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Posted in: DJ OZMA, Akebono, Megadeth's Friedman form new band "FANTA" See in context

Why so serious, people?

This would definitely be BIG, like that Awesomest Star Wars rock band painting!

Where on earth (or any other parallel universe) can you form a band with an old-school metal guitarist, a J-Rock guitarist, a total oddball, a hot law student, and a sumo wrestler?

Stop whining about these people being lame, sell-outs or going low! This band is the summit of artistic talent!

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Posted in: Larger-than-life Erika Sawajiri returns See in context


This is great! Just great! I guess Ginza will be full of XY chromosomes these days.

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Posted in: Nine for Aya See in context

Any man who brings up talent when talking about Aya Sugimoto is either missing the point, or is not a full-blooded male.

Of course, 42-year-old women are free to turn green with envy.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese celebrities featured in photos or stories on Japan Today frequently come in for a lot of derision from some readers? See in context

Simple question, simple answer: highfalutin bitterness.

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Posted in: Vivian Hsu back in Japan after 7-year absence See in context

Oh, boy... she sure brings back 'warm' memories.

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Posted in: The dumbing down of Japanese students See in context

This phenomenon is not just happening in Japan, that's for sure.

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Posted in: SMAP singer Masahiro Nakai to be TBS' main commentator for Winter Olympics See in context

First, Becky... Now, Nakai?

It's like Kim Kardashian and Justin Timberlake hosting Superbowl!

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Posted in: Toyota's president apologizes for massive global recalls See in context

Here in the Philippines, two Toyota models (Fortuner and Innova) have been proven to have faulty D4D engines, and Toyota isn't doing anything for its owners.

Maybe they're waiting for a fatal car crash before they're forced to take action.

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Posted in: Convertible touch screen netbook See in context

This is infinitely better than the giant iPod Touch Apple made recently.

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Posted in: Ko Shibasaki shows her skills in the kitchen See in context

Isn't her name spelled 'Kou'?

Ko, Koh, it doesn't matter, it's her screen name anyway.

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Posted in: Police re-arrest AKB48 fan for theft See in context

Ha ha.

Don't AKB48 have that hometown Akihabara bar where they always perform?

If you need to steal to chase AKB48, you should start stalking Magibon instead.

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Posted in: At your service See in context


Japan has many ways to harness its human resources, it's the humans themselves who don't use their resources better.

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Posted in: Beauty tips See in context

After a careful study, I have come to the conclusion that Koyuki is not photogenic. When you watch her move, speak, or do something, she is so damn cool and hypnotic...

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Posted in: Out for a walk See in context

It's a picture of a guy being responsible enough to be a father and a pet owner... Quite a rarity these days.

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Posted in: Odaiba See in context

...And in one magnificent photo we see three symbols of Japan's fascination with the western world.

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Posted in: Meisa the muse See in context

You can take Meisa Kuroki's worst picture and she'll still be hotter than any Japanese girl her age.

Any girl all over the world, actually.

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Posted in: Miniskirt Police to open their own theater in Tokyo See in context

Arrest me!

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Posted in: Some see racist theme in alien adventure 'Avatar' See in context

Wow, this is the first time in JapanToday that I've seen people comment on how annoying it is to hear people complain about stuff!

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Posted in: Cowell says he's leaving 'American Idol' See in context

In this day and age when everyone wants fame even when undeserved, a sudden reality check when you've been daydreaming for years sure hurts. And that's why people hate Simon Cowell, for dashing the hopes of wannabes.

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Posted in: A good weekend See in context

Not a waste of money if they believe that giving is good. It's always the thought that counts, not the money.

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Posted in: 'Spider-Man' 4 delayed; Maguire, Raimi out See in context

I wish every film sequel stops at 3. By the fourth time, you can feel it's already being milked dry.

Except for Harry Potter, that is.

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Posted in: Penguins See in context

Sarge: He he.

Or maybe he has happy feet.

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Posted in: Koyuki shows how to prepare highballs in Suntory commercial See in context

Sarge - I wasn't even paying attention to what she was saying in 'The Last Samurai'. She can try to be a bad actress and I wouldn't even mind.

If you've seen her in 'Blood - The Last Vampire', damn... I wanted her to kill Saya.

She is not exceptionally beautiful; she even looks a bit masculine, but there's just an inexplicable, wonderful, mesmerizing charm that makes you ignore whatever flaw she might have.

She is so hypnotic.

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Posted in: Where are all the babies? See in context

Depopulation is a myth. The fact is the Earth can support several billion people; the only reason why we're all in such a mess is the imbalance and improper distribution of goods and services.

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Posted in: Penguins See in context

LoveUSA: That's a juvenile. Its feet will eventually turn black.

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Posted in: Koyuki shows how to prepare highballs in Suntory commercial See in context

Koyuki... there's just something about her that makes her so wonderful to watch do anything and even nothing.

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Posted in: Lucky bags See in context

Wolfpack at 01:12 AM JST - 3rd January

Looks to be a lot of harmless fun for the young ladies.

I can't say that for the men's wallets.

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Posted in: Cost-cutting hits TV stations See in context

Yeah, less TV time does save a lot of money. I wonder though if the TV executives are aware that they can sign off at midnight.

JohnBecker: hey, that's a great idea! Although you probably would need to get a policeman just in case someone tries to steal the camera all to himself.

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Posted in: Wendy's closes its doors in Japan See in context

Here in the Philippines, Wendy's is no longer as good as it once used to, they've been scrimping too much on the good stuff. They were the best back in the 90s, but they've been going downhill since then. I've seen fewer and fewer people go to Wendy's for some time now, especially since a lot of competition started setting up shop here.

I hope they wake up before they close down globally.

Funny, McDonald's here is affectionately called 'McDo' , just like in Japan.

White Castle! Now I know why most people here in JapanToday are frustrated. I doubt if your wish will be granted though, they haven't set their sights overseas.

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Posted in: Korean boom hits the Japan Record Awards with Big Bang See in context

Korean music has been invading Japanese ears since the 90s.

biglittleman: Blame that on anime's bishounen, now every little Japanese boy wants to look nothing short of gay. takuyaki: You seemed to have been talking about SMAP.

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