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Posted in: Ruling bloc to focus on constitution reform after election win See in context

@Simon: why would you think the right to vote is basically worthless in Japan? It’s like those eligible in the U.S. to vote complaining about Trump being elected when they didn’t even chose to vote. Those of you foreigners so eager to complain about how the election turned out in Japan should become naturalized citizens and become an active participant of the democratic process here. Almost all citizens that immigrate to the U.S. including Japanese immigrants and call it their home become naturalized citizens and participate in the democratic process. Why should Japanese care about what some gaijins living in Japan without any love or patriotism for our country and cultural ideals to naturalize dictate our political process and more importantly overturning a constitution that was forced on us during a much different era than we live today?

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Posted in: Ruling bloc to focus on constitution reform after election win See in context

Glad many of us voted for Abe and constitutional reform which is sorely needed in this country to normalize. Interesting to see so many foreigners (non-citizens) with no right to vote here up in arms over this. (lol.) Its like what business is it for Japanese to fret over the U.S. election if they are not citizens or have no intention to be? If you live in Japan and call this home and love this country then become a citizen and be part of the democratic process instead of harping on how Japanese citizens vote. (Many of us braved the rain and wind to cast our ballots.) This will be a great turning point for our country and from what I can gather in U.S. media a win for Abe is good for U.S. as well to have a reliable partner/friend to stymie the looming threat of China, N.Korea.

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Posted in: N Korea media warns of 'nuclear clouds' over Japan See in context

Time for Japan to develop and equip their own nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, with N.Korea constantly targeting and threatening Japan and China, Russia who only respect countries with ability to project force. It's the opportune time for Japan to join the nuclear club to prevent another Hiroshima or Nagasaki from ever happening on their soil. Relying on the U.S. Nuclear umbrella and their word solely as their defense against N.Korea, China, Russia is fool hardy indeed.

I think the U.S. would welcome a nuclear equipped confident Japan in Asia to aid U.S. in a true bi-lateral defense partner. With the #1 and #3 economy in the world and their technical prowess it would be a game changer to keep Chinese, Russian and N.Korean assertiveness in check. I think S.Korea would also go nuclear soon afterward and if S.Korea and Japan could work things out these three countries would indeed be formidable alliance in Asia.

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Posted in: Osaka may end San Francisco sister city ties over 'comfort woman' statue See in context

A couple of areas that many have issues with the constant bleating of the comfort woman issues propagated by S.Korea. (backed by Norks and China)

1) There is much evidence that IJA were not directly involved directly in the kidnapping or misling the poor women sent to the front lines, in addition, overwhelming majority were willing paid prostitutes that profited from the system. Testimony shows that many of them went on their own and others were unfortunately sold into unsavory brokers by their own parents. (these were hard times and remember Koreans at that time were considered citizens of the Japanese empire for couple decades already.) Japanese system of wartime brothels were no more unique than the system established during the U.S./Korean War or the many brothels set-up in Japan during occupation. (Individual hardships and circumstances and suffering occurred then to with the like of unsavory pimps, human trafficking, etc. which still continues to this day in many places around the world.) The U.S. Army's own investigation into a wartime brothel in Burma suggested including extensive interviews with Korean comfort women found that the system was well run and the women were treated quite fairly and profited tremendously in some cases and many even fell in love and married IJA personnel returning to Japan, etc..

2) I think S.Korea is very disingenuous about the whole comfort women system during that period and do not want to see the complete picture or accuracy into the historical situation and rather focus on specific emotional experiences by individuals that are seeking financial gain and extrapolating it for their own political and anti-Japanese motives. Every major city in America, Japan, or Australia are filled with Korean run massage parlors which are really brothels in disguise. Many of them use Japanese names for their establishment and the girls working as well use Japanese names as to prop-up the perceived brand value of these prostitution houses or disguise their Korean roots. (I find it very distasteful given they act like their honor was so shattered for being forced into prostitution 70yrs ago.) http://koreanreality.wixsite.com/korean-realities/prostitution-in-us

Which begs the question how much different was it back 70yrs ago for Korean women/pimps to want to profit from IJA comfort women system?

3) Why would they put these statues up outside of S.Korea or Japan? I really believe even the Japanese would be open to having statues here if there were overwhelming evidence that the majority of comfort women suffered terribly by the IJA and they were directly involved in wholesale kidnapping and raping of these women. (Not saying isolated individual cases did not ever occur which I am sure it did.) Historical evidence and non-biassed third party research paints a very different picture from the rabid foaming at the mouth hysterical anti-japanese crowd manipulating some of the remaining comfort women's recollection of what "Really" happened.

