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Posted in: We try new improved egg salad sandwiches at FamilyMart See in context

I wish they would leave the crust on the bread. Crustless is something that appeals only to a small child or baby

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Posted in: We visit the new Japan branch of Wayback Burgers, try their vegan set, notice a big problem See in context

I make my burgers at home on a grill and they are far tastier than any fast food burger. Obviously cheaper as well. It's not like you need a lot of cooking skills to grill a burger and then top it exactly as you like it.

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Posted in: Salt Lake, Sapporo head race to 2030 Olympics, and maybe '34 See in context

If Salt Lake City was involved in previous bribery, they should not be allowed to host another

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Posted in: 'Old Enough:' Netflix show sparks global debate on parenting and child safety See in context

Ok, they plan a safe route and even though parents are not there, there is an entire film crew.

Fake "reality" TV.

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Posted in: Japan’s top 7 alternative regional burgers See in context

Not really interested in a ramen burger, but I have always enjoyed deep fried scallop, so that one looks good to me.

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Posted in: French court jails Chilean man for 28 years for killing Japanese ex-girlfriend See in context

he was already waiting for the verdict of hanging

There is no capital punishment in France.

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Posted in: Teacher suspended for selling a lot of cows without telling the school See in context

Should be fired on the spot and penalized 2x what he embezzled.

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Posted in: Man arrested for filming up employee’s skirt in pachinko parlor See in context

> LegrandeToday  07:32 am JST

Yeah everyone knows where he planned to upload the footage.

Not me, but I defer to your expertise on the topic.

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Posted in: Not just potheads: A look at who supports legal marijuana See in context

Canada made it legal and guess what---the world did not fall apart.

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Posted in: Krispy Kreme Japan celebrates spring with premium Sakura-An Butter donuts See in context

I cannot think of a worse combination that a doughnut with a slab of butter inserted.

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Posted in: First day on the job See in context

All in all, they're just another brick in the wall.

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Posted in: Flamboyant Japanese baseball manager ups ante on hover-bike See in context

All hat, no cattle.

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Posted in: Myanmar leader vows to 'annihilate' opponents of army rule See in context

A leader who threatens to annihilate people in his own country. Hmm

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Posted in: Scientists find microplastics in human blood for first time See in context

Plastic in our blood. Man, that is depressing.

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Posted in: Japan to ban luxury car exports to Russia See in context

Instead of banning exports, just triple the price and let the foolish rich ones pay .

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Posted in: How will COVID end? Experts look to past epidemics for clues See in context

So according to you, fully vaccinated means, 2 shots only!



 U.S. health officials say you are fully vaccinated two weeks after your second shot of a two-dose vaccine like Pfizer’s or Moderna’s or after a single-dose vaccine like Johnson & Johnson’s.

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Posted in: How will COVID end? Experts look to past epidemics for clues See in context

What is the difference between fully vaccinated and (both) vaccinated and boosted?

One group is vaccinated . A second group is vaccinated to the same degree but also have had a booster shot.

Not really that much of a puzzler.

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Posted in: Japanese confectionery brand is making butter chocolate a thing See in context

Sounds terrible.

Chocolate needs to be left as chocolate...

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Posted in: Look stylish while working out with these geta sandals See in context

Pretty sure no one will be "working out" in these.

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Posted in: Early cherry blossoms See in context

nice to see that autumn is coming back

Not Autumn, Spring.

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Posted in: Early cherry blossoms See in context

Nice photo. Wish I was there because all I see is snow when I look out my window.

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Posted in: Sleng Teng: How a Japanese woman influenced Jamaica's reggae See in context

I think I had one of those back in the day.

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Posted in: Gasoline price in Japan rises for 6th straight week See in context

This is not just a Japan problem...many countries reight now are having record high gasoline prices

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Posted in: In research studies and in real life, placebos have a powerful healing effect See in context

Not only do placebos work, they are very profitable!

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Posted in: Japan edges Denmark for 2nd curling win See in context

In all my life, I've never once met anyone who participates in curling, met anyone who knows anyone else who participates in curling, or heard of any place where people participate in curling. Where do these people come from?

My high school had curling club. Coed teams. Lots of fun.

Many curling rinks in my home country, even in some very small towns. Lot's of beer consumed after the game keeps the fun going.

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Posted in: Taco-a-day or meal-a-month, U.S. restaurants join subscription craze See in context

A ‘Taco-a-day’ is a complete, convenient meal:

Not if it came from Taco Bell.

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Posted in: Pricey pixels: Why people spend fortunes on NFT art See in context

Incorrect statement. The majority of artists are not wealthy. They do not milk anyone. I have been an artist for 50 years.

Zichi-the poster in question did not say the majority of artists are or are not wealthy. All they said is artists will milk rich clients, (obviously) given the opportunity. Banksy comes to mind.

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Posted in: China opens Winter Olympics, with lockdown and boycotts See in context

Will not be watching any of the Olympics this time around.

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