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Hmmm. Very interesting. Very sad. I was in Roppongi earlier this year for a short trip from overseas to promote my new novel "Roppongi." I really thought that Roppongi had to a large degree these days become homogenised and sanitised since I was working there in the mid-90's - when it truly was a dangerous place full of gangsters and violence. With this incident it seems it still is dangerous - not so much for normal clubbers/partiers, but certainly for folks mixed up in the underworld. This was clearly a targeted hit (whether they meant to kill him or not) - and it will be up to the Police to figure out whether it was Yak-related. My feeling is that it certainly is gang/Yak related - nobody else would be organised/brazen/committed enough to be able to get ten guys together in ski-masks to storm a club like this and pull this off so quickly. I will watch with some interest to see what headway (if any) is made in this case. For anyone who's interested, the website for "Roppongi" the Novel is:

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