Perhaps, it would be appropriate for Japan to put-up Takeshima memorials all over the world propagating the illegal occupation by S.Korea and trying to make it an international issue. But alas, Japan has too much class for that.. (It's not like S.Korea would be ever willing to take that to IJA to settle the issue once and for all as Japan suggested.) Japan has paid and apologized many times over the comfort women/WW2 issue which is at heart one of the problems, instead of doing the necessary to dispute the falsehood propagated by the comfort women issue they take the appeasement approach which only encourages the Korean special interest groups to go further and want more..

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Posted in: Osaka may end San Francisco sister city ties over 'comfort woman' statue See in context

Given the fact by researchers in Korea and Japan that most of the Korean comfort women were not forcibly brought to frontline brothels by the Japanese imperial army and were typically common prostitutes brokered by Korean agents erecting these false statues all over the World is completely inappropriate. Osaka is right to protest and japan really needs to do a better job to get the truth out there to the western public that are deceived into the wholesale lie or at best embellishments by the Norks and their Skorean and Chinese sympathizers.

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Posted in: S Korea approves $8 million aid to N Korea; timing to be decided later See in context

I feel sorry for the North Korean people's plight but aid like that won't help them long-term. The world needs to be united to topple the N.Korean regime quickly and free the N. Korean people out of the tyranny they are under so they can enjoy the freedoms and opportunities of their South Korean counterparts.

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Posted in: Japanese warship takes Asian guests on cruise in defiance of China See in context

B.S. Mulan: it's China's aggressive stance in both the south China seas and Senkakus that brought about this change. They are acting like a bully and have brainwashed their masses with historical revisionism...in order to validate their aggressive territorial claims. Thanks China: it's time japan takes on more leadership in the Asia region and be a proper counterbalance to China's increasing not so peaceful rise to power.

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Posted in: Abe congratulates Trump; calls U.S., Japan 'unshakeable allies' See in context

@dcog9065 Agreed: Trump winning will finally allow Japan to seriously charter an independent defense policy instead of being a wimp hiding behind the U.S. all the time. The U.S. also needs a stronger defense partner in Asia than what Japan is currently. I always felt Japan's main population was far too left leaning in general and Trump's victory will ensure a more normalization of the populous.

Japan can certainly create a splendid and disciplined military and weapons to defend her territory against China and N. Korea. One thing about the Japanese, is that they are resilient and can adapt very quickly to new situations if rallied to do so properly.

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Posted in: Half-Indian elephant trainer crowned Miss Japan See in context

@Tanukiponpon: There is no agenda, mixed people are just better looking in general than either races IMO.

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Posted in: Japanese whaling fleet returns from Antarctic hunt See in context

Good on the whalers that they out smarted Sea Shepard this year and were able to take their full quota unmolested! (I love it!) Can't wait to eat their catch! The Antarctic whales are low in mercury and other contaminants not to mention tasty and healthy for you! If its sustainable and the population of whales prove it, making a bid deal about taking 300 out of a population of over 1Million is ridiculous and simply cultural imperialism.

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Posted in: Former Korean sex slave blasts Japan over deal See in context

It looks like their very own South Korean government sold them out back in 1965 and they should be asking themselves why they are still barking up the wrong tree. Maybe they should be asking the Pohang Steel Company to help with restitution as it was their money that was redirected to help build it in the first place.

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Posted in: 2 S Korean ex-sex slaves demand direct apology from Abe See in context

Everyone: Please read the books & journals written by Professor Park Yuha, Professor Chunghee Sarah Soh , and Professor Ahn Byong Jik: It will certainly bring to light what the 'Korean Councils' ulterior motivations are and ultimately how insincere their anti-Japan agenda is their abuse and manipulation of these poor old women are unfathomable to push forward their political agenda and attempt to sway Western public opinion against Japan... Seriously...

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Posted in: 2 S Korean ex-sex slaves demand direct apology from Abe See in context

These two women were likely coached by the anti-Japan establishment (search House of Sharing) to embellish their ordeal and blame it on the Japanese when in fact they were likely sold into the system by their own family members and abused by the Korean owned brothels and brokers who took them to the front line comfort house establishments. Recent book by S. Korean professors paint a very different picture and the blame must be shared by all and not just pointed at the Japanese. It is very clear that there are ulterior motives to continue the comfort women issue and the S. Korean government should really crack down on them as it looks bad that these organisations will continue to keep the atmosphere to perpetually keep the issue alive. (It the far left establishment in S.Korea with ties to N.Korea that doesn't want to see Japan and S. Korea reconcilliate and create a stronger U.S., Japan, S.Korea alliance against N. Korea, China.

