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There are a lot of conspiracy rumours... and one can tell that's very likely. JAL blamed Boeing for "improper repairs conducted by Boeing Co" but after that JAL kept only buying Boeing fleet until very recent Airbus 350 seemingly like planned compensation. Yet another, JAL still doesn't train their pilots for thrust vectoring in case the control surfaces are lost seeming they doesn't want to being up again.

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Totally oppose the decision.

Their claim as far as l know is only "there is no more space. The water is safe enough." No place? What about running a duct to elsewhere? It should be technically possible. Safe? 100%?? Why has it been stored so far then?

If radioactive contamination is found in some decades, intentional criticism would be way harsher than the comfort woman thing and Japan has to compensate it. The government's short sighted decision to get through for now would ruin Japan.

For Japan's own benefit, be patient and come up with a hustle but safe way out.

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It reminds me of something as always...

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I've heard many excellent Chinese spies would join it secretly. They have a fake Japanese nationality.

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Posted in: 75 years later, Japanese-American man recalls bitter internment in U.S. See in context

What's the matter of this article? He could've get annihilated if did the same in Japan as an American Japanese.

It's just his wrong decision to take the small island's side. What a waist. If he didn't his descendents could enjoy being American without a green card and speak nice English.

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Posted in: NHK apologizes over tweets said to fan discrimination against Koreans See in context

This is simply a hypothetical situation, NOT reality. There was no need for NHK to apologize to anyone.

No read it again well. On the contrary the story was just conveyed from the true experience. It WAS reality. But in that sense again no need of apology cuz the truth is the truth. It's totally different from the case of the black matters, in which NHK spoiled themselves with their childish creation.

Nevertheless how damn fool japanese yong people are. They can't understand the war without the fictionalized story with Twitter????

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Dont get them wrong

They are complaining not about the government's recognition about the situation but about their politics.

The emergency declaration can be linked to emergency provisions so that the gov can control citizens

and that is one of the most controversial issues Abe wants to make effective regarding his constitutional amendment policy. So basically this photo is NOT about the corona.

But anyway the protestants and other japanese are so naive. European countries do control their people already in this circumstance without exceptions like barbers, DIY stores. Japan gov is so easy on people.

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