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Posted in: Japan to uphold apology if South Korea settles wartime labor issue See in context

Japan will keep expressing remorse and apology as they have been so far and SK filed a lawsuit and will settle it themselves. So, what is "news" here?

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Posted in: Japan refiles request to list divisive gold mine on UNESCO See in context

I don't take either side of the discussion. But isn't this too unilateral?

ultra-conservatives in the ruling party known for their efforts to whitewash Japan’s wartime past.

Associated Press writer Kim Tong-hyung in Seoul, South Korea contributed to this report.

As a press you guys should at least be neutral.

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Posted in: Useful in Japan: Four versatile Japanese expressions with a total of 28 meanings See in context

On the contrary I find Japanese more convenient from his manga. You only have to lean less phrases to cover more. I also found that sometimes fractured Japanese sounded native cuz Japanese can omit many building blocks of the full sentences.

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Posted in: Asian markets mostly higher, tracking Wall Street gains See in context

I was so confused by the picture... Is the trick photo necessary for this article?

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Posted in: Japan begins construction of new SDF base for U.S. fighter drills See in context

Why is Iwo jima not enough for that drill?

The US pilots are too incompetent to manage it within a single island?

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Posted in: Toyota pushes zero-emission goals by converting old models See in context

How long before someone points out the outdated sexism in this photo?

Yeah, true! They should've taken equality seriously and laid macho guys and disabled people on the back too, posing that way.

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Posted in: Historian relates story of Japan's 'comfort women' during early postwar occupation See in context

Fun note. Nikkan Gendai is a kind of erohon.

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Posted in: Japan's manpower-light defense strategy a flawed 'paper plan', officers say See in context

Don't worry. The US will help protect their colony conveniently located in front of the communist countries. Maybe have to give up some small southern islands though.

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Posted in: Ex-SDF member says misconduct routine in her unit See in context

That's why they successfully made JAV one of the most renowned genres in the world.

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Posted in: As China rows back COVID curbs, virus fears spread See in context

Four cameras in just a single photo on the top draw my attention...

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Posted in: Japan's ruling parties agree on tax hikes for more defense spending See in context

They've already possessed the first class equipment, like f35, Aegis destroyers, etc which few countries can afford. However they're lacking enough ammo, drones, or many of practical stuff. I guess they're bad at selecting weapons and assigning the budget, plus have to purchase American products.

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Posted in: Woman with plastic bag over her head found dead in Nagoya hotel room See in context

Two Men and two women in a single room? That anyway will result in a filthy room... The hotel could've rejected them...

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Posted in: Croatia reach World Cup quarterfinals with penalty shoot-out victory over Japan See in context

In the last rugby world cup I felt Japan's true capability up to the quarter finals. However this football event I rather felt their lucky coming in the right moments.

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Posted in: Japan space agency gives up on landing moon probe See in context

The top national institute struggles to land a tiny spacecraft on the moon, while another nation sent mankind there 50 years ago... Indeed, it shows the decline of Japan's technological capabilities.

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Posted in: Live-action 'Spirited Away' stage play finally available for on-demand streaming See in context

Live adaptations with young up-and-coming actors never fail to live up our obvious expectations..!

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Posted in: Japanese firms promote sake, camping goods at Shanghai expo See in context

A few years later exactly the same sake will be sold in foreign market with an awkward Japanese name.

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Posted in: Why are there so many reincarnation and villainess anime and manga? Manga editor explains See in context

The very important point is missing. This stupid genre doesn't require authors to deeply investigate the topic before writing, so that the entry barriers are just low. Japanese cartoons used to be unique and fantastic for their wide variety of themes including sports, cooking, arts, gambling to name a very few, where the authors had to have enough knowledge. But they're slacking off these days. All you need to do for Isekai stories is maybe playing online video games (the characters can always check their own status...). Today I have to say manga artists from the other countries e.g. French, who leaned it from the legendary Japanese artists like H. Miyazaki, have much better potentials...

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Posted in: Tokyo dept store praised for refusing entry to costumed Halloween revelers See in context

I believe no Japanese are interested in Halloween itself. They don't even know what they actually celebrate that day. They just want to feel bold being crazy together (

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Posted in: China's Xi expands powers, promotes allies See in context

This is rather a good thing.

It is better for China to self-destruct under the stupidest dictator in their history than to become a halfway democratic and long-lasting country while maintaining its national power and bad mannered nature.

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Posted in: Hyakunen Umi: A new TeamLabo dining experience in Tokushima See in context

Seems they don't even have enough plates.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. and Japan hold anti-N Korean submarine drills See in context

What in the world can Japan do to finally make s Korea calm down?

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Posted in: Former pro baseball pitcher Murata released after assaulting security inspector at Haneda airport See in context

Assaulting a women = shove her shoulder.

Oh disappointed..

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Posted in: Japan diving shop sorry after customers pose on sunken U.S. warship See in context

For contemporary Japanese, that behavior would be their best commemoration. Take Kancolle for example, making their ancestor's fleet that fought desperately to protect its country and met a tragic end be a lolicon girls club... How respectful!

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation to build memorial at site of 2019 arson attack, report says See in context

“I want to avoid the incident fading from people’s memories”

This would be an ego of victims' families, seen by some neighbors who instead want to forget the tragedy. Assume a murder happened in a house or an apartment in your neighborhood, there would be considerable damage to the building and the area, much more if mass murders. This monument will keep it the talk of the town for many generations.

I agree with the neighborhood's opinion.

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Posted in: Toyota, slow to move to EVs, says it offers customers choice See in context

The key is all down to the development of the next generation battery such as solid state batteries. If one that is comparable with fossil fuels in terms of the energy density per volume or weight is achieved the winner will be EVs.

Interestingly though, it is Toyota that holds a large number of patents about the new batteries. However at this rate of their attitude towards EVs, it will soon be copied and defeated by China.

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Posted in: Japanese airline Zipair ditches 'Z' logo to avoid pro-Russia misunderstanding See in context

We can no longer watch Dragonball Z at ease.

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Posted in: U.S. naval officer in Japan faces prison over deadly crash See in context

Only 3 years for 2 lives? It's already a good deal. What are you asking for more mercy for?? The criminal's family cares only about their son's career after imprisonment.

Why don't you just put pictures of the victims and their families..? Totally biased article!

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Posted in: Japan-born American files suit against Japan's dual nationality ban See in context

Ban on dual nationality is rather common worldwide. Any country is not very open to it. You just want to enjoy privilege from both countries. So greedy BBA...

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Posted in: Cancer patients seek damages from Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

And Japan will soon release the treated water into the sea saying it's safe (^^)

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Posted in: Musk warns Japan will cease to exist if birthrate continues decline See in context

Anybody noticed it but Japanese.

The population worldwide is not falling but increasing. The declining population is not so bad in that sense but the main problem of Japan is they still largely relying on manual labors. They are far behind the other developed countries about IT adoption. Anybody from other countries would be sick of too many paper works, too many tedious works to be just formal, etc.

Japan should adopt automation technologies much more than any other countries by taking advantage of shrinking population instead of replacing native citizens with foreigners that's the worst measure.

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