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Posted in: N Korea's missile over Japan may prod Kishida to review strategy See in context

From what I know about dictatorships, I thought I could offer some ideas. It is wrong to think that national interests are the reason for national actions. Dictators or politicians mostly only care about their own interests. This is why the world is so chaotic. As ridiculous as the explanation they deceived people into inflation, people always preach that inflation comes from war. It's actually China's attempt to test the militarized state that has caused supply chain problems. But businessmen dare not offend China. The sole purpose of North Korea's actions is to stabilize Kim Jong Un's regime. Because Russia's defeat would destabilize the regimes of China and North Korea. So North Korea needs to use weapons to cause trouble. In this way they support Russia. Japan cannot rely too much on the United States, and Japan needs force to protect itself. Chinese nationalist propaganda contains hatred for Japan. So, to put it simply, most Chinese want revenge. And when the Chinese regime is unstable, it will divert people's attention through Japan.

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Posted in: Europe investigates 'attacks' on Russian gas pipelines to Europe See in context

People are always too stupid. Actions are believed to be in the national interest. In fact, Russia started a war and people were sent to the battlefield. For a dictatorship, the national interest is the dictator's interest. The purpose of Russia's decades of war is an energy war to control the delivery of energy to Europe. A pile of crap always doesn't see why Russia wants to invade Ukraine. Because energy passes through Ukraine to give Ukraine money. That's why you always make mistakes. Russia's national interests are Putin's security interests. Because Russia wants to annex Ukrainian lands, Russia wants to weaken its support for Ukraine.

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Posted in: Role in Japanese war machine made Hiroshima, Nagasaki A-bomb targets See in context

as a Chinese. I don't think the US should use nuclear bombs. The use of nuclear weapons by the United States is inherently racially discriminatory. Because America will not use it against white nations. Many crimes of the past are magnified and people cannot understand the real history. The CCP plays with the public, and the CCP uses the public as a cover, which is why the atrocities started. Japan has lost the war, however, and nuclear bombs will only increase unnecessary casualties. Although Japan is the country that started the war, the atrocities in Japan are magnified and no one really cares about the actual situation. Most people are fooled by the propaganda. Just like the CCP deceives the Chinese people, the CCP says that natural disasters have claimed tens of millions of lives. Politics and war are places full of lies, where most people don't care what's going on and are controlled by propaganda hatred. I am not a pacifist, man can never completely avoid war, because man himself cannot avoid corruption, interests, politics, competition. But I think it is wrong to kill civilians with retaliatory weapons. The United States established diplomatic relations with the CCP in order to counteract the Soviet Union. Countries around the world acquiesce to the atrocities of the ccp for cheap labor, and people are persecuted in concentration camps every day.

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Posted in: Japan expresses concern about China's military drills near Taiwan See in context

Some ccp bots are so funny. The military exercise will not have any meaning, and China does not dare to confront the United States.

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Posted in: Why is a Pelosi visit to Taiwan causing tension? See in context

The Chinese don't know what's going on because the media is serving the ccp. This is just an internal struggle in China.

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Posted in: Russia to drop out of International Space Station after 2024 See in context

I am happy about it. There is no need to cooperate with Russia, all we need is disengagement and war. We need to go back to the Cold War and not waste most of our money on nonsense. People running away from war will only make the problem worse, if you don't kill a dictatorship by force, then the dictatorship will make more weapons, which will increase the cost of war.

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Posted in: Have you changed your summer holiday plans because of the surge in coronavirus cases in Japan this month? See in context

The virus is like a lie, people don't have to be afraid, I have been infected, but I have healed. Viruses will only cause harm to people in good health

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Posted in: China and the U.S. blame each other for escalating tensions over Taiwan. Who do you think is more at fault? See in context

People here are so stupid. Taiwan's current constitution is the ROC constitution, and the ROC is not the current China. The ROC is the country that used to represent China at the United Nations, which is now Taiwan. The biggest mistake the US made was to bring the current China into the United Nations and cut off diplomatic relations with the ROC.

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Posted in: Japan, NATO to step up military cooperation See in context

Why are people so stupid. Obviously the army is necessary. Why does Japan need an army, because the war does not depend on Japan. It's not that people don't want war, that there's no war in this place. If you don't have an army, then you will be threatened, they will use the army to make you compromise in all aspects, and you will lose all interests.

