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Posted in: Bananas, baseball and headaches - counting the cost of Tokyo's Olympic delay See in context

Tenants are supposed to move in by 2023.

Why would that pose an issue. It's 2 years after the proposed 2020 games?

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Posted in: Carp voice concern over April 24 opening day See in context

I can't realistically see the season starting less than a month from now

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Posted in: Not staying in See in context

The photo --Darwinism at work.

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Posted in: Takarazuka - purity, honesty and beauty See in context

Have gone a few times. Mrs Nippori enjoys it, not so much the play but the Busby Berkely 2nd half extravaganza.

For those who have not gone, give it a try. It shows a unique slice of life in Japan. I prefer the Takarazuka theatre vs the Tokyo one.

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Posted in: Britain's Prince Charles tests positive for new coronavirus See in context

What are the chances that he is getting the Trump pills (HCC) right now, while the media cackles against the drug to keep the Trump hating fewer going?

Zero. Not everything in life is a conspiracy theory.

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Posted in: Britain's Prince Charles tests positive for new coronavirus See in context

They should rename this website to "England Today", since this website is now predominantly domestic English news

No reason to get upset over a couple of UK based stories. This is an English speaking news site after all, so many reading it have some connection to the UK one way or another.

I am sure a website in Portuguese would have more stories about Brazil or Portugal than say, England, but not of much interest to an English speaking readership.

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Posted in: Britain's Prince Charles tests positive for new coronavirus See in context

Everyone has it by now, some it affects more than others, some do not even notice they have

Completely wrong. Everyone does not "have it" by now. Majority of tests in my region are negative

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Posted in: In Japan, hotels lose out on Olympic delay and coronavirus See in context

The frightening thing is that these businesses seem to be run with little in the way of accrued earnings to see them through tough times. I can see how a prolonged period of reduced occupancy could hurt the bottom line, but if a place is going to fold up the tent after a couple of months, you have to question how well it was being managed.

This is not just a Japan's like this all over the world. I have relatives in finance/commercial banking and many client's cannot last a week without immediate relief. They have been seduced by "easy money", cheap borrowing costs and greedy dreams.

So many forgot the old phrase "cash is king" and became servants to their debt.

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Posted in: ACI reveals world’s best airports for customer experience See in context

Mubai and Delhi? Award winners? Come on, get serious.

I have never flown into Rome but any reviews I have read of that airport have been dire.

Most airports, even the good ones, are terrible if you are in economy class. .

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Posted in: Why haven't the Tokyo Olympics been postponed already? See in context

The Olympics will be postponed. They are already posturing in the media that they will not be held this year.

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Posted in: Natto -- does the slime that's sublime really protect from the coronavirus? See in context

You guys are making me hungry. Think i will head into the kitchen for a snack of Natto.

Was reading up how to make my own from scratch using an instant pot. My wife is shaking her head in dismay over this discovery. Just have to get some soybeans

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Posted in: Beware of false groping charges, rip-off clubs, shakedowns over sex See in context

Well I guess Mr. Papa-Kastsu learned a lesson.

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Posted in: Why Italy? The factors behind a coronavirus disaster See in context

Figures released Friday showed the age of Italians dying of COVID-19 averaging out at 78.5. Almost 99 percent of them were also suffering from at least one pre-existing condition or ailment.

I would imagine there are very few 78 year olds that don' have at least one pre-existing condition or ailment. Virtually all of them do

Other causes in Italy? They like big family gatherings with hugs, kisses on the cheek and similar...not a stand-offish culture unlike some countries I can think of.

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Posted in: Soba-cooking robot See in context

Often when you see a show about life in Japan, there will be a comment like this; Sora spent 7 years learning to cook the noodles at the right temperature and is a master at his art....or someone else apprentices as a swordsmith and spent 3 years learning how to put coal in the furnace.

Along comes a robot or macine and does the job within minutes of being plugged in and programmed.

Sad, in a way.

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Posted in: Will oat become the king of plant-based milks? See in context

oldman_13-Your comment says "disgusting", but have you tasted it? (I have not but someone in my household buys it who is allergic to normal dairy). They don't find it disgusting.

