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Posted in: Ministry outlines Japan's preparations to mobilize for 'propaganda war' See in context

There are a lot of evidences and sources which can refute those propagandas. The following are some of the references---

*Alfred Smoular, correspondence for Paris Match "Nippon wa gokai sarete iru - kokusaiha Furansujin no Nippon Yohgoron" (Tokyo, 1988), 『ニッポンは誤解されている』 Alfred Smoular "Nippon wa gokai sarete iru - kokusaiha Furansujin no Nippon Yohgoron" (Tokyo, 1988), ttp:// "The Asiatic Society of Japan"

*Henry Scott Stokes, born in 1938, is a British journalist. The Tokyo bureau chief for The Financial Times (1964–67), The Times (1967-1970s?) and The New York Times (1978–83).  His books will fill you in the objective information in English and let you compare the propagandas by China and S. Korea.

*"Mirror for Americans: JAPAN'' written by Helen MEARS "The American were made to believe the propaganda :Japanese are aggressive since before the modernization. Japan retroceded English, American, French, Italian settlements to The Republic of China in 1943. So, China could get away from the half-century semi-colony. And China became an independent country at last.''

*F. Tillman Durdin correspondence for The New York Times "Bungei shunju'' 文藝春秋(japanese magasin)interviewed in 1987,Aug He confessed the reports about Nanking massacre had been cooked up by himself in the interview.

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Posted in: Ministry outlines Japan's preparations to mobilize for 'propaganda war' See in context

GWMay. 06, 2014 - 02:05PM JST Admit your history, stop denying it, be honest (and CLEARER) in your "apologies" Then you can just tell China/SKorea to just take a hike! It REALLY is that simple, but alas likely never happen, the fireworks should likely present a real pathetic show if Japan jumps on this stupid wagon!

Japan can't apologize what Japan didn't do. Why do you discuss it on the condition that Japan was bad. Have you examined Chinese and S. Korean propaganda and those objective evidences which other country's preserved? Those countries, Communist and ex-military dictatorship, haven't guaranteed the speech of freedom, so we can't discuss anything logically with them.

They've ganged on Japan by made up incredibly distorted stories, propagandas, to keep demanding money from Japan. We've already built an international airport in Beijing, subways, hospitals and schools in China by Japan's ODA. Same as in S.Korea.

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Posted in: Abe adviser says revision of pacifist constitution vital See in context

voiceofokinawaMay. Now, as for the territorial row over the Senkakus, there's much room for talks as for its solution. Saber-rattling or a >teeth-for-teeth or eye-for-eye confrontation wouldn't solve the problem at all.

I hope Japan's neighbour countries to have article 9, so Japan won't care the revision of the constitution. Why did Japan get "Laser irradiation" from the Army of neighboring countries in spite of Japan's article 9? How will you react it? It seems

Mr, Abe isn't hawkish nor nationalist, but a politician who's cared Japan normally.

If you really think "there's much room for talks as for its solution", please persuade China to stop massacre in Tibet,Uygur and Turkestan. When Chinese fish vessel collided intentionally the Japanese coast guard ship in 2010, China blamed Japan with the collision and demanded the cost of refitting a ship. You should know Japan has been surrounded the countries with which Japan can't have a talk logically and peacefully.

It seems very funny that countries caused wars even after WW2 oppose the elimination of article 9 from the constitution whose the country didn’t engage in any war more than a half a century.

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