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Nigel Beatty comments

Posted in: 5 uninhabited Japanese islands you can buy right now See in context

My close friend bought one in the Seto Naikai... I am looking into one now, or maybe will buy half of his... or a sizable property in Shodasima... I have other friends with private Japanese Islands.

30 million for those islands exposed to the open ocean, without utilities is too much... 30 million for a seto naikai island maybe OK, but still you can get cheaper... You just need to know 'how' to buy them... Regards. To utilities, most have electric, but alternative energies are really useful... Some need to get fresh water by mini tanker, but it is not a big deal...

The best deals are usually the ones that are not for sale... :-) ... Takes a bit of research and leg work, but can save tens of millions...

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Posted in: Docomo to offer LTE roaming for customers traveling outside Japan See in context

This is good... Each year I spend 4 months in Japan, 4 in Europe and 4 in USA... My DoCoMo phone can now use high speed in the USA and Europe... Already have a USA phone with T-Mobile which has unlimited free data and sms roaming in 120 countries... Data is a little slow, but fine for email... Be great if DoCoMo could match that... Just shows that the mobile world is changing fast... My UK phone (O2) still crucifies me on roaming charges, so only for emergencies only outside UK... :-)

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Posted in: 5 uninhabited Japanese islands you can buy right now See in context

JVJ... Don't buy any of these then... Way overpriced... Much better and cheaper options available (with electricity, buildings, waters, etc...)

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