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Posted in: Are consumers ready for television watching back? See in context

Wait till it get's hacked then you'd think twice.

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Posted in: Stimulus addict Japan gets huge fix from Abe See in context

All these spending and borrowing only hurts the common people in the long run when loan payments come due. Look at Greece, I can understand the anguish and blame that goes around.

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Posted in: Rakuten to launch social research service See in context

Right, what was their last venture with a Chinese internet? didn't they do some research and got into that debacle?

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Posted in: 90% agree with NHK decision not to invite Sachiko Kobayashi to 'Kohaku' - survey See in context

Hey she had a good run as long as it lasted, it's time to move on!

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Posted in: Coca-Cola's new vending machines shift power use for cooling purposes from daytime to nighttime See in context

It's been thirty years when they professed that oil would run out in 10 ~ 20 years, it hasn't run out. It's there way of sticking it out on us.

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Posted in: China says U.S. overtakes EU as its top export market See in context

Conflicts just don't happen, it is planned and the victims are all innocent by standers.

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Posted in: 2,960 Sharp employees apply for early retirement See in context

I want my early retirement and I want it now!

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Posted in: Japan posts worst October trade data in three decades See in context

Hey, with 30 years run, that's not bad, can't say for other that's been running on deficit.

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Posted in: Microsoft CEO sees company becoming more like Apple See in context

This is what happens when your business moto is a copy of a copy of a copy.

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Posted in: What are the chances of Japan's territorial disputes with China, Taiwan and South Korea escalating into a military conflict? See in context

Military conflict for china is a null, they know, even when they think they have a large military, it's all a farce. Look at the latest carrier, all looks and no depth of technological know how. You can't fight a war on looks.

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Posted in: Taiwan demonstrators burn Japanese flag See in context

Better watch what flag you are burning, soon it will be yours when China takes over. China wants you more than the rocks in the sea.

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Posted in: New Saab cars to be rolled out in 2014 See in context

Yes, with made in China logo.

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Posted in: 30,000 from Japan invited to Moon's funeral See in context

I guess he was as mortal as the rest of us.

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Posted in: Samsung to contest U.S. verdict in favor of Apple See in context

Now for the meat of the problem, Google your next.

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Posted in: Scattered anti-Japan protests held in China See in context

CCP is just using this to take the minds off everyones misery living there.

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Posted in: Award-winning manga to be available for anyone, anytime; author won't request royalties See in context

Great idea but........

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Posted in: Anime director arrested over online massacre threat See in context

Anime has gone to his head.

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Posted in: Apple, Samsung infringed each other's patents: S Korea court See in context

Even a country is involved in legalizing copying, a great copying machine nation.

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Posted in: Only 36% of Japanese high school students feel they 'have worth as a person,' survey shows See in context

It goes to show that Japanese youngsters are showing their true feelings of imperfection. There is lots of room for improvement, see the percentages...

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Posted in: Sad return See in context

Courage's woman that we all can look up to. R.I.P.

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Posted in: Jury orders Samsung to pay Apple more than $1 bil in U.S. patent case See in context

Easy, just come up with originality and a new design.

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Posted in: Foreign holdings of U.S. debt hit record in June See in context

Wait till America pops, then we will know if it's safe.

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Posted in: Kan slams TEPCO over nuclear crisis video footage See in context

Opinions are dime a dozen, do something.

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Posted in: Monkees announce 1st tour since Davy Jones' death See in context

I'll take the last train to Clarksville to go see them.

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Posted in: Mika Kano appears at book launch in neck brace See in context

All that plastic got to her neck.

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Posted in: Samsung exec 'offended' by Apple rip-off claim See in context

Typical defense of a copy cat.

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan beats France to set up final clash with U.S. See in context

Go girls, show the world what your are made of...

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Posted in: America at the breaking point See in context

American people is being fooled by the ping pong game of Democrats and Republican. In reality they are both run by corporation and the Federal Reserve which is a private banking system which has the power of America's money supply. They are the creatures from Jekyll Island.

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Posted in: Economic lessons from the Olympics See in context

America is drowning in cheap Chinese goods, so what's new?

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Posted in: 'Twilight' star, 'Snow White' director say sorry for fling See in context

Don't be sorry, just be happy.

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