on royalties after Swift complains See in context

I am no Taylor Swift fan, but it's great to see Apple brought to heel. Apple has been transformed in the last 2 decades from an innovative breath of fresh air into a greedy corporate bully. This situation has demonstrated their blatant 2 faced approached to the way they do things. Their greed is becoming their undoing and their ridiculous attempt to use a watch as an electronic fashion statement has been simply a way to maintain some sort of future for themselves as they grope desparately for a way to survive. In under a decade from now they will be in the same corporate toilet that Yahopo has sunk into.

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Posted in: Japan says it hopes to resume whaling later this year See in context

This is just one more confirmation that those really controlling Japan, are not the governement, but the industrialists.

But this is not surprising because as a study of Japan over the last 400 years explains, it was the warlords and then the industrialists that designed the structure of Japan as it is today. In fact if you go back in history you will find that the existing royal family structure, never existed then either.

And it is that structure that creates a unique situation that exists in few other countries - the fact that organised crime is able to openily exist in Japanese society - under the name "Yakuza", and work hand in hand with both the government and the industrialists - a situation that could never exist in most western countries. Fascinating indeed.

I also suspect that this has much to do why Japan can never really apologize for WW2. And that is because such an apology would open the door to financial compensation, which the government (i.e. the industrialists and the organised crime families) would havge yo pay. And of course that would never be acceptable to them.

I feel so sad for the average Japanese person because if they really knew how each part of their lives is controlled and manipulated by these groups - under the guise of being a legitimate government, they would have more reason to rise up than the people in China who are also controlled in every respect simply for the benefit of the government.

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