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401 positives in Tokyo. This is a low number. I am relieved. the numbers mid week are normally very high. it is with a warm smile and happiness i am glad the situation here is not as bad as overseas.

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Low. As i fully and clearly explained. This is a decreasing trend. The combined total efforts of everyone has helped to reduce this horrible virus in japan. It has already peaked. I strongly salute the efforts of the govt and peoples following the advices to keep things in check.

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decreasing trend. it is with strong happiness i can salute the efforts of all the medical staff helping to keep these numbers very low in japan. the numbers here have peaked i am sure.

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as i predicted, it is peaking. we will beat this disgusting virus soon!

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i firmly and with strong conviction believe that japanese govt with suga at its head will help reduce this temporary increase of this horrific virus. the panel of experts are not just random people...they can help us all if we do what they are to recommend to us

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i am fully confident these numbers will reverse back into a down trend soon due to peoples smart attitude and sensible actions regarding social distance here.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 298 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,686 See in context

Japan is doing great to beat this insidious virus. so few cases is very positive news.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 180 new coronavirus cases; nationwide rally 923 See in context

keeping those numbers low! well done japanese govt and all the people being careful and following rules!

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