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Posted in: Japan hosts Quad summit seeking unity on countering China See in context

U.S. sanctions against China are valuable. The current problem is that the supply chain is tied up in China. But allowing the tie to exist also hurts the American economy. America needs to waste a lot of money in China and disrupt the American order. After the world supply chain is separated from China, the United States will exert pressure and cannibalize China's international business. China is a nationalist country and Taiwan is the most important propaganda part. The presence of the U.S. military here will increase China's defense spending and will waste a lot of China's stability maintenance costs. The ccp needs to get money from companies and will eventually weaken Chinese companies. The value of the supply chain is no greater than the best interests of the United States.

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Posted in: Japan's inflation hits 7-year high See in context

People are always stupid and impatient, that's why people need to enjoy inflation. Why do people need to trust Russia and China, two untrustworthy thief nations? Congratulations, all of you will enjoy the price. If the supply chain wasn't in China in the first place, it wouldn't be so bad for people to really think about energy. Everyone has to pay people who do business with garbage countries.

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Posted in: Kishida, Biden to affirm alignment over Taiwan See in context

Taiwan was Japanese land for a while, and of course Taiwanese people learn Japanese. After the surrender of Japan after World War II, the land was returned, and the Chinese government at that time was called ROC. CCP then pushed KMT back to Taiwan. And the US doesn't want to help kmt. Later, after the participation of China in the Korean Civil War, the United States began to support kmt. Later, the United States broke off diplomatic relations with the ROC in order to confront the Soviet Union, and the ROC also withdrew from the United Nations. The CCP never notified Taiwan. Later, Taiwan moved towards democracy under pressure from the United States.

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Posted in: Kishida, Biden to affirm alignment over Taiwan See in context

President Tsai's academic qualifications are true, and President Tsai's academic qualifications are a rumor from a long time ago. Why is there no sound about the fraudulent academic qualifications of the Taiwanese president now? The fraudulent presidential academic qualifications were rumors from the beginning. Taiwan is a country that can be highly critical of the government. If you don't believe what I'm saying, you can visit Taiwan's online community yourself and use Google Translate. On the contrary, the academic qualifications of Chinese leaders are fake. Voice of America interviewed a high-level official in China. This high-level official has a good relationship with Chairman Xi's father. He was Chairman Mao's secretary. His name is Li Rui. He then revealed that President Xi had a very low education and dropped out of school early. He obtained a degree from the best university in China through privilege. But he doesn't speak English. However, the English scores of Chinese universities have rigid standards. In China, English is the main subject. If you want to be close to the best universities, you need a score close to full marks, and you need an English grading certificate to graduate from the university. And Xi Jinping has not used the video of English communication.

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Posted in: Kishida, Biden to affirm alignment over Taiwan See in context

People are always so stupid. Historically, the earliest China was ROC, not the current China. Then the United States broke off diplomatic relations with the ROC in order to fight the Soviet Union. ROC withdraws from the United Nations. Then these so-called historians learn the history of the CCP, and the CCP has revised a lot of history. For example, tens of millions of people starved to death in China because of CCP policies. The CCP persecutes scientists who study Western knowledge. Many scientists have fled China. Totalitarian states have no history. Because maintaining power requires lies, which is why some countries don't like to play by the rules. Taiwanese have been using ROC ID cards. Taiwan's constitution has always been called the ROC constitution, which has not changed.

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Posted in: Shanghai reaffirms zero-COVID policy; WHO says it is not sustainable See in context

There are tons of videos of people suffering on YouTube. The bloodier YouTube doesn't even allow uploads and is only known through videos from the Great Translation Campaign.

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Posted in: Shanghai reaffirms zero-COVID policy; WHO says it is not sustainable See in context

The CCP's policies do not have the best interest statement. The sole purpose of the CCP policy is for XI to be re-elected. This is a political fight. Many people died because of this.

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Posted in: Musk says he would reverse Twitter's ban of Donald Trump See in context

People are always foolish to think they are smarter than Trump. Trump has called for companies to pull out of Chinese factories, condemning European countries for substandard military spending and their over-reliance on Russian energy. People think they are smart, congratulations people enjoying the energy crisis and inflation. Congrats people enjoying the blackmail.

