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@TheDevilsAssistant I don't think that people use such reasons to say it's alright. Instead it is given as a reason. If you don't believe mental illnesses can lead to messed up scenarios, then I guess you must think brain damaged individuals are putting on an act?

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Sadly these sleeping medications, especially when mixed with alcohol, can cause people to do the strangest of things. You don't always remember what you did, but sometimes you do. Think of a dream, and how you act in a dream is different than how you'd act in real life. These medications make you act out a dream in real life. The Z-drugs are especially notorious for this. They'll even cause you to sleep walk and take more of the pills!

There's a really great possibility here, that what this woman remembers is a dream acted out in reality. But psychologically, the brain makes its owner believe they were in control. Which is why she might not recognize she was in a dream at the time, and will try to explain it rationally, that she was giving out a punishment.

Either way, it's sad all round.

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Glad to see someone who's rational. :) Most people seem incapable of realising that your brain is you, and mental illness and drugs affect who you are. The news report fails to mention the type of sleeping medication, but if she was on one of the Z-drugs, there's a strong chance given the alcohol and multiple dosage of pills she took, that the pills are the cause of this sad and terrible event.

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There's nothing normal about seeking attention by threatening to kill yourself.

There's many people who do end up eventually killing themselves, that did make suicidal gestures beforehand. It's most certainly not true that people who want to die just go ahead and do so. People don't just go “Okay, today's a pretty bad day, I think I'll go and jump off a building.” Suicide isn't that easy nor that simple. There's also many reasons why people commit suicide, such as some people think that they're a burden, and as such there is nothing selfish about their taking of their own life.

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Firstly, the woman could have had any of a number of problems that may have affected her ability to function. She perhaps had psychosis for example, and therefore calling her evil and selfish would be just plain wrong.

Secondly, what's with everyone always calling people who kill themselves, cowardly and weak, or selfish? I mean, carrying on with life is much easier in most cases, your brain is wired up to keep you going. Anybody can just exist, it's not difficult. Suicide is not the easy way out, just existing is.

Also, people calling the mentally ill or potentially mentally ill people, such things as nutcases, mad and evil, etc, hardly helps anyone. Why would someone try to go and get help if there's a good chance of being stigmatised and abused in such a way? You reap what you sow.

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Why is it discrimination? The sooner people realise that mental illness is as serious as physical illness, the better. We no longer live in an age where people are thought to be possessed by evil spirits, when physically ill. It's about time that people accept mental illness as something more than an embarrassment, it's a real problem and should be treated as such.

The DSM-IV diagnosis is simplified to help psychologists and psychiatrists. Plenty of people don't fit exactly into the diagnostic criteria, because mental illness isn't an exact science. The brain is far too complicated to compartmentalise into various exact conditions. It's fuzzy science, like if you judge by eye if a glass is half full, maybe it's a little less or more, but in the end it doesn't make much difference.

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Skeeter27May. 01, 2012 - 07:53PM JST - People that choose to do suicide are cowards!

Hmm, the research doesn't back up this claim even in the slightest. Overriding the survival instinct is just one obstacle that isn't easy.

BTW, if it was suicide, self-immolation probably wasn't the method, but another burning "something" method that could unintentionally set the car ablaze.

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Poor guy! Seems he may have Asperger's syndrome, or some sort of social phobia. BTW, mental illness isn't a choice, you don't choose to be a nutter, a looper, or a pathetic creature, as some of you like to say. It's an illness, so just think of how disgusted you would be if people with cancer were looked down upon, and joked about. Of course, we don't know what's wrong with the guy. Yet still, some are judging him to be less than human, while using mental illness in the same sentence.

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Weird! I was expecting the usual "How can someone be so selfish?" comments, that I often see after a story on suicide. Nice to see a change of attitude!

But yeah, suicides seem to occur whether rich or poor, peacetime or wartime, good physical health or bad physical health. It's difficult to see into a persons mind, and many times it's difficult to express certain feelings that are on one's mind. Help maybe was available, but perhaps he didn't know, or he thought it couldn't help him. Either way, suicide is a sad way to go. R.I.P.

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Meh, the problem with videogames is the fanboys. People should just buy the console that has the games one likes.

Not everything is known about the Wii U, yet; and for sure, the idea around the controller is not just about being able to play without a TV. In fact, I can't really see that being an option on some games. The DS does have a touch screen too, and has been out for ages. Obviously so does the 3DS. I don't really get your point about the PSV.

"tiny software library and questionable 3rd party support." Also makes no sense, because the console isn't even out yet..

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Looks interesting, can see potential. May buy it, but I've been losing interest in console gaming over the last few years. Still, by percentage, Nintendo consistently makes the most enjoyable games I've ever played. The Zelda and Mario games are excellent, and usually set new standards in their respective genres. I'm more interested in portable gaming nowadays though, and I'll be getting myself a 3DS soon. Looking forward to it, the 3D effect looks good to me, just that most people don't seem to grasp that there's a slider to control the effect. Therefore they play with the setting too high, and feel ill afterwards.

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I think it's considerably sad and tragic when events such as this happen. However, due to the lack of information on how the baby died, or indeed how it got there in the first place, I find the accusations towards the baby's mother to be quite inconsiderate and impolite.

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the mother is not in normal thinking on that time

whatever it was she should be punished

Am I missing something?..

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The way the guy fell after supposedly being shot from what sounded like a high powered rifle is total ass at best. he folded over nicely and slumped to the turf when really he would have been blown backward of his feet in a mist of blood.


You've been playing too many video games, or watching too many movies. When a person gets shot in real life, they don't fly through the air. The bullet from a high powered rifle, will pass right through. Even if that means shattering bone, which most likely will create a large exit wound. Think of it more like stabbing a knife into jelly, the jelly won't fly off the dish.

Although I will admit to not searching for, or wanting to watch that Youtube video. So, I'm just stating what I know about bullets passing through flesh, meat and bone.

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