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Unfortunately the attacks by police on people that do not pose a threat are increasing. The incidents of taser, outright assault and pepper spray of elderly, people in wheel chairs, people simply trying to avoid problems, people not kow towing to intimidation with no beligerence etc. Is increasingly common in american cities. Small and medium towns are not as bad, but for the most part large cities have a problem. It is not hard to find multiple stories of this each day online in a variety of news sources. Taken as a whole this is a bad trend that will lead to a bad outcome. Hard to tell at this time if it is because of a more violent society or if the oppression factor is creating the problem.

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I live in Arizona and my wife and I visit Japan once a year to get away from this type of behavior.. There is nothing artistic in inner city or big cities like Phoenix, LA, San Francisco, NY, Chicago, Detroit, Miami or even Honolulu where this is common place. This is nothing but destructive rubbish and gives any visitor an idea that the societies that allow this are low quality, low class and on a decline.

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Posted in: Kissinger, Nakasone, Schweisgut to appear on BS Fuji Prime News See in context

Aside from a war crimes tribunal at the Hague. Who would want to interview Kissinger?

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Posted in: Two 18-year-old boys arrested over Sukiya robberies See in context

Hello, Does anybody sense if the crime rate has gone up in Japan since the earthquake tragedy? Thank you for any response.

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