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Hang on. The Japanese Government CHOSE to fund those fighting the Islamic State. And yes, the 'trouble makers' also CHOSE. But if you are looking at blaming the two killed, then you would HAVE to look at who started it in the first place, the GOVERNMENT. But, that is all so silly - really. The Islamic State are the ones killing innocent people, NOt the Japanese givernment, not the people of Japan. It's only the Islamic State. Please remember that.

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Each person, old or not is entitled to express their views. Keep with the real problem, two men are about to be murdered. Regardless of whether they put themselves there or not. If we focus on people's views we are likley to get side tracked, bickering. There needs to be a global movement of peace. Peace between religions, peace between countries, peace between each other, and peace with ourselves, especially the past (wars, fights, even within ourselves). Looking at the heart of the matter, that we are all from the same family, i.e. 'human' would be a good start. But I have no answers on how it can be done, really. But, I do know that we all, you, me, our families, our friends, communities, nations - all need to look inside, through all our superficial conflicts, anger, guilt, hate, revenge, selfishness and see what's really inside of us - kindness, compassion, selflessness, hope, peace, fun, happiness, etc etc. We might even find that we all have something in common - what might that be I ask?

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