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Posted in: Ukrainian drones and missiles kill 6 in Russia and Crimea; fresh bombing of Kharkiv leaves 1 dead See in context

soon all rockets may fly along a different trajectory. missiles will fly towards NATO. If NATO is a defensive alliance, then let them defend themselves now

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Posted in: U.S. envoy visits Hanoi days after Putin, saying U.S.-Vietnam trust is at 'all-time high' See in context

As usual, in the American style, first they gave a bomb, then they gave money. with the Japanese it’s the same story: first a bomb, then money in order to formalize friendship.

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Posted in: Nigel Farage, leader of Reform UK, criticized for saying West provoked Putin to invade Ukraine See in context

Why are these proceedings now? The West is taking part in this conflict, so they are direct accomplices. And responsibility is now on all countries that provide weapons, provide intelligence, etc.

control their contingent on the battlefield, do not comply with agreements, such as those in Istanbul, etc. Now wait to see how it all ends, not only for Ukraine and Russia, but also for Western countries. The question of who is right and who is wrong is not relevant.

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Posted in: Chinese sailors wield sticks, axe in disputed sea clash with Philippines See in context

again the Filipinos are attacking Chinese civilians. We need to kick out the uninvited guests from these islands and remove this piece of American scrap metal from Thomas Shoal.

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Posted in: New China rules allow detention of foreigners in South China Sea See in context

Americans must come to terms with the fact that America is no longer able to dominate other countries such as China Russia India. Therefore, everything falls into place. Americans must "go back to" Mexico. To your continent. we must admit that the structure of the world according to the American scenario is already a thing of the past. The time is coming when large countries will, one by one, declare their independence, their geopolitical intentions, their geographical connection to the area, and therefore any intervention of “guest countries” from other continents will be harshly suppressed by the country that has lived and conducted economic life since time immemorial. activities in your region. Colonizing countries, pack your bags and go to the station.

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Posted in: A peace summit for Ukraine opens this weekend in Switzerland, but Russia won't be taking part See in context

TaiwanIsNotChinaToday  06:54 am JST

And know we know why they aren't taking part: criminals need to be dictated to and not appeased.

Of course we know why this is so. The Russians call it a “wedding without a groom,” but to put it simply, it’s just a circus

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. warn against N Korea-Russia military ties ahead of Putin visit See in context

without any voting, agreement, without any Republicans, Democrats and other little things. He just comes to visit, sits, drinks tea and agrees on everything. And you are sitting there thinking about how to divide Russian money and fill your pockets.

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Posted in: Senior U.S. diplomat warns of risks of accidental conflict sparked by China's moves See in context

There will be a Eurasian security system. The presence of external countries, in particular the United States, in this region will be limited, otherwise an armed conflict cannot be avoided.

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Posted in: NATO, Hungary agree Orban 'will not block' greater Ukraine support See in context

But don’t even think about getting involved with Russia. If you want to be calmed down so quickly, then they will calm you down.

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Posted in: North Korea leader's sister warns of new response against S Korean loudspeakers, leaflets See in context

future first person of North Korea. Meet me. So the Americans will get absolutely nothing. Once again, NOTHING...

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. to discuss allied nuclear response amid N Korea tensions See in context

Taiwan - China. . You need to throw this “correct answer” over your head so that the instigator will come to your senses.

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Posted in: Two vessels catch fire after missile strikes off Yemen's Aden See in context

That’s right, if Great Britain is participating in the conflict incognito, then this should not go unanswered. Who else is participating behind America's back? think with your head. Everyone will get what they deserve. There is no point in looking for who is right and who is wrong.

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Posted in: Seoul to restart anti-Pyongyang loudspeaker broadcasts in retaliation against trash balloons See in context

hooktrunk2Today  06:26 pm JST

The military said winds were blowing eastward on Saturday night, which possibly caused many balloons to float away from South Korean territory.

And once out to sea, the wind maps show the wind is blowing northward toward themselves, China and Russia. Good job!

Russia will not engage in such nonsense. She will immediately send something more significant to your country, so that you will immediately feel what’s what.

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Posted in: Biden vows U.S. 'standing strong' with Ukraine on France state visit See in context

As long as Biden stands firmly on his feet, he will not abandon Ukraine. Sounds cool.

