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nikku510 comments

Posted in: 2 inmates hanged, bringing number of executions to 5 under Abe See in context

The death penalty is not about an eye for an eye revenge thing. It's really just a simple solution. you can go ahead and call people who support the death penalty barbaric . But humans are the most violent Barbaric animals on the planet. It doesn't hurt getting rid of some of the worst of em.

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Posted in: 2 inmates hanged, bringing number of executions to 5 under Abe See in context

The death penalty is not about two wrongs make a right or about collective revenge. It is a rational solution to get rid of people who hinder society. You see It in the animal kingdom all the time. Stop thinking humans are high and mighty !

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Posted in: American to serve 5-10 years for murder of Irish student See in context

Both murder and rape should automatically be punished by life in prison or worse . Unforgivable.

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Posted in: Ads in Tokyo stations for Western horror movie deemed too scary for commuters See in context

Kimokekahuna Hawaii

Thanks, you gave me a good laugh first thing in the morning .

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Posted in: 2 U.S. sailors get 9-10 years for raping woman in Okinawa See in context

They got off easy . They deserve at least 25

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Posted in: Suspect in Tokyo club murder released without charge See in context

It does cause it's a good way to get people pissed off at Chinese people.

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Posted in: Suspect in Tokyo club murder released without charge See in context


The japanese media labeled kanto Rengo foreigners when in fact they are all Japanese. All of the members where born in Japan, all members can only speak Japanese and all members have Japanese names.

While of course they may have foreign ancestry I have met associates of KR and I always wondered why the media labeled them foreigners.

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Posted in: Okinawan gov't complains after PET water bottle falls from Osprey See in context

This news article does not provide enough information. "Near futenma airbase" doesn't explain whether it fell into an area where there are a lot of people or if it fell on some cliff where nobody lives .

I wish the American military would leave Okinawa and head back home. Obviously Okinawa doesn't deserve the the military presence .

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Posted in: Tensions linger in U.S. over 'comfort women' plaques See in context

Keep the monuments in Korea . They have nothing to do with USA .

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

She wants to stay in AKB and she makes all of her decisions herself. If she wants to stay in the game she has to play by the rules.

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Posted in: 8 arrested over murder of man in Roppongi nightclub See in context

It was a hired job . That's what kanto Rengo does. Yakuza won't get their hands filthy with crime like that.

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Posted in: Japanese diplomat agrees to plea deal over wife abuse in U.S. See in context

Yuri, I think you should admit defeat regarding this argument. It wouldn't be any different if it it was an American who did the same thing in japan. And who cares what happens to him in American prison. He might get a new boyfriend.

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Posted in: Crime, Ospreys add to Okinawan anger over U.S. bases See in context

If the okinawans don't want the Americans in Okinawa then they shouldn't be in Okinawa. But in return America should not have to deal with any of okinawa's military problems that could arise in the future.

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to halt entries into disputed waters See in context

I never said they supported japan. It says they were impartial. But everyone talks about china behind its back behind the scenes

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to halt entries into disputed waters See in context


The article you site never mentions any of the countries supporting china either. But good look with the cute china mascot thing.

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Posted in: Odor-eliminating underpants a hot seller See in context

Hot seller is obviously an over exaggeration to get a news story. No normal Japanese person has ever heard of odor Eliminating underwear .

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Posted in: U.S. envoy goes into damage control mode over latest Okinawa incident See in context

A disgrace to america. This solder should be punished with an extremely long prison sentence. Unacceptable .

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Posted in: Ric O’Barry and his group to return to Taiji to oppose dolphin hunt See in context


Are they serious? I mean do they actually believe in an afterlife for these people? Sorry, I meant animals. Sometimes I forget that they aren't humans nor on an equal footing with humans.

Daijoboots, What makes you think humans are not animals? Of course there is no afterlife for dolphins. But it is just as silly to believe in an afterlife for humans.

If people want to eat dolphin meat then let them do it. But comparing one species of animal to another is besides the point.

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Posted in: Bitter memories, current rivalries straining Japan's ties with China, South Korea See in context


Japan has sent money to Korea as reparations which disappeared somehow when it fell into the hands of the Korean government.

China and Korea need to get over their loser mentality.

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Posted in: High school student arrested for breaking classmate's back See in context

Waltery :

I hope you are joking.

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Posted in: Woman lay judge faints after seeing graphic crime scene photo See in context

Waste of a news story.

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Posted in: Mother suspected in murder of 1-month-old baby boy See in context

Ewan Huzarmy at Jul. 19, 2012 - 03:34PM JST

Struggling....for one month ! Pathetic excuse for a human being should be sterilized and locked up.

It is too bad she wasn't sterilized before she had the baby.

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