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Posted in: 4 people bitten by Doberman Pinscher in Nagoya See in context

@cleo Right on on all counts, I think. I saw the clip of the dobie this morning on TV and couldnt belive what I was seeing. I sure hope they dont destroy that poor dog for human incompetence.

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As a fan of Arashi (and of Johnny's groups) before coming to live in Japan, I speak of my own love of the group.

We know they cant sing and their music is barely "good" by any standards. But, as the article says, the main appeal of the group is their closeness as a group and as true friends. Its true that Japan churns out idol groups by the dozens, some coming and going without any notice. But in that sense, I think that the Japanese public is also better at picking up when sincerity is real or being faked. Not only do fans, who go to countless live concerts and television show filmings, comment on the sincerity of their friendship. But, also the countless staff and production members that they work with behind the scenes always have positive comments about the group and their interactions with each other, with the staff, and with the fans.

Being an Arashi fan is like being in school where there is that one group of friends that ALWAYS look like they're having fun together, no matter what they're doing. And just wanting to be a part of that fun in any way.

After a long day of work, I know without a doubt, that I can turn on an Arashi show for an hour and just be happy. Why wouldn't I want to support something that makes me feel that great?

The eye-candy doesn't hurt either ;)

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I'd like to share my own first hand experience of the earthquake, as a survivor.

I was 26 living and working in Miyagi Prefecture at the time of the earthquake. And while my town was safe from the tsunami, we felt the full effects of the earthquake and its aftershocks. After 3 weeks of living in those conditions, I was fortunate to find another job in Ishikawa Prefecture (where there are rarely any earthquakes), and have been living here for the last 3 years.

It took more than a year to finally learn to relax living in my new, safe environment. I would lie down to sleep and wake suddenly because I thought I felt an earthquake (when there were none). 2 1/2 years after the earthquake, I went to a fire station on a tour, and had a full on panic attack (my first ever) when they turned on an earthquake simulator for the group I was with. I was standing in the hall, not sitting in the simulator; all it took was the recorded noise of the earthquake to send me running out of the building. Literally.

I hope that someone, ANYONE, will reach out to these children and HELP them. Especially because of the way that mental health care in Japan is not taken seriously at all. It absolutely breaks my heart to think about how they must be dealing with it day to day...

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