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Posted in: PayPal to allow cryptocurrency buying, selling and shopping on its network See in context

First they should make the app more secure, increasing the risk for criminal use at this point can be qualified as irresponsible.

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Posted in: New tool predicts risk of COVID hospitalization, death See in context

Looks very good but as written it requires a good application first before doctors can get any use.

I hope it will get soon to a point where it can assist on the decisions made on hospitals daily.

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Posted in: Japan to make plastic recycling mandatory for large corporate users See in context

I hope this measure doesn't end up like the price on plastic bags from the convinience stores and supermarkets, at the end people just bought the bags separately and apparently the plastic waste did not actually decreased as they planned.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for murder after infant found in Okayama irrigation canal See in context

It is difficult to believe that a pregnancy can be hidden, but actually a lot of woman manage to do it successfuly all around the world.

Unfortunately a lot of times this is the result of hiding it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 185 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 614 See in context

Finally again with the "weekday" load of tests, I was expecting more positives today, I really hope this goes down soon.

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Posted in: Japan eyes exempting short-term business travelers from quarantine See in context

This is a recipe for disaster, the problem with Japan doing relatively well without a real explanation why is that the people in charge feel secure enough to tempt fate like this.

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Posted in: Japanese researchers show masks do block coronavirus, but not entirely See in context

Excellent results, it is a shame that no amount of evidence will ever convince people that don't want to believe in science.

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Posted in: JR East to bring forward last train departures on 17 lines in Tokyo See in context

I can totally see taxi drivers and internet cafe shops making a lot of bucks on the first few months of the change.

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Posted in: UK researchers aim to infect volunteers to study COVID exposure See in context

Yeah sure, very useful thing, it will help understand the disease and everything, but its an ethical mess that I hope is being considered carefully. One volunteer having an undiscovered comorbidity, one report where people infected have increased risk of a serious disease (cancer, parkinson, whatever) and the Imperial College is going to be in deep trouble.

I wonder how necessary is to actively expose people and assume this big risk, instead of keeping close vigilance of (a lot more) normal people that are naturally at a higher risk (nurses, etc.) until some get infected without researchers having to take responsibility.

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Posted in: Sumo elder criticizes China's banning of Mongolian-language education See in context

Good to see protests being done, but its a few decades too late, China has been breaking human rights since always and nobody paid attention, now it is too powerful and can do much worse so finally people are reacting.

I am afraid this will get much worse before it gets better.

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Posted in: No shortage of crooks with new scams during pandemic See in context

Forgot to include in the article the very common variety of antivaxxers and other people that like to contradict science in order to make a sell, they will tell people to their face that the pandemic is a myth, not dangerous, a mild cough at much and probably even less, no vaccine needed, no doctors. That the only thing necessary is to buy a couple of the vitamins and health drinks that the scammer is coincidentally selling for a very low low price.

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Posted in: Australia's Victoria state paves way for pop-up dining as virus cases remain low See in context

oh wow lockdowns do work, no it wont eliminate the virus, but itll keep hospitals and medical professionals above water until a vaccine is found. most of all itll save lives. NZ and Australia will start international flights again shortly. amazing what can be accomplished when you follow the science.

Could not agree more. lockdowns could be shorter and less strict if everybody did their part, but one thing this pandemic has taught us is that there will be always a segment of the population that don't care about taking precautions.

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Posted in: Japanese KitKats are shrinking; Nestlé says previous size may have been too large for customers See in context

Do anybody even believe the excuses? if the people wanted smaller portions then it would make every sense to reduce them WHILE also reducing the price, maintaining the same price for less product is too obviously a way to make more of a profit, and a big percentage at that.

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Posted in: Decapitated body of man found in apartment in Niigata Prefecture See in context

weird and dark, I really hope the culprit is caught soon. It is not good for the peace of mind to have some killer free around.