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Posted in: Japan says whaling fleet will set sail on Tuesday See in context

@wtfjapan: http://luna.pos.to/whale/jwa_v8_suzu.html Nutritionally speaking Minke Whales caught in unpolluted Antarctic waters is better for you than most other animal protein types. Please look at the research provide by National Institute of Resources of the Science and Technology Agency. Nice try but informed Japanese and foreigners that love whale will continue to eat this delicacy and hopefully more of it will come from the pristine oceans of the Antarctic in a ecological and sustainable way backed by Scientific research on allowable quotas, etc.

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Posted in: Japan says whaling fleet will set sail on Tuesday See in context

Love delicious nutritious Whale meat! Happy they sticking to their guns on this one!

There is a healthy population of Minke whales for viable commercial whaling, scientific research has proven so. If it's not in anyone's territorial waters and in the international open sea with set limits and quotas, I don't see what the fuss is all about! Damn haolis!

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Posted in: New defense bills may create Abe's version of a 'back-door draft' See in context

@David3: You can thank China, N.Korea, and S.Korea's insistent bullying and perpetual hatred towards Japan for it's war past 70yrs ago to wake Japan's population to the reality of where it is today and that without a strong military to take actions when pushed we will never gain an equal footing for dialogue for true conciliation. Think about the Northern islands still held by Russia illegally or S.Korea taking Takeshima during the hand-off during the U.S. occupation and still illegally occupying it, N.Korea kidnapping our citizens without recourse, China claiming Senkaku as their own, etc. All of which Japan has done the due diligence with the U.N. and ICJ to take recourse but to no avail or cooperation.. Might=Right in this barbaric world we live-in today and all the peace for the past 70yrs and support we (Japan) provided the UN, China, S.Korea has done little to even take a fair shot at true reconciliation to do the right thing. It's high time we build a strong sensible nation that can defend our own women and children and be an equal business and military partner with our allies in the region.

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Posted in: Taiji dolphin hunt begins; coastal whaling set to start See in context

Such a non-issue this dolphin hunting business by the people of Taiji. There are so many more pressing challenges facing humanity and the environment right now to deflect so much emotional attachment to this. People are doing cruel and barbaric things to each other every day, much of the environment in some countries are completely poisoned, etc. which is on the news, why get hung-up on hunting a few hundred dolphins and whales in a sustainable manner. (Hint: It is because Japan is so easily bullied.) If overwhelming Japanese population do not care about the annual Taiji hunts this is our issue and nobody else to be concerned about. I love dolphins and whales and have encountered both many times in the wild in Hawaii, Northwest, and in Japan. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy a little bit of whale sashimi or dolphin stew occasionally. Cows, Pigs, horses, dogs, you name it can all be our sacred animal or pets and food depending on culture, etc. The fact that dolphins and some types of whales like Minke whales are not endangered and plentiful in Japan coastal waters means that a sustainable hunting program should not be blocked by anyone other than Japan's own population.

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Posted in: Constitutional questions grow over Abe's military plans See in context

About time Japan is stepping-up in the right direction to become a responsible nation able to defend itself and its allies.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd to pay $2.55 mil to Japan whalers See in context

Justice served finally! Gonna celebrate with some whale sashimi tonight!

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Posted in: Japan's revised Q1 growth blows past expectations See in context

Abe rocks!

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Posted in: Asia should put WWII behind it: Singapore PM See in context

@sandiegoluv The comfort women issue started in 1977, a Japanese author (and known communist) by the name of Seiji Yoshida made claims in speeches and newspapers that during World War II he had forcibly rounded up young women in Jeju Island and other places in the same manner as African slaves to serve in brothels for the Japanese military. His story was later published as a fictional novel in 1983. In September 1982, before the novel was published, without authentication, the Asahi Shinbun (known left leaning newspaper) reported as a “historical scoop” his claims as fact. In initial stages, the Asahi continued to insist the crux of the problem was that these women had been forcibly recruited, citing testimony from Yoshida and other sources. However, the testimony and data used by the paper as a basis for its reasoning were later undoubtedly disproved.

The Korean government erroneously seized upon this issue, resulting in a serious deterioration of diplomatic relations between Korea and Japan. Korea has made demands for separate reparations, and has insisted that Japanese history textbooks should include a discussion of this issue. It also took the issue to the U.N. Human Rights Commission, which issued a report in 1996 continuing the misunderstanding. Of late, several statues have even been erected by Korean American organizations in cities in the United States honoring the comfort women trying to promote and perpetuate the original lie/misconception.

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Posted in: Asia should put WWII behind it: Singapore PM See in context

There are growing, unsubstantiated questions about whether the Japanese Imperial Army kidnapped 200,000 sex-slaves (Comfort Women) in World War II. Mostly from Korea.

A $30 million US Government Study specifically searched for evidence on Comfort Women allegations.