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Posted in: Canadian PM Trudeau to be in isolation after wife tests positive for coronavirus See in context

Corona virus ? Specifically THE Conrona Virus ? As in Convid-19 or a merely corona virus , Science tells us Corona virus has been around in many forms for awhile

When the media is discussing Corona virus, it is obviously Convid-19. Surely they don't need to spell it out in every single story.

That's why it is newsworthy. Getting a cold is not.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic flame lit in Greece amid virus precautions See in context

I find the whole thing rather funny..looks like some low budget "Swords and Sandals" type film of the 1960's.

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Posted in: Weinstein gets 23 years in prison; expresses sympathy for men in #MeToo era See in context

Just waiting that "someone" will pardon him or shorten his sentence.

Guess people know who that "someone" could be.

If you mean Trump, he cannot be pardoned by Trump since the offense was at the state level. Trump can only pardon criminals at the federal level.

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Posted in: Politician apologizes for ¥8.9 mil face mask price gouging See in context

It is profiteering, plain and simple. Similar to black market activity in my opinion and highly suspect from an ethical point of view.

It's like a store charging 500 times the normal price for litre of water during a catastrophe. Not good.

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Posted in: Suntory introduces Sui, a new standard in Japanese gin See in context

Gin and Soda? It should be tonic water, but the Japanese tonic water never has the right taste since Japan prohibits quinine so the tonic water tastes too sweet.

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Posted in: Guy deliberately bumping into women regrets it when he tries it on pro-wrestler See in context

Is she related to female wrestler "Dump" Matsumoto from the 1980s?

No, she is not. I saw Dump about 4 years ago, still doing her thing.

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Posted in: Transportation, tourism sectors hit hard by virus outbreak See in context

As I have been harping for years, Mother Nature is NOT happy with us humans & she sometimes gives us hints of that, Covid 19 IS one of those hints.

Please-this sounds like what a witch doctor would be saying a hundred years ago.

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Posted in: World's oldest man dies in Japan at 112 See in context

What is the cause? Old age.

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Posted in: Losses from cash card collection scams surge to ¥5.21 bil in Japan in 2019 See in context

Seriously! I have apps on my phone for my banks' credit and debit cards and can check an activity statement within seconds.

You do, but an 85 year old will not have that phone or app.

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Posted in: What does it take to be a winner in the 'war' among restaurant chains? See in context

Always thought MOS was overpriced for what you were getting. Last time I went the drink was 75% ice and the portion of fries was very modest.

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Posted in: Prosperity rite draws thousands in loincloths despite winter cold See in context

Went to this years ago (just to watch, although some were suggesting I participate). Bitterly cold evening and people were throwing cold water on the participants as they marched through the streets to add to the good humour. A number of signs (widely ignored) pointed out "No Alcohol"

Sounds like a good way to get pneumonia, not to mention broken bones

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Posted in: Train operators refining 'live' foreign-language announcements ahead of Olympics See in context

Frankly there are too many recordings and messages blaring on Japanese trains.

Look at the Shinkansen and many limited express trains-is it really necessary to repeat the same type of message about what the future stops will be and times for every station at every stop in 2 (or in Kyushu's case 4) languages.? I wish they brought back those silent cars on the shinkansen where there were no announcements at all.

A short message will suffice. As for commuter trains, you can hardly hear the announcement over the ambient noise..that's a blessing

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Posted in: One in six Japanese elderly said to suffer from malnutrition See in context

With regard to nutrition,” says Dr Hiroshi Shibata, “the situation is worse than just after the war, when people really had to scrounge for food.”

I can't really believe that statement.

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Posted in: My scariest thing before I became a porn star was that people would judge me and also fear of what my mom would think. I love porn. I'm a little bit of a naughty girl. See in context

Well , I think it's a given that most in that industry are not overly concerned what others think about them

It's a bit of a paradox that she wonders what Mom thinks but not Dad?

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Posted in: 112-year-old Japanese recognized as world's oldest living man by Guinness See in context

and by now.... he has collected more kokumin nenkin than they ever projected. No wonder Japan is bankrupt.

Money paid to this one man is a drop in the bucket.

More will be spent on one state dinner or one flight for Abe to a foreign country for a summit than this man will ever collect .

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