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Ninefingers comments

Posted in: Obama vows quick action in Mideast; says closing Gitmo will be challenge See in context

rolls eyes

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Posted in: Obama wants tighter controls on federal bailout See in context

This will all get very interesting when Obama and the Democrats can't blame Bush anymore....that should be at most 1 year.

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Posted in: Somali pirate's body washes ashore with $153,000 See in context

unscejects: what the hell are you talking about?

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Posted in: Obama advisers say plan would create up to 4.1 million jobs See in context

Obama has four years to play around...then we can flush the toilet.

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Posted in: Israel tells Gazans to brace for war escalation See in context

"Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas predicted a “waterfall of blood” unless all parties adhere to a U.N. call for a cease-fire." LOL There was a cease fire till they broke it. Israel should press on.

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Posted in: Masked man waits in line to rob Ohio bank See in context

OMG I lived in Stow a long time ago. Robbing banks may be one of the few jobs left in Akron/surrounding area.

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Posted in: Gaza violence rages on despite U.N. cease-fire call See in context

I think it is a joke to call for a cease fire (to many in the past been broken by Hamas).

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Posted in: Obama says trillion-dollar deficits may last years See in context

This "debt size" is the change that those who voted for him wanted.

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Posted in: Democrats criticize Obama's proposed tax cuts See in context

Obama is a train wreck. In 4 years we need CHANGE!

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Posted in: Israel fires on Lebanon after rocket strike See in context

Peace is what Hamas says it is. I think they still want Israel wiped off the map. So...........

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Posted in: Japanese sailor lost off whaling ship in Antarctic See in context

It is a tragic accident. However, what they do isn't an accident.

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Posted in: Gaza truce proposed after Israeli shell kills 30 near U.N. school See in context

buttamimi: You need to place your anger at the Hamas (unless your an anti- . They are the one who broke the cease fire. They are they one who are hiding among children/shielding themselves among the civilians. All the while they continue to fire the rockets.

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Posted in: Coleman sues over Minnesota Senate recount result See in context

Figures.....when votes in a county are higher then the voting population one needs to revisit them.

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Posted in: Israel says incursion will continue until Hamas rocket fire ceases See in context

I heard people spout out that 700 civilians were slain. What no militants died? Question: How did Israel cause this current strife? That is what I am hearing from certain people.

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Posted in: U.N. envoy: More nations must take Guantanamo inmates See in context

The dems are coming...the dems are coming. Empty the prisons and hand over your wallets.

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Posted in: Obama arrives in Washington for busy week See in context

Stumbling,then crawling,then waving Hillary onward......

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Posted in: Richardson withdraws bid to be U.S. commerce secretary See in context

Obama is in over his head.

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Posted in: Wikipedia meets $6 million fundraising goal See in context

My problem with Wikipedia is the mistakes.

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Posted in: Israel rejects 48-hour halt to Gaza assault See in context

Israel should never have given the Gaza strip to the Palestinians. Huge mistake.

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Posted in: Israeli forces slice deeper into Gaza See in context

The terrorist are good at crying foul....even though they are savages in their attacks.

The Hamas militants killed will be counted as civilians. Israel is in a lose lose situation. If I were them, I would do as much damage as possible to suspected military sites (ignore that collateral damage). They will be blamed anyway no matter how careful they are.

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