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Posted in: More than 60 feared dead in bombing of Ukrainian school See in context

All people make a logical error. Responsibility for Russia's invasion of Ukraine lies with Western countries. I really think this kind of person is ridiculous.

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Posted in: Russia warns of World War III ahead of Western summit on arms to Ukraine See in context

@Mat There will be no third world war. Russia's military power is far inferior to that of the United States, even when China is counted. The United States has the largest military reserves in the world. Russia has no chance of winning even in Ukraine, where NATO has a large number of Ukrainian soldiers trained to use advanced weapons. The US needs Ukraine to rebuild the contract, so the US will help Ukraine win. Russian state television has said many times about bombing several NATO countries and the United States. The United States has a large number of troops deployed around Russia, and Russia cannot mobilize a large number of troops to Ukraine. The military can threaten Russia as long as it exists around Russia.

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Posted in: Russia's standing in G20 not threatened by Ukraine invasion See in context

2.9 billion people live in a dictator's country. Go to YouTube to see how Shanghainese are being repressed. Hahaha. Interesting things happen when Russian military operations fail. Numbers do not represent democracy and correctness, because most people are stupid, so they live in poverty, they work for dictators for free and they praise dictators.

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Posted in: Japan says disputed islands illegally occupied by Russia See in context

I saw the defeat of Russia from the Ukraine war, Russia is like China before. Ukraine recaptured a large amount of land. And the United States has shipped offensive weapons to Ukraine. Russian military operations have failed. I think Japan can easily retake Japan's lost territory if it can get help or build a strong army. Because Russia does not have a strong economic capacity to build a navy, and the United States will not let any country use nuclear bombs.

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Posted in: Group of over 100 lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

As a person from a country invaded by Japan, I don't mind Japan's worship of its ancestors. During World War II, the CCP wore civilian clothes to conduct guerrilla warfare, and the CCP used civilians as a cover. Mao Zedong slaughtered tens of millions of people and no one regarded him as a war criminal, and even printed his head on Chinese currency. Russia is clearly a war criminal, and there is enough evidence. First of all, Russia violated international law and invaded a sovereign country certified by the United Nations. The Russians slaughtered large numbers of civilians, and the Russians attacked schools and hospitals. People also said there was no evidence that the Russians were war criminals. A dictator's country can falsify any evidence. Like Beijing arresting two Canadians in a hostage exchange. People should study history well.

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Posted in: Yokohama man arrested for stealing car navigation system, blames Vladimir Putin See in context

It's not funny. He needs to steal a car because he is poor. And Putin has increased people's cost of living. I live in an area that produces a lot of poor people because of energy and C19. Many shops were closed, and a large number of people lost their jobs. No one wants to sin. The large number of people trying to make the hungry poor obey the law is laughable in itself. Many countries have been hurt by the war in Ukraine.

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Posted in: Do you think Russia's invasion of Ukraine will spur Japan to acquire its own nuclear weapons? See in context

For Japan, having nuclear weapons is a good thing. Japan needs its own troops, and the Pacific clearly needs Japanese protection. The Ukrainian war is a mirror. If Ukraine is not willing to destroy its weapons, then Russia will never invade Ukraine. It's ridiculous that people talk about ethics and rules with countries like China and Russia. There have been countless emperors throughout history, and people have always been keen to get out of politics. When people don't want to trouble politicians, then politicians will trouble people . An example is the European Union, which gave up its own energy independence and welcomed China and Russia. The stupid EU caused the current European war. People are still talking about Britain leaving Europe is stupid. Now all Russian supporters are under energy threat. These countries bear economic losses and inflation. The bad planet is made worse by war and energy extraction. The virus has invaded people, and the living standards of the poor are worse.

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Posted in: Japan remains favorite country for Taiwanese: poll See in context

It's true, I often visit the community in Taiwan. I have some Taiwanese friends and most of them are very fond of Japanese culture. One shouldn't be surprised by this, despite the fact that people in this community are keen to criticize Japan. However, many products from Japan are very popular. China's political parties control everything, and TV stations often incite people to hate Japan and the United States. For example, many TV stations have broadcasted World War II for decades, including the Korean Civil War propaganda party. This is why many Chinese love Japanese culture, but many Chinese hate Japan. Taiwanese are not influenced by China.

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