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NipponIchiGo comments

Posted in: Average price of Tokyo area condo up 9.5% to record high in FY2023 See in context

It is only because of 2 things

china imploding

weak af yen

when either of these shifts - bubble will burst.

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Posted in: Japan adds four new industries to skilled foreign worker visa See in context

I just hope Japan study Europe, US, Australia, Canada, and Singapore on how to handle influx of low level but hungry immigrants. Lots of things to consider or you end up with Tokyo as Paris or Toronto is now. Nobody should want that.

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Posted in: Safety reforms and new tax system threaten to drag down Japan trucking industry See in context

Japan has always used the public highways as a giant free warehouse. As said elsewhere they will have to build some regional distribution centers and change up their shipping practices accordingly. It will work just fine once they get over the complaint phase and realize how much money they can make.

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Posted in: 'Parasite' actor Lee found dead amid drug allegations: Yonhap See in context

Doubt this was suicide.

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Posted in: Heart health tips for when the mercury dips See in context

I was kind of following along until the end when this doctor exposed their true mind. To scare and suck patients deeper into the medical industry complex so she and their kind can make more money while making people sick. Remember many doctors do not want you to die (the snow shovel stuff) but also not be healthy enough not to go to doctor. They make no money on either - just those people eking along in the middle zone of sickness. Crazy.

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Posted in: Chinese grabbing up Tokyo real estate See in context

Places like Tokyo will just end up like NY and London. Lots of empty apartments owned by foreigners while the locals cannot afford to live. It is a waste.

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Posted in: Beware the dark side of health checks See in context

Just remember medical industry is a business first and helping people second. The doctor is the main sales person for tests and drugs.

It does not mean some Dr will not help you when you are sick, they will - but just do not believe everything and do everything they ask at face value. Interests are frequently not aligned.

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Posted in: Unseasonal flu surges across Japan See in context

Big surprise given the damage to local population’s immunity from the last several years by misguided public health guidance.

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Posted in: Man robs Tokyo convenience store at knifepoint See in context

So reassured he had on his mask and it was properly in place.

He really showed he is thinking of other people over his own health. Wonderful!

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to set up special zones to boost foreign investment See in context

Legal and tax systems have to be addressed to be fair and transparent. Until then - nothing.

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Posted in: Japan labor market set for change as huge worker shortage looms See in context

This is a misleading article planted to plant the seeds in the minds of the sheep of letting in more cheap foreign labor in to keep wages down and Japan Inc rich. They have no interest in AI or such. That is just smoke.

There is no labor shortage in Japan. Only a shortage of firms willing to pay living wages, run efficient, be flexible on hiring non traditional folks (50+ or married women), etc. If you see a company complaining they cannot hire - you should suspect other things badly about them and take your business elsewhere. They are likely rotten.

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Posted in: Dumb, phony and boring to the point of tears: Shows that ask foreign tourists what they like about Japan See in context

Spot on

Japanese have an inferiority complex and love to hear foreigners’s reactions to Japan. TV shows like this just tap into that common feeling.

That being said - i do not think it is unusual for a small country like Japan to feel like this.

I say let them have their comfort food!

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Posted in: Japan's July seafood exports to China down 23% on radiation testing See in context

So supply and demands rules should mean seafood prices will come down substantially helping the people struggling with higher costs. Instead of sending precious food overseas - Japanese people can have it back

Is that not a good thing?

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Posted in: Nihon University suspends football team again over cannabis allegations See in context

What happened to Due Process?

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Posted in: Japan tells citizens in China to lie low after Fukushima water release See in context

given ongoing situation there - why would any foreigner want to live in or even visit mainland China ? Darwin awards to anyone making that stupid choice in life.

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Posted in: Labor shortages have become a major issue for Japanese employers, and companies that can offer diverse work styles will have an edge in securing competent workers. See in context

Agreed on the above. Any shortage is about garbage part time jobs only. Increase pay and improve working conditions - those can be filled Your company says it cannot afford - boo hoo I am sure you are wasting money elsewhere and can cut that.

Looking at jobs above those - it is woeful. In the day where most white collar jobs can be done remotely, the wages in Japan will stay very low. The companies just outsource away overseas and when they do need to hire locally, there is a big pool of labor waiting.

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Posted in: Gasoline prices soon expected to soar past the ¥200 per liter mark. What to do? See in context

These prices are artificially arranged to be high to drive people to EV. Expect the govt to keep pushing them up.

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Posted in: Welcome to Japan See in context

Hope they spend big in locally owned shops.

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Posted in: The 'coming age of 40 degree temperatures' portends summers in hell See in context

Wake up everyone.

Install proper central air conditioners at home and on transport. See Singapore et al for reference. Japan has tons of free geothermal power to support this.

invest in technologies to lower price of aircon.

and proper insulation of course

Get lower allergy and flu rates out of it as well!

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Posted in: Struggling Japanese dairy producers betting farm on new markets See in context

In the US - cow milk is losing its way and being replaced by a whole raft of plant milks. Now it is a personal choice what one puts in the body, but the technique here seems to be pulling a page from the 1950s and is swimming upstream.

If we have extra milk - how about real ice cream instead of "soft creme", nice butter, and well (as said above) cheese!

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Posted in: Japanese finance minister warns against excessive yen weakening See in context

Basically puts Japan on "Sale" to the rest of the world - which encourages FDI and tourism : both goals of the government and helps the economy. It can go a lot further than 145 - personally I expect the natural level for the JPY-USD pair to be in the mid-200s or even higher.

The government has been keeping the currency artificially high since the bubble burst for various reasons, but that surplus is gone and now time to get to work rebuilding the country.


250 here we come.

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Posted in: Shimbashi, a once-popular watering hole for Tokyo salarymen, now a good place to avoid See in context

I am pleased to see that at least some folks are going to the police. I was expecting to see zero.

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