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Posted in: Things Japanese women love (and hate) about Japanese and foreign guys See in context


What if they want to raise their own kids? Why should they do something they don't want to do so that they can pay someone else to do what they do want to do?

Well said! I couldn't agree more with this statement. But it's understandable that there are some who see it the other way: why not work at a job she loves if she can find a nurturing daycare/nanny to watch over her kids. To each their own.

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Posted in: The secrets behind 10 Japanese food pairings See in context

Mmm, this article has made me so hungry! It's hard to beat some good salmon nigiri.

Why so many negative comments? Yes, a lot of countries do have delicious food combinations, and Japan is one of them. That's why this article is on JAPANToday, to talk about JAPAN's good food pairings.


Perhaps that is true where you live. I lived in Kansai - Osaka and Kobe. The wife is from Kyoto. People eat well in Kansai.

That's true for those who are fortunate enough to have enough time and money to put together a good meal or eat out at a nice place. But unfortunately that's not the same for everyone. I, too, live in Kyoto, but I don't see any difference between here and elsewhere. Many of my friends who work in construction live on a diet of food from Sunkus and Yoshinoya. My hardworking neighbor feeds her kids McDonald's and Kenta for dinner a few nights a week. My best friend's idea of breakfast is stopping at Misdo's on her walk to the station. I understand where you're coming from, but Dog has a point when she/he says most people don't eat the food you're talking about. Japan, of course, has outrageously delicious food, but just like most other countries, food quality often has to take a back seat to convenience and price.

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Posted in: 'Hafu' tells story of Japan’s mixed-race minority and changing attitudes in society See in context

I'm all for equality but when you define yourself you are part of the problem.


Well said, I couldn't agree more.

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What a neat picture!

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Posted in: Japan disappointed at S Korean leader's summit refusal See in context

A weak dog is barking again. Don't pay attention to it.

Are you talking about Japan or Korea? (I'm NOT being sarcastic; I'm really wondering which country it is that you're referring to).

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Posted in: Canada to extradite Chinese man to Japan in 1995 triple murder probe See in context

Instead of showing a good image about his own country, he rather decided to commit crimes in Japan, a country that some Chinese claim to have such prejudice against their ethnic group. Now I ask, how do the Chinese want to improve their image by doing such stupid thing???

Do you use this same logic when you see a Chinese person doing something good in Japan? Or do you only utilize it when it helps tarnish the image of an entire nation? By the way, just this week two Japanese men were arrested in my city for raping and beating a 17 year old woman in their hotel room. Instead of showing a good image of Japan they committed a heinous crime, what say you to that? Should all Japanese bear the crime on their shoulders?

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Posted in: Europe should be grateful for spying, say U.S. lawmakers See in context

Wake up call U.S.A. the European Union has a bigger armed forces than you and it comparable in levels of training and equipment. Do you REALLY want to wake the sleeping giant?

You're annoying. I'm not a fan of the US government and don't support ANY government infringing upon the rights of citizens, but it's not like they're the only country conducting this type of spy program. You've got to have your head in the sand if you think otherwise.

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Posted in: Congress pulls U.S. back from brink, averts default See in context

These fools in government have done nothing but prove they are only in it for themselves. Both parties. They all have their cronies getting the hookup, they prosper while the rest of the country suffers, and they sit back, smoke their cigars, and laugh at us. In the US they have a straight ticket voting option: you automatically select either all of the Democratic candidates, or all of the Republican candidates. They need a new option: the straight ticket "oust the incumbent" vote, that automatically votes for someone NOT in office. I think most Americans would find it very, very useful at the polling place.

Well said! So many of us are tired of party politics and the blame game that creeps up whenever representatives are in hot water. As Washington stated in his farewell address: party politics will only "distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms; kindles the animosity of one part against another..."

Everyone has different beliefs and different needs, and because of that the government needs to be a unifying entity.

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Posted in: Pakistani Taliban 'delighted' Malala missed out on Nobel See in context

Seems to me they were happy enough in Afghanistan, and while disgusting they were not shooting school girls in the head in Pakistan, at least not until somebody decided to force their ways on them from the other side of globe. And there are many brands of lunacy out there.

I'm sorry, but you couldn't be more off the mark. There are countless stories of repression and violence under Taliban rule in Afghanistan long before the western military stepped in. The awful treatment of women is what led to the disintegration of US & Taliban relations in the mid-90s. For instance, the stories of the late Sushmita Banerjee offer just a small glimpse into the lives of people in general, and women in particular, under the Taliban. And you suggest that it wasn't until 'the other side of the globe' interfered that it got this bad, but in fact it was the civil war in Afghanistan and the withdrawal of the soviet troops in the late 80s that led to the formation of the Taliban and its repressive rule. It's mind boggling that you can even suggest that Afghanistan was ever 'happy' under the Taliban. The Taliban was created out of discord and violence, systematically wiping out the shiites and any form of opposition.

I'm not suggesting that the western military alliance has necessarily been good for the Afghan people- that's a very complicated issue that I won't get into here. But I AM suggesting that you do more (assuming you've done any) research before you claim that all was hunky dory in Afghanistan before international intervention.

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Posted in: American casting for 'Hana Yori Dango' (Boys Over Flowers) TV series receives harsh Japanese criticism See in context

Interesting, I just finished reading the article about Japan remaking classic westerns. Just saying...

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Posted in: Lack of worker skills threatens European recovery See in context

guess time to revert to the isolationism and let Japan and Finland run the world for a while.

Hmmm... I don't think you quite understand the nature of isolationism.

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