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Posted in: Emperor, empress See in context

Lovely bozai trees. I didn't know that Japan still had an emperor, cool stuff!

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Posted in: Fat dolphins going on a diet at Hyogo aquarium See in context

Lol, i can see the new GLOMAIL add, "Tired of your fat dolphins. . ."

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Posted in: Brain-controlled game expected to make Japan debut in 2009 See in context

People complain from kids getting too little excercise already with the conventional gaming consoles, with this device there will be NO movement at all.

People should concentrate on improving the Wii and atleast make an atempt at better graphics.

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Posted in: DVD-copying software sparks legal battle with movie studios See in context

Magic DVD copier works just as well.

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Posted in: Man reeled in over fishing for women's underwear See in context

Creative thinking. It is amazing what boredom can create, lol

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Posted in: Nissan releases new Murano SUV See in context

Its been around for a while

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Posted in: Cell phone can unlock car, start engine See in context

Very nice. . .BUT what if you were to lose your cellphone or it gets stolen or hacked, does this give the person full access to your car?? With the GPS they can also locate your house.

I would like to see a security solution for this before i would actually try something like this.

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Posted in: Shape up! See in context

Okay. . .so its a bag!? What has happend to the world?

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Posted in: 6-yr-old girl critical after hanging herself on overhead ladder in park See in context

I consider it to be ironic in a certain sense, the helmet that was supposed to protect the child ends up almost killing her. I wouldn't blame the parents or anyone, accidents happpen. Luckily she survived.

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