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Posted in: Pfizer, BioNTech start combined trials of COVID-19 vaccine candidate in Japan See in context

Does japan buying 120 m doses mean if we don’t take it we be in prisoned?

Will the military be involved in enforcement?

Yes, obviously since this happens all the time.

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Posted in: Student gets locked inside station in Kumamoto after the last train See in context

Still surprised this doesn't happen more often, I got in a similar situation once, didn't see the closing guy until the last moment so I got to leave just in time, a little bit of bad luck and I would be the same as the guy in the article.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 150 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 611 See in context

is still unbelievable to find a developed country where the number of tests decreases that much on the weekends, that talks about a lack of proper medical care

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Posted in: 5 South Koreans die after getting flu shots, sparking vaccine fears See in context

Wrong in part. It's only safer than not getting them if you continue to take care after getting the shot, and not treating it like a panacea that cures all.

if you take care getting vaccinated is safer than not, if you don't take care being vaccinated is still safer than not. The vaccine is not the cause of any increase of risk, bad hygiene and ignorance may be.

The problem is, once they get the shot, they think they are, as you say, "safer than not getting it". They are not, because many if not all become complacent and sloppy, then catch it.

Yes they are, much safer than without it. If they become complacent and sloppy that is another problem, if not then eating well, sleeping and appropriate amount of times, getting exercise regularly etc would NOT make them safer because those are also not infallible and could make people stop taking care.

. If you need proof of this just look at the number of influenza sufferers in early 2020 compared with previous years -- it was a significant level lower.

But with measures that have had a very heavy cost also included, if being careful was so effective no place would need to do anything on top of that.COVID-19 is more easily spread so exaggerated measures (if influenza were the only danger) that take a heavy toll are in place everywhere, from mask for people without any symptoms to limits on many activities.

Vaccines are simple one part of those measures, they do help reducing risk the same as wearing masks or washing your hands, it make vaccinated people safer than not being vaccinated the same way that washing your hands is safer than not doing it (even if some people would get sloppy by thinking they are safe by washing constantly their hands).

You don't need a flu shot if you are young, healthy, and careful.

Yes you do. Because nothing is absolute in health, if you are young, healthy and careful you still have a chance of getting infected and even getting complications and die. Getting a vaccine (part of being careful) lowers that risk even more.

in the case of these poor souls, it was FAR more dangerous getting it than not.

Do you have some information that nobody else have? because it has not yet proved vaccines had anything to do with the deaths. And you would need a very careful analysis to say that not getting a vaccine would be safer, because 1 out of every million is a quite low risk, especially compared with 100 to 200 deaths per million in the case of infection.

I'm not anti-vax by any means, but I think there are times when you should ask yourself if you really need it or not, like with the flu vaccines

There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you consider properly the risks on both sides, getting influenza is not risk free, even for young healthy careful people.

Meant to add, one other thing that is wrong with everyone under the sun getting a vaccine they don't necessarily need is that it boost the viruses strength and ability to render said vaccines less effective or just plain ineffective.

That is a mistake, everybody getting a vaccine have absolutely no effect on the virus "strength" it does not becomes more dangerous or more easily spread, etc just because of the herd immunity. The most it can do is to escape that immunity, but that would be going back to zero (more likely not even that) to never means going into negative. ]

Indeed, if one is truly healthy, the body should be able to handle the flu.

The problem is that many times it does not. It is not even that rare. The vaccine reduces even further that risk, so it is perfectly logical to include it as part of the care to avoid the infection or complications.

I too haven't been vaccinated in over a decade, and haven't had any problems. Perhaps a few minor sniffles every few years.

I know a couple of people like that, one is very proud of his super strong immunity, but keeps forgetting the week or so of miserable time he gets almost every year with fever and very strong body pain that he qualifies as "sniffles". He was genuinely surprised when his boss send him to his house until he got a note from a doctor to say he had no influenza last year.

