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Posted in: Thieves steal 600 apples grown by high school students See in context

Pretty low down to steal those apples.

But then again, apples in Japan are expensive, so I suppose some criminal type figures it was easy money.

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Posted in: Putin says it is naive to expect quick settling of island dispute with Japan See in context

That's a polite way of saving "Never".

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Posted in: USJ hotel’s horror-themed room is back, ensures customers won’t have a good night’s sleep See in context

Zero interest in staying there and I mean zero.

The Mrs would not sleep a wink.

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Posted in: ¥2,500 for Tokyo ramen? High-end noodles in Ginza district are worth it See in context

Nippori - Something is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. 

Well obviously that is the case. I was simply offering my opinion. You seem to agree yourself, so not sure why your phrased it this way.

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Posted in: Various scenarios get discussed, from no Brexit to plunging into Brexit without any kind of deal at all. We’re now in a situation where we have to consider what to do in all of them. It is even more confusing because when you talk to the UK government, they say something a bit different depending on who is speaking. See in context

It's going to be chaos like Y2K all over again

Not in my opinion, because when the clocks rolled over to year 2000, nothing happened.

With Brexit there will be a chain of real consequences, not just imaginary ones. And they won't be good (for the UK that is)

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Posted in: ¥2,500 for Tokyo ramen? High-end noodles in Ginza district are worth it See in context

Not worth it.

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Posted in: 'Extreme saving' a growing tendency See in context

but the husband, father and wage earner is a gambler whose 5 million yen debt burden makes the strictest economy necessary. 


. “All we do at home is sleep,” says mom, to all appearances aspiring to nothing more.

The correct word for her is lazy.

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Posted in: Studio Ghibli baseball jackets See in context

30,000 yen for that ? No thanks.

If you wore that as an adult outside of Japan you would be a laughing stock.

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Posted in: Device deodorizes your shoes while you sleep See in context

Save 21,000 yen and just put the shoes in the freezer overnight. Works!

Really. Last thing I want is a teenagers shoes smelling up the entire freezer. Yucko.

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Posted in: Human traffic jam on Mt Fuji shows why weekdays are best days to climb See in context

That looks terrible.

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Posted in: Vienna tops 'world's most liveable city' ranking; Osaka 3rd, Tokyo 7th See in context

Come on. Osaka high on list of livable cities? That has to be some kind of joke.

I defy people to find 100 people in a year who upon visiting Osaka started thinking "What a great city, nice looking and pleasant. I would love to live here".

Look, I don't mind visiting the place but living there? It's a warren of concrete, wires and an architect or urban planners worst nightmare.

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Posted in: N Korea slams U.N. chief over call for nuclear disarming See in context

. I don't believe Trump was played; he knew North Korea would not live up to its end of the deal and the current events are proving him right.

He was played like a cheap fiddle

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 73rd anniversary of U.S. atomic bombing See in context

Once the US had the A-bomb there was the terrible pressure to use it. Germany and Japan would have had the same pressure to use the A-bomb if they had it.

It is self evident Germany would have used it if they had it. No doubt about it, absolutely none.

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Posted in: Not a fan of dishwashing? Get yourself an electric, plate-scrubbing robot appendage See in context

8800 yen? Not sure it even worth 1/2 that price. I don't predict a lot of sales.

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Posted in: Couple films own suicide jumping in front of train in Sapporo, streams it online See in context

To factchecker...the 2 were someone’s son and someone’s daughter. Possibly someone’s brother and sister. Does that mean nothing to you?

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Posted in: Released memo points to Hirohito's role in Pearl Harbor raid See in context

 Emperor Hirohito was just a figurehead, he had no power to stop the attacks on USA

If he had issued a proclamation in public that he was against it, you really think it would have happened? He had the power, he just decided not to use it

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Posted in: ¥9 mil awarded to convenience store from man for over 11,000 hours of unauthorized parking See in context

Most parts of the world a few days of illegal parking like that would end up with a tow truck coming and towing your car away. You would only get it back once you pay for the tow, impoundment charges etc. Mounts up very quickly, and you have no car till you pay them.

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Posted in: Sumo school See in context

Are these kids fed those same high calorie meals the adult sumo wrestlers like to eat?

I mean when you are young and overweight like that, it does not bode well for a healthy life.

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Posted in: Gyoza Hot Dog: Osaka’s new must-try local street food See in context

This is like the junk they sell at fairs in US/Canada...100% bad for you and almost ordered as a dare or a joke. I will be 100% avoiding this so called treat

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Posted in: British reject May's Brexit plan; some turn to Boris Johnson and far right: poll See in context

Well, Britain certainly paid plenty in its blood to fight for Europe in two world wars. The gratitude from Merkel etc is overwhelming (sarcasm alert).

Considering Britain fought Germany in each war, I would not really expect a lot of gratitude.

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Posted in: There haven't been reports (of fraud) from the elderly households to which the devices were provided. The results are clear. See in context

2 years plus with 900 devices and no frauds is good enough an indicator for me to prove it works.

If a baseball player went up to bat 900 times over 2 years and did not get a hit that would be a valid test of his skills.

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Posted in: Record heat broils Japan, prompting warnings See in context

"at work" outdoors, perhaps? Anyway, had the weather on earlier and the lady was holding up a suitou and parasol, urging viewers to use them, as if we're 9. Maybe if you didn't infantilize your population since birth, they'd make wiser decisions on their own, without authorities dictating what should be common sense.

Don't fret--it's like that everywhere now. Example-in Canada telling people they should stay indoor with windchill in the -40C range or in summer don't stand under a big tree and watch the thunderstorms roll by. Much better to seek shelter.

Seems today people can't think...they hope there is an app for everything.

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Posted in: British reject May's Brexit plan; some turn to Boris Johnson and far right: poll See in context

Brits are most un-European Europeans, They have never been a real part of Europe and by refusing the Euro they have made sure they do not become real part of it, 

Are Switzerland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Norway and Sweden European?

Most would say yes, but they don't use the Euro

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Posted in: Body of missing husband found buried in concrete after wife files false divorce papers See in context

Another neighbor described her as a “bold” woman.

Yeah, wow.

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Posted in: Charlie Chaplin tramps his way past a Japanese coup d’état See in context

A very interesting story. Turbulent times indeed.

As least there are still pilgrimages (of a sort) to view cherry blossoms

PS-Is that the Original JR pass Chaplin had? Ha.

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Posted in: Have an ice day See in context

As if a block of ice like that would help.

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Posted in: 8 die Wednesday as heat wave engulfs Japan; mercury tops 40 C in Gifu See in context

I felt literally ill reading the story about the 1st grade student -how horrible for his family.

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Posted in: Bunch of premium table grapes fetches ¥1.1 mil at auction See in context

. And grown in Japan, super expensive Nation. Grapes will not be cheap, like in Western nations. 

My first thought is this post was in jest....surely, it was?

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Posted in: Indians allow 7 in 9th; lose to Reds 7-4 after Bauer's gem See in context

That's what you call a choke.

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Posted in: Hyogo man arrested for backhanding cash register while verifying his age See in context

Don't feel bad. At least in Japan you only touch a screen.

Was with a senior citizen in a US grocery store that insisted on checking his ID when he bought a 6 pack of beer. He had a driver license from foreign country so the whole procedure took 15 minutes.

Complete nanny state nonsense.

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