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Nicolò comments

Posted in: Lots of Japanese parents want their kids to work for Nintendo, but not just for the money, survey says See in context

National government: 16 percent

Regional government: 13.3 percent

Toyota: 10.8 percent

Nintendo: 6.9 percent

Panasonic: 5.4 percent

It's sad that the once top of the world country has few companies worth working for now.

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Posted in: Japan Day Parade in New York See in context

Hello kitty delegate makes a courtesy call to the suzerain state

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Posted in: Man arrested for smearing bodily fluid on acquaintance's car in Iwate See in context

Sounds like a title of JAV

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Posted in: Kenyan Olympic marathon medalist referred to prosecutors over assault See in context

"There are things I don't remember because I was too drunk, but I think it is what happened.

This proves that people become forgetful living in Japan, not only politicians.

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Posted in: Families of late 'comfort women' sue Japanese gov't; 1st case in China See in context

Haha, prostitution both legal and illegal like soap and tachinbo is so common in Japan that the claims coming from certain countries even from deceased sounds prousible. However learn self-righteous from China and ignore till everyone forgets about it.

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Posted in: Hamster abandoned at Tokyo ramen restaurant gets new home See in context

Nice. I thought his new house was a ramen broth pot

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Posted in: 1 dead, 7 missing after 2 MSDF helicopters crash in Pacific during night training See in context

Military helicopters are prone to crashes, not just in Japan but in general. The nature of the missions requires them to fly at low altitudes, and their engines are much less powerful than jets. If they make a mistake or have bad luck, they have little chance of recovering.

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Posted in: Toshiba mulls cutting thousands of domestic jobs to reduce costs See in context

Toshiba, once envisaged the biggest nuclear giant over GE and Westinghouse... lies in ruin...

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Posted in: Studio Ghibli to receive honorary Palme d'Or at Cannes See in context

Mr. Miyazaki 83!? Wow... People must get old.

Need next generation. Mr. Shinkai is a bit different taste though I love it. Someone who can portrait something that we've never seen but somehow we've known...

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Posted in: GSDF, U.S. Marines hold drills See in context

If Japan's southern remote islands were invaded by other countries, the US would surely persuade Japan to give them up so as not to get involved in a worthless war for them. They're not a bunch of guys who play by the rules, much less out of humanity.

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Posted in: FX reaches back over 400 years for its next series, adapting hit novel 'Shogun' See in context

American novel featuring a Japanese samurai? I wouldn't be surprised if the Shogun joined the Avengers in a sequel.

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Posted in: Tokyo fashion subculture 'Decora' – color, cute characters and a whole lot of accessories See in context

All down to who wears it. If Taylor Swift wears you'd certainly say dope. But you know especially people in these photos...

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Posted in: U.S.-bound ANA plane returns to Tokyo after man bites cabin attendant See in context

What a poor guy. It has to be treated as an accident caused by an acute drug side effect out of his responsibility if it's not altitude sickness. He should be sent back to the U.S. without any detention. Your mom and dad are waiting!

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Posted in: Navy officer who was jailed in Japan over deadly crash released from U.S. custody, family says See in context

Are they some kind of psychotic or something holding a picture of their son who killed two people and looking like a victim?

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Posted in: Woman arrested after showing up at Saitama police station with dead baby See in context

the bathroom at an apartment used as a reception area at the establishment where she works.

Wonder what sort of job she was doing exactly?

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Posted in: Navy officer jailed in Japan over deadly car crash transferred to U.S. custody See in context

So if I run over two of their family members in the Appalachian Mountains and claim an accident due to mountain sickness I could go right back to my country for some money without any custody and enjoy a vacation with my family? I'd go to America if I made some money...

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Posted in: What to stream this week: Taylor Swift in your home, a Cody Johnson TV special and 'Reacher' returns See in context

Who are they? Seriously

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Posted in: Japan's ruling bloc paves way for wider exports of defense items See in context

Unfortunately, no one seemed to want to buy the JSDF arms. For one thing some of them are indeed outdated and crappy, though not cheap. For another they're lacking strategic market perspective. Japan's pride and joy the US2 can't sell because it doesn't have the type certificate. Learn from South Korea!

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Posted in: NTT to launch generative AI platform for corporate customers in March See in context

higher Japanese language processing capabilities

Targeting only the Japanese market on i-mode platform?

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Posted in: Cannabis-derived gummies probed after 9 fall ill in Tokyo See in context

Quite a few weak minded people here. Normal people don't need either natural or artificial one.

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Posted in: New island emerges after underwater volcano eruption south of Tokyo See in context

Don't write the article only for Americans. It was originally Iwoto and American changed its name to Iwojoma during colonization. Then the J government revised it back to iwoto.

Previously iwoto and now also iwoto.

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Posted in: Kishida tours Philippine patrol ship See in context

Good. Japan doesn't have enough guts to go against China but can ask the Philippines to do so by giving them ships.

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Posted in: Man whose wife, daughter were killed by elderly driver in Ikebukuro receives death threat See in context

Iizuka’s compulsory vehicle liability insurance will pay the compensation

The poor telephone guy didn't know this and go to jail

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Posted in: 2 workers at Fukushima plant hospitalized after accidentally sprayed with radioactive waste See in context

to get skin burns

That's almost a worst case of exposure and doesn't make sense to say no problem even if that isn't the case.

This information lacks how harmful the sprayed water is to the human body. If the water can possibly cause skin burns the radiation level seems very high.

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Posted in: Japan's automakers unveil EVs galore at Tokyo show to catch up with Tesla, other rivals See in context

Fossil fuels would run out in approx 50yrs. It's not about green but the inevitable choice for the next generation to switch to EVs.

One thing is for sure though, Toyota will lose a large market share as you saw Akio Toyoda stepped down to not stigmatize the noble Toyoda clan.

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Posted in: Russian athletes won't be barred from Paris Olympics despite their country's suspension See in context

The Olympics must be neutral. If Russian athletes couldn't compete, neither could American athletes after the war in Iraq and the attacks on Syria, which violated international law.

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Posted in: Nobel in medicine goes to 2 scientists whose work enabled creation of mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 See in context

This is a medal of honor for the fight against the biological weapon of a certain country.

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Posted in: All trips for public schools in Tokyo's Minato Ward to take place abroad See in context

Japanese English education was strategically designed to keep people from fleeing abroad while they could at least read and write papers in English. This had successfully kept talented young people in the country, compared to other Asian countries where the brightest young people head for the US. It was only after Japan lost its prosperity that everything went wrong.

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Posted in: All trips for public schools in Tokyo's Minato Ward to take place abroad See in context

If the adult society is open-minded and able to think about issues on a global scale, that's much more inspiring than taking students overseas for a few days.

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Posted in: Leitch set for record 15th Rugby World Cup match for Japan vs England See in context

I don't think Japan can win. But I don't really like English rugby football, where they have prejudged the meaning of FOOTBALL. I'd like to see strong Japanese play, going all out to score tries.

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