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Posted in: Ringo Starr marks 80th birthday at online gig with Beatles hits, celebrity tributes See in context

Had the good fortune to see Ringo on one of his Ringo All Starr Band tours--Rick Derringer and Edgar Winter were there as well.

Good times. I remember Ringo asking the audience to sing along on Yellow Submarine with the advice that I am sure you all know the words, and if you don't , what are you doing here? Very genial fellow.

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Posted in: Trump lashes out at NASCAR over flag, noose; criticizes Redskins, Indians for weighing name changes See in context

When you think Trump can't lower in the foolishness category, he never fails to disappoint.

What possible difference to him does it make if a sports team (hint-privately controlled capitalist enterprise) wants to change it's name?

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Posted in: Aichi man arrested again after having slashed over 1,000 women’s tires to get to know them better See in context

Time to "retire" this guy to jail for a few years.

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Posted in: Court rejects damages suit by man in forced sterilization case See in context

, but i'm still shocked at the fact that there were forced sterilization eugenics-based laws up until 1996! Like whoa. But I do remember that wwii it joined that other side, but after the war, it seems America took over, so then why, why such laws existed?

US did do a lot of sterilization as well --this is from Wikipedia

... The most significant era of eugenic sterilization was between 1907 and 1963, when over 64,000 individuals were forcibly sterilized under eugenic legislation in the United States.

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Posted in: Green wedding See in context

If that photo were entered in a photo contest, it would come in last place.

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl arrested for not paying ¥160,000 Tokyo-Shiga taxi fare See in context

Drove taxi one summer as a student. That's one way to learn about life.

But even as a rookie driver, if anyone had said take me 5 hours away it would have been cash up front. And especially if the fare is a kid.

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Posted in: Australian state reinstates restrictions after spike in coronavirus cases See in context

I have to say Australians seems to accept a very high degree of control by their government on so many issues.

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Posted in: New research shows why non-smokers get serious lung condition See in context

smoking has been blamed also as a cause of lung cancer. The truth is it has no direct correlation;

You could not be more wrong. Scientific study after study has shown the correlation.

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Posted in: Japan to let in 250 foreigners per day from Australia, NZ, Thailand, Vietnam under eased travel curbs See in context

and refrain from using public transportation, 

Virtually impossible to do that for the average tourist.

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Posted in: America's interests at home and abroad are no longer served by footing the defense bill for a demilitarized Japan. It's time to fully unleash the extraordinary resilience of the Japanese people to help the U.S. better ward off communist China's regional aggression. See in context

Funny how the quote refers to "Communist China" as if to emphasize the Communist part of it.

How many USA imports come from China? Plenty. Thing that has anything at all to do with the economical and military growth of China?

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Posted in: 2 Yomiuri Giants players test positive for coronavirus See in context

Healthy young people who will be fine in two weeks.

Perhaps, but they can infect others who may not be "healthy young people".

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Posted in: Japanese reality show 'Terrace House' cast member dies See in context

My sincere sympathies to Hana's family, and her mother who I have met and seen wrestle a number of times. Very difficult time for all.

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Posted in: Watch time fly with realistic giant Japanese flying squirrel and eagle owl clocks See in context

The should have used a different colour for the clock hands--you need something that stands out against the background

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Posted in: Closed schools raise teen pregnancy risks in Japan, hospital says See in context

 “My girlfriend and I had sex, and now she’s feeling sick in the morning,” 

Wait 7 months and see what happens.

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested for spitting at convenience store employee See in context

Probably early signs of dementia.

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Posted in: Elderly people could carry a card saying, 'If I fall ill and am taken to hospital, treat young people first.' See in context

How about “If I am brought to an emergency ward, I want your best doctor working on my case.”

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Posted in: Man arrested after pit bull attacks police officer at BBQ attended by 30 people See in context

Nearly any breed, including Pomeranian, can be taught to attack

Here's an interesting statistic from the USA over a multi year period regarding dog fatal dog attacks on humans:

Pit bulls contributed to 66% of these deaths. Rottweilers, the second leading canine killer, inflicted 10% of attacks that resulted in human death. Combined, two dog breeds accounted for 76% of the total recorded deaths*

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Posted in: Little Richard, flamboyant rock ‘n’ roll pioneer, dead at 87 See in context

Not sure how people missed Little Richard's meaning when he often said Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll, but he was the Queen.

In any case, that's neither here nor there..his songs sure could energize a party of a concert .

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Posted in: Obama calls Trump's handling of pandemic a 'chaotic disaster' See in context

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, is prepared to allow tens of thousands of his fellow citizens die, yes dis, to improve his chances of re-election.  

I suggest hundreds of thousands would be the correct number.

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Posted in: Second wave of coronavirus infections feared around world See in context

The former Communist Bloc, including Eastern Europe are doing much better and the third world has fewer cases and deaths per capita.

Never mind the published statistics. The only real way to know is to look at number of deaths (total) in a given country in say April for each of the past 5 years. Many countries are not reporting deaths properly.

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Posted in: Japanese company selling anti-infection paper helmets See in context

Looks like something out of a cheap sci fi movie in the 50s or 60s

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Posted in: How to make Disney’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana French toast at home See in context

That's got to have a massive calorie count.

It's like kryptonite to diabetics.

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Posted in: Some people turn to herbal medicine for virus without proof See in context

Here's a herbal remedy pass down from generation to cure this works!

Wow. Just wow.

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Posted in: 'Ainu My Voice' – a documentary focusing on the modern-day struggles of the Ainu people See in context

The huge caption read, "It has been 100 years that human beings settled in Hokkaido." 

I commend you Bertie W for that comment.

To me the Ainu and have some similarities to indigenous people of the Pacific US North West and BC coastal regions.

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Posted in: Coronavirus outbreak sparks harassment at workplaces in Japan See in context

lol, This poster is going around yelling at people to wear masks, who probably like the rest of the working population can't wait in line outside the drugstore for 2 hours because, well they have to be at work.

You can easily make a cloth mask at home. While it may not be the most effective, it does have some benefits. A 10 second search on google will provide a sufficient number of reference points and how-to-make tutorials.

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Posted in: Horrors revealed at virus-hit Canada nursing home See in context

Just a bit more on this case. This was a private facility that charged up to $CAC 10,000 per was not a place for the poor to live.

For those interested in the owner, read this:

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Posted in: Hospitals turning away sick people as coronavirus cases surge See in context

The reason hospitals are turning rolled away is that their wards are most likely full of elderly patients-not much room to spare..

Speaks volumes about the Japanese health system and preparedness for this.

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Posted in: Hospitals turning away sick people as coronavirus cases surge See in context

Compare what is going on in Japan to what happened to family member in home country. Called ambulance, in hospital in 20 minutes. That's the way it should be.

This being refused by hospital after hospital issue has to be fixed.

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Posted in: Elderly people hoarding compulsively See in context

Stores should set limits on items in short or potential short supply-put an end to this "armfuls of toilet paper, handing it out to friends in line nonsense".

In many parts of the world stores have a seniors hour (usually early morning) allowing older and immuno-compromised people into the store first to avoid the mobs of works (combined with limiting quantities of course)

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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus death toll tops 30,000; New Yorkers told to wear masks See in context

Could the mounting death toll NYC is experiencing be proof that self-quarantine and social distancing protocols have no effect 

California-much better results.

NY State and NYC-not doing well at all.

Canada-seems to be doing ok (relatively speaking)

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