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Posted in: What do you think of the London Olympic logo? See in context

I got lost just looking at it.

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Posted in: Romney rebuked by London mayor, British PM after Olympics criticism See in context

Kinda fool we need for the next President of the United States. Where do we find these people anyways?

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Posted in: Salia completes pre-album U.S. promotional tour See in context

Whatever it takes and by what ever means, you must promote yourself to get ahead, go girl.

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Posted in: Japan rejoices at 'Miracle in Glasgow' win over Spain See in context

WOW! Keep on going, keep the momentum and never give up.

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Posted in: Hideki Matsui cut by Tampa Bay Rays See in context

Time to hang the bat and head for the hills.

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Posted in: Feuding Gallagher brothers to share rock bill at Fuji Rock festival See in context

For the money, family feud can wait.

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Posted in: North Korean TV confirms leader Kim is married See in context

Huh, she could be worse then that boy.

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Posted in: Gov't officially approves TEPCO plan to hike household electricity bills from Sept 1 See in context

Dangerous lunatics that sock it to the taxpayers.

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Posted in: Otsu mayor apologizes to father of bullying victim who killed himself See in context

Apologies are cheap, do something about it and do it good.

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan beats Canada 2-1 in Olympic soccer opener See in context

Go girls.

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Posted in: Romney blasts Obama over foreign policy See in context

Don't get fooled, these two will lie through their teeth and make promises that they'll never keep.

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Posted in: McDonald's showing signs of tear from economy See in context

Expensive dog food.

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Posted in: Man drowns, son saved while swimming at Yamaguchi beach See in context

Father is a hero in my book.

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Posted in: Mariners trade Ichiro to Yankees See in context

I was disappointed with Ichiro three years ago when his contract was up that he would go for the prize but stood behind the worst team in baseball history. Mariners is a hopeless team with owners that just counts how much hot dogs they sell.

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Posted in: Australia warned mining boom could end in two years See in context

It's just a economical cycle, up and down.

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Posted in: 'King of Tokyo' dethroned by insider trading probe See in context

Crime pays until you are caught.

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Posted in: Gov't may intervene in forex market after dollar falls to upper Y77 level See in context

Does anyone know why the yen is so high? It's a punishment by the Bank cartels...

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Posted in: Microsoft to release Windows 8 on Oct 26 See in context

What ever the OS, I hope it's a good one, we need to communicate clearly.

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Posted in: Riot forces Maruti Suzuki plant closure in India See in context

Globalization gone berserk.

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Posted in: Obama says Romney would kill the middle class See in context

They will promise the world to get elected and then boom, back in the same old nonsense.

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Posted in: NTT develops world's highest-density optical fiber cable See in context

I want it all and I want it now!

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Posted in: Rakuten to launch e-reader, e-book service See in context

Nothing innovative here, just following the crowd in a crowded market.

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Posted in: Microsoft posts first ever loss See in context

There's always a first time and the second and third.

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Posted in: Foreign holdings of U.S. debt hit record high See in context

Debt to the hilt that never will be paid, then there will be wars and human tragedy...putting all our faith into paper called, "money."

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Posted in: Barclays executive says acted on orders on Libor to manipulate interest rates See in context

These banking system is a cartel that breaks laws after laws of every nations in the world, it's the new world order.

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Posted in: Google chief declares war on international criminals See in context

They should unveil the banking system that does more harm then good.

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Posted in: Yahoo! raids Google for new CEO See in context

Go girl...

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Posted in: Deep Purple co-founder Jon Lord dies at 71 See in context

R.I.P. Highway Star.

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Posted in: Dentsu's purchase of Aegis reminiscent of bubble economy See in context

It's a good time to sell to Japan, to the Japanese it's cheap and to the Brits they need cash.

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Posted in: Banana genome helps fruit on the slippery slope See in context

Another reason to GMO? OMG! Just go natural.

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