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Posted in: Facebook working on long-sought 'dislike' button See in context

Dumb idea.

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Posted in: Five things you’d never expect to buy at a convenience store, but are actually popular See in context

Mini Stop is great with their places to sit and eat, wish they had more branches, though other Konbini are starting to copy their chair area

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Posted in: Yokohama Chinatown to offer Wi-Fi using global Wi-Fi service, FON See in context

Japan's wifi is pathetic compared to smaller nearby Asian countries like Taiwan and South Korea. This is a step in the right direction but more needs to be done.

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Posted in: TV party – Netflix, Hulu and other TV streaming services in Japan See in context

Sigh clops your friends are wrong, Netflix jp has all of its original sows except HOC which is still on hulu jp but Im guessing will be back to Netflix soon.

The first month is free so you can check it out and if the selection isn't good enough quit without paying anything.

Btw Amazon Prime TV Japan is starting up also later this month

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Posted in: Paying their respects See in context

WORST Picture of the day ever!!

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Posted in: Hanyu returns to Japan for medical tests See in context

He must have had a concussion..might have been better not to perform

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Posted in: Chasing the K-pop dream See in context

Jpop doesnt seem to understand the concept of practicing how to sing and dance or get pretty members (often purposely picking average looking girls), at least not if AKB is any barometer of actual talent.

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Posted in: U.S. Congress acts to prevent international child abductions See in context

good news

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Posted in: Breaking the rules See in context

There should be fines for this kind of disregard. I'm sure there are fines for it already in some places in Japan depending on the place.

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Posted in: Man sets himself on fire in Tokyo in protest against Abe See in context

@it's me it is also the top story on the Japan Times website right now, some interesting developments

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Posted in: Rola looking for boyfriend: 'That’s why I dress in skimpy outfits' See in context

Buy cheap buy twice.

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Posted in: Goriki hopes voice acting role in 'X-Men' film will lead her to Hollywood See in context

She can keep hoping but it is never going to happen. She's not that pretty or even a good actress.

Kikuchi Rinko isn't gorgeous but is an excellent actress. Okamoto Tao isn't very experienced but speaks English well and is is very beautiful.

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Posted in: Machine automatically fills cups with beer See in context

Love paying 700 yen for a glass of foam with some beer in it.

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada to marry Italian on May 23 See in context

Hmm so maybe it is better to marry a guy who is 9 years younger than one who is 20 years older, but I doubt other Japanese idols will learn that lesson.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor election turning into referendum on nuclear policy See in context

Will Koizumi try to make a run for PM again if Hosokawa wins the Mayorship?

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Posted in: Sundance kid See in context

One of Japan's greatest actresses, unappreciated in her homeland but she is having the last laugh.

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Posted in: The big squeeze: Kirin Tropicana Japan See in context

Too bad it has the same name but it tastes horribly watered down here in Japan.

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Posted in: 3,480 apply for refunds from Hankyu Hanshin after menu scam See in context

Crazy how much press coverage this story is getting. If they think the food they ate was subpar than what about the food coming out of the Fukushima Nuclear power plant area? But I guess that is just boring.

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Posted in: AKB fan threatens sarin gas attack over commercial See in context


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Posted in: Ethnic enclaves within Japan feel like stepping into another world See in context

Tsuruhashi in Osaka is way better than Akasaka.

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Posted in: New Ghibli film brings 40-year-old tune to top of music charts See in context

The song fits the melancholy tone of the movie. Unfortunately the score to the movie doesn't work as well, really clashing with that tone at various points.

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Posted in: AirAsia Japan cancels hundreds of flights See in context

This article is confusing. So they are completely leaving Japan?

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Posted in: Has Japan’s K-pop bubble burst? Weakening yen hits major Korean record label hard See in context

Kpop is doing more than fine in the rest of the world besides Japan so I don't think they are losing sleep over it.

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Posted in: Body of baby found buried in baseball field; 17-year-old woman arrested See in context

Is 17 a considered a Woman in Japan? Curious.

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Posted in: S Korea's travel industry smarting from sharp drop-off of Japanese visitors See in context

Hawaii is great besides the fact that it is about 8 times as far as Korea and about 10 times the price and the locals there can be just as racist as some Japanese or Koreans sometimes

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Posted in: Head patrol officer busted for molesting woman on train See in context

Wow now he will probably be promoted.

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Posted in: Robert Plant takes Led Zeppelin songs to new places See in context

Darn I thought this meant he was coming to Japan. Bummer.

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Posted in: Number of Facebook identity thieves on the rise See in context

this happened to me 2ce! (got 2 fake requests) funny how many people will just add the fake account without asking if it is real. seems to be common with Japanese names in kanji they make another one in Romaji.

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Posted in: DoCoMo holds out against iPhone mania, but at what cost? See in context

Docomo is way too expensive, no wonder they are going down the toilet.

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Posted in: Gouriki wins 'E-Line' award for most beautiful profile See in context

Dont understand her appeal. See prettier girls an any random McDonalds. I guess she is the Julia Roberts of Japan or something.

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