After nearly seven years with many dozens of staff pouring through US archives -- and 30 million dollars down the drain -- they found a grand total of nothing.

The final IWG report to Congress was issued in 2007. (Linked below.)

Nobody should be writing about Comfort Women issues without reading this report cover to cover.

Many of the unsubstantiated claims are coming from Korea. Korean allegations have led to unexpected twists.

During WW2, Korea was actually part of Japan -- roughly in the way that Puerto Rico is part of the USA.

Many Koreans were members of the Japanese military. So any allegations that the Japanese military kidnapped 200,000 women implies that Koreans were involved in kidnapping Koreans. This is an uncomfortable reality.

So today, South Korean President Park Geun-hye constantly accuses Japan of kidnapping these shiploads of women.

Imagine how this boomerangs back. President Park is saying that Japan -- and her daddy was an officer in the Japanese Army at the time -- kidnapped uncounted tens of thousands of women from Korea as sex-slaves. Yet there is no evidence that Korean men fought back. (Were Korean men just simply cowards unwilling to defend their women's honour or was this fabricated or the very least fabricated? (Take a thorough look at the U.S. report on comfort women below and search comfort women within the document if you don't have time to read cover to cover.)


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Posted in: China says U.S. must be objective about Asia tensions See in context

China needs to be taught a lesson in humility for all their bullying. I hope Japan hurries up and revises their constitution and build a strong deterence together with the U.S., Vietnam, and Phillipines to precent China's aggressive land-grabbing and unilateral moves.

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Posted in: Japan support for whaling outweighs opposition: poll See in context

The Anti-whaling proponents here are really not rational in the way they bolster their argument are they? Even if there was a special laser that could kill a whale instantly and effortlessly, they would find a way to argue something else as to why sustainable commercial whaling cannot take place.

Ridiculous, well I am off to the supermarket now for whale sashimi for dinner. lol.. Gotta do my part to support team Japan!

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Posted in: Japan support for whaling outweighs opposition: poll See in context

@outta here The declared sanctuary in the southern ocean that you speak of where Japanese whaling is conducted is not internationally recognized or binding nor is it in the territorial waters of any nation. Please be reasonable. Since that area has the most abundance of minke whales in the world would it not make sense to harvest there instead of around elsewhere where there are fewer numbers? Are the Japanese hunting whales in any nation's territorial waters? I think not. Its in international waters, please try not to pretend like it's in any nation's back yard. That's like Japan complaining about Korea or China fishing in the international waters of Sea of Japan. lol.. If Australia came to fish in the international waters of Sea of Japan, I am sure Japan would not complain as it is allowed. We are only after whale species that are highly abundant and renewable. Is Australia, NZ going to miss a few hundred or thousand whales out of a population of over a million in the vast open ocean far from their territorial waters in the Southern ocean? I think not... It is simply cultural imperialism.

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Posted in: Japan support for whaling outweighs opposition: poll See in context

@nigelboy Thanks for the more indepth research into the issue to invalidate the anti-whaling proponents claim about the unsold whale meet. Every owner of a restaurant that serves whale has also said if it wasn't for the moratorium on commercial whaling they could provide much more whale at a lower cost. What I paid for the choice Fluke meat in Tokyo was quite high perhaps equal or more than wagyu beef. I hate it when cultural imperialists such as anti-whalers. nose around on what we r allowed to eat.

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Posted in: Japan support for whaling outweighs opposition: poll See in context


Who dictates what traditions should due out? We Japanese should choose our own destiny whether we contine whaling or not and shouldn't be forced down our throats to stop us based on others cultural perspectives. Btw- we eat horses too and love it! I guess your against that too? Love horseback riding and horses but horse sashimi is excellent just as whale sashimi is tasty as well. If there is enough market and interest in Japan to keep sustainable whaling in place what's the dilemna?

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Posted in: Japan support for whaling outweighs opposition: poll See in context


Is there a Japanese article that confirms the unsold whale meat information due to its unpopularty? My local Izakaya owner tells me that whale meat is expensive and rather scarce instead due to the moratorium on commercial whaling. Perhaps my seaside locale and population are accustomed to eating whale more but around my parts we all have eaten whale in he past year and most on a monthly or weekly basis such as I and is available at all the major supermarkets.

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Posted in: Japan support for whaling outweighs opposition: poll See in context


No I am just asking for a source to the information from a respectable Japanese news organization such as Yomiuri, Asahi, Mainichi shinbun, etc.

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Posted in: Japan support for whaling outweighs opposition: poll See in context


Your link to your source that whale meat is not being sold is from an Australian newspaper, hardly a source that I would call non-biased about the whaling issue. Couldn't find anything on Japanese sites that agee confirms this information.

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