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Posted in: Idol singer from Keyakizaka46 says she’s now working as a Tokyo bar hostess See in context

Hostess bars are on of the things I really don't understand in Japan. It seems like such a waste of money. Paying a girl to flattter you--it's obvious she has not actual interest in you , other than your wallet.

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Posted in: Hundreds demand cancellation of Abe's state funeral See in context

Hundreds? Why even report it?

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Posted in: Higher restaurant prices add to pressure on consumers in Japan See in context

The increase in restaurant meals is a world wide problem. Some basic items used in a restaurant (oil, flour, etc) have gone up significantly in price.

Still, in Japan for lower to middle style restaurants prices are cheaper than most first world countries.

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Posted in: 60% of people with foreign roots questioned by Japanese police: survey See in context

No surprise at all.

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Posted in: The Butter Drink, Japan’s convenience store drink that has people perplexed See in context

I cannot imagine a worse drink.

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Posted in: Saitama man arrested for making 9,313 false reservations on luxury trains See in context

It's amazing what lengths some people go to over small petty issues.

Too bad they can't bill him for all those reservations.

But I agree, they have a silly booking system.

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Posted in: Mosquito coil uses fragrant aromas to ward off pesky insects See in context

What a crazy high price. Where I come from a 10 pack is about 300 yen. Japan price 1430 Y for 2.

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Posted in: Medical aid in dying is still called 'assisted suicide' -- there's a problem with that See in context

The only other word you could use for it is euthanasia

No, another term is Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

>  How long before people start killing grandma to get their hands on her property, or save on nursing home costs? 

Only the patient can make the decision\

the Nazis began systematically to murder in the name of "race," they were killing people because they were judged to be infirm...Beware of those who engage in word games.

Which is exactly what you are doing here.

 every knife wielding killer or mass killing shotgun attacker could potentially say, that he only wanted to assist all those victims in dying. It’s becoming a jurisdictional problem, how can you tell a murder from assisted dying

Red herring. Assisted dying means a doctor/nurse/phyiscian are present and certain conditions must be met, unlike your theoretical attacker scenario.

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Posted in: Fatty 'katsuo' fish may foreshadow climate change, threat to Japan's sushi See in context

More species and fish stocks have been lost to overfishing than anything else.

Want fish to survive? Then don't drain the entire fish stock due to greed.

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Posted in: Curry and lassi ice creams: Like eating cubes of frozen curry roux See in context

Sounds horrific. Count me out.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't plans to introduce mandatory dental checks: Good idea or not? See in context

 “Is Japan a ‘country of bad teeth?'”

Of course it is. Cannot understand why so manyJ girls care so much about their hair, make up and outfits and then when they open their mouth...eek.

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Posted in: Rock star Randy Bachman reunited with beloved stolen guitar See in context

they are the equivalent of Goblin or Blodwyn Pig.

Not to me since I have never heard of either of those.

BTO I know. In fact , they were the first concert I ever attended (and it was in the USA, not Canada as a surprise)

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Posted in: Rock star Randy Bachman reunited with beloved stolen guitar See in context

Canadian rock legend? Maybe it’s because I’m not Canadian but I have never ever heard of this guy. Kind of a dick thing to do though…

Why do people like tell the world what they don't know or never have heard of?

They did have an album (Overdrive) hit #1 in the US.

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Posted in: 5,000 peaches stolen from Yamanashi orchard See in context

I think some of the farmers need to take steps to combat this.

Put up big signs under video surveillance (even though it really is not, and put up a few fake cameras). A few guard dogs wouldn't hurt either.

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Posted in: If you live in Japan, when you visited family or friends overseas (in pre-corona days), did you take your shoes off before entering their home, as you would in Japan? See in context

In my home country no one in their right mind wears shoes inside a house.

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Posted in: Aichi woman arrested for mixing human excrement into school lunch See in context

Students and their parents need to chip in and buy the principal a case of mouthwash and a few new toothbrushes.

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Posted in: Part-maid cafe, part-dentist’s office? Akiba Dental Clinic to open in Tokyo See in context

 You can practice brushing your teeth with your favorite staff member!

That is just so wrong. Super creepy

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Posted in: 3 Japanese schools to introduce genderless swimsuits with unisex two-piece design See in context

Who wants to swim with long sleeves? Being someone who sunburns easily, I can see why some might want to,

I wear something with long sleeves when I go swimming. Having lost a friend to skin cancer/melanoma I have become much more careful about sun exposure

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Posted in: Will Tokyo become a modern-day Pompeii? See in context

Just ask the people of Kagoshima how they handle ash from eruptions. They certainly have enough experience.

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Posted in: Man with only ¥200 arrested for failing to pay ¥24,000 taxi fare See in context

I drove cab on year as a student. Most rides, like every taxi driver knows, are local or defined routes (to airport etc).

They told me then if someone hops in and says let's take a 100 km ride, first thing you asked was let's see the cash (not do you have the cash). This was before taxis took credit cards.

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Posted in: Japan to resume accepting guided foreign tour groups from June 10 See in context

That said , is there a foreign wannabe tourist on the planet earth with zero Japanese language skills , and zero connections here in Japan that would or could tour Japan on anything but a guided tour? 

They number in the millions. Check out the tripadvisor Enlgish forums some time

My first time in Japan, I knew zero Japanese. No problems were encountered.

I would never go on a guided tour.

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Posted in: We try new improved egg salad sandwiches at FamilyMart See in context

I wish they would leave the crust on the bread. Crustless is something that appeals only to a small child or baby

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Posted in: We visit the new Japan branch of Wayback Burgers, try their vegan set, notice a big problem See in context

I make my burgers at home on a grill and they are far tastier than any fast food burger. Obviously cheaper as well. It's not like you need a lot of cooking skills to grill a burger and then top it exactly as you like it.

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Posted in: Salt Lake, Sapporo head race to 2030 Olympics, and maybe '34 See in context

If Salt Lake City was involved in previous bribery, they should not be allowed to host another

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Posted in: 'Old Enough:' Netflix show sparks global debate on parenting and child safety See in context

Ok, they plan a safe route and even though parents are not there, there is an entire film crew.

Fake "reality" TV.

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Posted in: Japan’s top 7 alternative regional burgers See in context

Not really interested in a ramen burger, but I have always enjoyed deep fried scallop, so that one looks good to me.

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Posted in: French court jails Chilean man for 28 years for killing Japanese ex-girlfriend See in context

he was already waiting for the verdict of hanging

There is no capital punishment in France.

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Posted in: Teacher suspended for selling a lot of cows without telling the school See in context

Should be fired on the spot and penalized 2x what he embezzled.

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Posted in: Man arrested for filming up employee’s skirt in pachinko parlor See in context

> LegrandeToday  07:32 am JST

Yeah everyone knows where he planned to upload the footage.

Not me, but I defer to your expertise on the topic.

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Posted in: Not just potheads: A look at who supports legal marijuana See in context

Canada made it legal and guess what---the world did not fall apart.

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