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Posted in: Israel rescues 4 hostages taken in Hamas' Oct 7 attack; at least 94 Palestinians are killed See in context

In Ukraine, Barel said that Russia needed to be defeated on the battlefield, thereby supporting a bloodbath on Ukrainian territory. In Palestine, Barel says that the bloodbath must end. Barel, have you already decided who you are and what you want?

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Posted in: Diplomatic creativity needed to resolve Russian asset plan, official says See in context

if they appropriate it, the end will come to them.

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Posted in: Macron denounces 'pacifists' and 'spirit of defeat' on Ukraine See in context

Fighto!Today  01:23 pm JST

Pathetic little Napoleon..

Well, I'd describe midget Putin as the successor to Hitler - but, yes, I understand shaky Putins similarities to Napoleon also.

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very brave words.

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Posted in: Diplomatic creativity needed to resolve Russian asset plan, official says See in context

In any case, it will not be possible to pocket money nicely and quietly without consequences. Of course, I want to steal beautifully, but this is not realistic. Take it and steal openly, so at least it will be clear who took the money.

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Posted in: Biden announces $225 mil in new aid for Ukraine at Paris talks with Zelenskyy See in context

Yes, give everything to this Ukraine, at least everything will end sooner.

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Posted in: Israeli forces batter central, south Gaza as tanks advance in Rafah See in context

Israel is the feeder of America. That's why Israel gets away with everything. Western countries only pretend to be concerned about the problems of Palestine

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Posted in: Chinese armed vessels patrol waters around disputed islands, angering Japan See in context

what did the Japanese want to get? You need to be friends with your neighbors and not with those who buy friendship with money. Now we are wondering why this is so.

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Posted in: Poland's Tusk says EU vote crucial for keeping war outside the bloc See in context

"Mr. Taiwan-China" in Russia they bring water to the offended

Poland will be the first to sit down at the table to share the Ukrainian pie. The western part of the Ukrainian loaf is the sweetest for Poland. Moreover, this was once Polish land.

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Posted in: U.S., partners making progress on ways to use frozen Russian assets, Treasury official says See in context

Let them dream a little, maybe they’ll be able to put something in their pocket. The answer won’t keep you waiting long, and you’ve already spent a lot of money, so such a scheme won’t be easy

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Posted in: U.S. House passes Republican bill to sanction International Criminal Court over Israel See in context

great news . filed a lawsuit against the court. Let's now judge the international court. world clowns perform in the circus political arena and we watch their performance called security, justice, democracy, honesty, etc.

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Posted in: In Japan, energy security fears put nuclear power back in favor See in context

there was no need to spoil diplomatic relations with neighbors. Then you could buy energy resources at a low price for many, many years to come. Nuclear energy is a ticking time bomb for such an island. any earthquake and radiation leakage is inevitable. Purified water from Ftskusima has been pouring into the sea water around their country for almost a year now. is everyone happy?

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Posted in: Meta says generative AI deception held in check -- for now See in context

JT is also no longer a journalist site as before, but also apparently controlled by artificial intelligence

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Posted in: Biden OKs Ukraine to use U.S.-supplied arms to strike inside Russia near Kharkiv area See in context

So that's great. This means everything will end much faster for Ukrainians. So the conflict has already dragged on for some time. Apparently not everyone has gotten rich from this yet.

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Posted in: Barrier at viral Mount Fuji photo spot to be replaced after holes found See in context

then build up your mountain with skyscrapers and shopping centers if you cannot create conditions for tourists. Better yet, cover all of Japan with banners

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Posted in: U.S. lawmakers visit Taiwan in show of support for new president after China's military drills See in context

The Chinese don't care about America's position. Taiwan will be under the jurisdiction of China and this is not even discussed. The Taiwan Strait will be under China's control. Let America control Mexico, that's what it can do.

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Posted in: Japan to join large-scale U.S. Pacific military exercise in June See in context

All. The Japanese will not see their former northern territories as if they were their ears. And if they thought about the future, they could come to an agreement with Russia and, using a diplomatic approach, would resolve their geopolitical issues. And so goodbye guys, see you again.

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