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Posted in: How to not make a fool of yourself at a Japanese wedding See in context

Tip #whatever, don't wear a kimono to a wedding if you're a foreigner. Just doesn't look right.

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Too much cake, not enough nutrition in Japan. No wonder a lot of people are skin and bones here.

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Posted in: Tearful Sawajiri confirms plan to divorce, promises to change attitude See in context

NOOOO! Don't want another marshmallow J-celeb. Erika without the sass is just another pretty face in the crowd. Although, I suppose who wouldn't sell their soul if the price is right.

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Surprised she was allowed back into the country.

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Posted in: Goodbye Yon-sama, hello Girls’ Generation See in context

The K girl singers are definitely sexier than their bubble-gum J counterparts. And I agree, Koreans can actually sing.

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Posted in: 30-somethings especially susceptible to email romances See in context

You never know who's typing these messages on the net. I could be short, fat, and ugly but will claim to be 007-like (which I am, kind of).

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Sounds like the coach should be served with a side of eggplant and topped with some parmessiano reggiano.

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Posted in: Annoying habits by train commuters, hot trends for 2011 and other survey results See in context

I cross my legs because I don't want people standing in front of me. Head on my shoulder - if it's a girl, woohoo! If it's a dude or obasan, get off me. And public display of affection? Are we still talking about Japan?

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Posted in: What a scream See in context

These street performers are overrated. The only ones worse are those jugglers.

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