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Posted in: Fugitive Ichihashi may be in Philippines See in context

Betting - yes, I agree. The Philippines is to the Japanese what the Costa del Crime is to the Brits. Anyone can disappear, get a new identity etc. This guys is already way beyond the reach of the keystones.

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Posted in: Man arrested for wielding knife at Roppongi Hills See in context

"My company fired me!" The new catchphrase and/or famous last words for every knife-wielding maniac in 2009!

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Posted in: Osaka taxi driver found stabbed to death See in context

copy-cat crime?

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Posted in: Fire See in context

They don't look all that busy... they're just standing there as if they've never seen a fire before. Perhaps they forgot the fire drill or are having a meeting to decide what to do. Could be their lunch break perhaps..?

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd intercepts Japanese whalers in Antarctic waters See in context

The world needs a modern-day Captain Nemo in charge of a Nautilus! No 'rotten butter bombs... just one torpedo to rid the oceans of the barbaric whale killers. And if we can't fight them in the oceans, then we'll fight them on land with an international boycott of all Japanese products world-wide, as suggested above.

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Posted in: Police bust child porn ring See in context

This is Japan - home to 88 percent of the world's child pornography. FACT

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Posted in: What's your recommendation for helping Crown Princess Masako recover fully from whatever is ailing her? See in context

The easy answer.. DIVORCE!

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Posted in: Two elderly men arrested for robbing supermarket in Sapporo See in context

Sounds like a Japanese version of "Tough Guys" (1986) with Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster.

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Posted in: Why do you think "best" awards are so popular in Japan's show business world? See in context

It probably goes without saying that talent agencies are, in actual fact, advertising agencies, or at least, tied very closely to them. Award shows on Japanese TV are only serve to raise a 'talento-san's' celebrity profile, thereby simultaneously raising the profile of the products they become synonymous with too. I remember reading an article not so long ago (perhaps featured on Japan Today?) that the salaries of so-called 'TV talents' are actually one of the lowest in Japan, not much more than a convenience store clerk.

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Posted in: Japan slides into recession for 1st time since 2001 See in context

Agree with "noborito" above. Japan has never been out of a recession since the early 90s! This is old news.

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Posted in: Naked Briton detained after swimming in Imperial Palace moat See in context

Dam! I wish I had thought of that!

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Posted in: More Chinese-made sweets recalled in Japan See in context

Apart from contaminated milk, the authorities in China do not utter one single word about possible contaminated products. I live here and have to rely on foreign media for any/all information regarding what products not to buy.

Even when products are identified as potentially dangerous, there are no products recalls, nor are they ever removed from supermarket shelves. Such examples include baby food, peanut butter, paint, and a brand of mercury-laden toothpaste that killed 27 (-?) people.

Yet, these products are still openly on sale in many high street supermarkets and local stores. Nothing has been mentioned about rice either, and yes, it continues to sell as normal.

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Posted in: Wild monkey continues to elude Tokyo police See in context

Immigration should be in charge of catching and detaining this 'illegal migrant!'

-They'd have him in custody in no time!

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Posted in: 45-year-old patient arrested for killing another patient at hospital in Fukuoka See in context

Another Japanese killed in a violent/unusual/ritualistic/-self-inflicted manner. Next obvious news from Japan... ?

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Posted in: High-level skills abroad don't guarantee job in Japan See in context

Japan is the world's biggest talent graveyard. Even highly qualified/educated and fluent-speaking non-Japanese are turned away from jobs. Don't waste your time with this dying country. Contribute your skills/knowledge to other countries that value you!

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Posted in: How effective do you think the lay jury system will be when it starts in Japan next year? See in context

This system will not work in Japan. Japanese are, by their very nature and culture, discouraged from thinking critically - or perhaps that should be thinking critically independant of the group. Any accused brought before them is going to be 'guilty' whether that be the case or not. Then, of course, there are reprisals from the police and/or authorities should any 'accused' be found innocent. Who would want to serve on a jury? Even if Japan starts to give the outward appearance of bringing its justice system into the 21st century by claiming to have a more 'fair' or 'just' system, high conviction rates will continue regardless.

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Posted in: Apple's iPhone could find Asia tough to crack See in context

The only challenge (and not a serious one) the iPhone faces in Asia is from all the laughable copies available at every street market. You should see all the iPhone copies around Shanghai markets. Just 'normal' phones with a crudely stuck Apple 'iPhone' sticker & logo on the front. Its comical to be offered one of these by street vendors who go out of their way to convince you its the real thing! I think Steve Jobs would find this hilarious if he visits Shanghai. Or, at least, he could do what Giorgio Armani did when he wandered around a so-called plush 'Armani' store on the Shanghai waterfront when he learned, much to his surprise, that his own company had allegedly opened their first 'flagship store' in China! Needless to say, the staff who work there had no idea who he was.

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Posted in: Asimo See in context

Robots can offer some good advice on foreign policy.

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Posted in: 5,000 peaches stolen from orchard See in context

Peach sake anyone?

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Posted in: Tokyo Sky Tree unlikely to take root See in context

taj - "new godzilla perch" Yes! lol!!!

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Posted in: 17-yr-old girl held for threatening massacre in Internet message See in context

It's true this could have become something more than just a joke threat. Japan's in danger of becoming too unpredictable. There used to be a time when you knew exactly what was going to happen, and when... sometimes even time your watch by it. Things were a lot safer for everybody when Japan was nice and boring.

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Posted in: Stereotypes ’R’ Us See in context

The "Guinness Book of Asinine Comments". This should become a whole new blog (???)

My personal favourite is: "Oh, I'll fetch you a knife and fork" by one obviously very confused waitress. Just as I announce to the whole restaurant: "Excuse me miss, I left my chopsticks at home.., do you have any that I may borrow?"

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Posted in: Driving lessons available for foreigners See in context

This guy's doing a great job! More foreigner freindly services in Japan please!! This man deserves an honour!

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Posted in: Do you consider the word "gaijin" racist? See in context

"Gaijin" and the equally annoying "Gaijin-san" is offensive. I hate this word! I would never go around calling Japanese people "Nipponjin-san".

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Posted in: Rescuers dig for thousands buried in China quake as death toll nears 12,000 See in context

Was in the office on the 32F when the building started to shake in my city, near Shanghai. Managed to get the lift out of the building (yeah.., like thats a great idea - using the lift during a major seismic event). My Chinese collegues didn't budge in spite of my warnings about getting the hell out and asking 'whats happening?' later!!

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Posted in: Hu says he is looking forward to making new friends on official visit to Japan See in context

It's cool to hang with Hu! Everyone's going to be making friends with China (perhaps convieniantly forgetting recent problems) as Japan is left out in the cold at its own party.

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Posted in: Few authorities know how to deal with rape victims in Japan See in context

A man visits a women's home. He rapes her. 'No crime' has been committed under Japanese law because she voluntarily allowed him to enter her home. A women visits a man's home. He rapes her. 'No crime' has been committed under Japanese law because she volutarily decided to enter his home.

This is the Japanese legel system at its worst.

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