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Posted in: Peru opens Machu Picchu for a single Japanese tourist after almost 7-month wait See in context

Appropriate name, Mr High Mountain !

damn, I though I would be the first one to comment this.

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Posted in: Finally, a device to save us from the pain of sitting Japanese-style See in context

cheap and light enough to give them a try now that my bones are no longer able to twist into weird shapes because of the proper sitting.

Too bad I don't think they will be allowed in the aikido class, the training on seiza is pure torture.

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Posted in: 26 Nihon University volleyball team members infected with coronavirus See in context

I think that by now it should be clear that team sports activities can't happen without high risk of spreading of the infection from one case.

Authorities should either stop all these same-dorm sport teams from playing or just assume everybody is going to get infected and it is a price to pay for doing it (and isolate them from the general population)

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Posted in: Suga's rating falls to 55% in second poll since he took office See in context

The never before seen rejection of the members of the scientific advisory board should have consequences, this is not a time where we could just take the science we like and ignore the rest.

Numbers should drop much more, until the terrible decision he made is reversed.

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Posted in: Subway bad manners See in context

Interesting how most of the characters who are acting rudely all seem to have a foreign look to them! Blonde or red hair, tall, etc! Japanese would never do these sorts of things on trains, would they!

Bad bad gaijin

What a "coincidence" all the characters look foreign.

The characters don't even look Japanese. Subliminal messages?

Oh come on, how sensitive you have to be to assume the characters look foreign?

Never forget - - they look animeand not of any race

This! immediately assuming they look foreign because of wild hair color? have nobody seen any animated thing made in Japan?

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Posted in: Tokyo to host four-nation gymnastics contest in November See in context

This is too obviously a controlled test to promote acceptance for the Olympics, probably a lot of money is going to be wasted to make sure no infections happens, or at least that they are not found out. So all the big guys that have a lot to lose with a cancellation can say "see? nothing bad happened"

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Posted in: Takeda group begins manufacturing COVID-19 plasma treatment ahead of approval See in context

I am very on board with new treatments, or even with more studies of apparently bad treatments, anything that could lead to an advantage against this pandemic, but this looks like a failing proposal. It has all the disadvantages of simple serum transfusion except for having to match blood types, which is not a lot of trouble in most places. But on top of that is more expensive, and they are going to test it together with Gilead's remdesivir which is not really that effective in my opinion.

It is very easy to say they don't intend to profit from the treatment. Let's see if It's true.

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Posted in: More than 180,000 back inquiry into Murdoch's Australian media 'monopoly' See in context

I was very pleasantly surprised with this news, the cynic in me already gave up on this so obviously broken situation since years ago.

Still, it is a very long shot until things change, but i felt strangely optimistic when I found out about the petition. As long as nothing takes out the strength of this protest maybe we can have a proper media, dare I say goverment? in not too many years.

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Posted in: Asia-Pacific countries begin to ease travel bans, but hurdles remain See in context

It is a very big risk, but unfortunately also is keeping the borders closed. At this point it seems rational to take a cautious approach, but only as long as some control is still kept. It would not be good to just open all borders without any restriction.

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Posted in: Kanye West focuses on religion in first election campaign video See in context

I find really weird that when a nameless person is very obviously having some psychological troubles everybody says how necessary is to get support and care, but when he is famous all that goes flying and people are suddenly waiting for the next weird thing he does.

Not really, the thing is that for a nameless person their family members and friends are the ones that express their opinion very strongly, for a famous person a lot of people that have no real interest in their well being also end up talking, giving the impression that its a different standard.

Probably if you go to the friends and family of Kayne there will be a lot of talk about support and understanding.

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Posted in: Ex-advisers to Chinese firm get suspended sentence for bribing lawmaker over casino See in context

Suspended sentence, to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

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Posted in: Activists protest over lawmaker's skepticism about sex crime victim claims See in context

Eventually politicians are going to learn how to express themselves better, and maybe a couple of decades later they will learn to think according to the times,


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