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Posted in: Shinkansen to get speed boost along Tohoku route See in context

Japan’s shinkansen are all fast, which is how they earned their English-language nickname “bullet trains.”

No-they earned the name from the bullet shaped front of the original shinkansen trains.

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Posted in: Tasty mushrooms grown behind bars seek hungry customers See in context

I think it's interesting that they can do this, but it would not work in all countries.

In some I could think of concerns of what those disgruntled prisoners' might do to and with the food products.

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Posted in: Australian state warns members of public who don’t comply with pandemic regulations See in context

My friends and family tell me they are living in a concentration camp.

You actually dare to make the comparison of life in Australia to life in a concentration camp? Better study up on WW2 and learn the difference.

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Posted in: Train wrestling See in context

Looks like fun, but Joshi would be better.

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

What's next. No Male or Female toilets?

There are no Male or Female toilets on planes. No one seems to get worked up about that.

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Posted in: JAL ditches 'ladies and gentlemen' for gender-neutral greetings See in context

We would like to welcome everyone aboard.

There, that wasn't so hard, was it?

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Posted in: Harry Potter memo pad reveal embedded Hogwarts Castle the more you use it See in context

18,000 yen for a knicknack?

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Posted in: Japan’s first ever burger chain celebrates with a whole fried crab burger See in context

t looks vile, disgusting, creepy.


Maybe, but it tastes delicious. I mean all kinds of foods don't have the best look, but judge by the taste, not the look. It's food, not art.

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Posted in: Kenko Tokina’s retro cool camera instantly prints black-and-white photos on thermal paper See in context

Thermal paper? Who would want to print on that? Fades away quickly in the light just like a cash register receipt.

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Posted in: Van Morrison rails against virus restrictions in new songs See in context

"It's not economically viable to do socially distanced gigs," he said, urging the music industry "to fight with me on this".

That is his real complaint. Cuts into his money suppply

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Posted in: Spot that See in context

Those robo dogs look very creepy. Imagine a pack of them chasing you.

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Posted in: Animals also have to be subject to ‘concentration and selection’ as we consider how to spend limited budget and use limited land. See in context

I would think most animals would be happy to move out of Tennoji zoo--it's a pretty sad looking place

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Posted in: Japanese survey ranks Hokkaido as most desirable prefecture to settle down in See in context

I have lived in places colder than Hokkaido so cold does not particularly bother me , but even so, I would never pick it as the number one prefecture to settle down in.

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Posted in: Death knell sounds for some of Japan's oldest department stores See in context

I was in that department store in Yamagata a number of years ago and was astounded by how many luxury brands they were selling in a city as small as Yamagata. It's like many smaller cities in many parts of the world..the people get buy but they are not exactly the types to flaunt their wealth with Tiffany diamonds and the like.

I am sure a more "down to earth" department store would do ok, but selling high end goods? Maybe in Tokyo, but not in small town Japan.

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Posted in: Self-driving buses being tested across Japan let you pay with your face See in context

So what happens when you are wearing a mask?

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Posted in: 50-year-old man arrested for beating 20-year-old wife to death with fishing rod See in context

Why do they put the ages of the two people? 

Because it is a news story and you typically say something about the people involved..age is often given in news stories to set context.

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Posted in: Man arrested for urinating in beer cans and leaving them on side of road See in context

Presumably if he could afford beer on a regular basis he could afford to get a toilet fixed.

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Posted in: In quest to go paperless (and save money), Mizuho to start charging for bank books See in context

Welcome to the 1990s

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Posted in: Trump calls Abe 'greatest prime minister in Japan's history' See in context

As if Trump knows much about Japan's history.

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Posted in: Man arrested for groping woman in station; says he’ll only talk to female police officers See in context

Since when do those arrested get to order people what they will and will not do or tolerate?

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Posted in: Japanese teacher apologizes for peeing on students’ futon during club retreat See in context

Dock him a months pay and have him work a month also at a laundry cleaning sheets from old folks homes.

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Posted in: Reality show 'Bachelor Japan' cast member dies in suspected suicide See in context

If you're not seriously ill, you shouldn't be taking their your own life like this.

Please study what mental illness can do.

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Posted in: Osaka surprised by impact of her call for racial justice See in context

Irrespective of color or gender, is Naomi Osaka, a sportswomen or a political activist?

Uh, she can be both. Hey, she can do lots of things.

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Posted in: Be ready for disasters with these emergency evacuation packs made for dogs See in context

What a ridiculously high price for this kit. Agree with the other poster who said you could make it yourself easily for 10% of what they are charging. Odds are you have most of the items already to begin with.

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Posted in: Siblings arrested for corpse abandonment also face pension fraud charge See in context

Disgusting people. No respect or love for their mother.

They loved her pension much more.

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Posted in: Japanese cheerleader video chat performances — The latest weapon against pandemic-related stress See in context

I can just imagine the demographics of their target audience.

Prices start at 6,000 yen for a 45-minute performance,---uh, no thanks.

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Posted in: Plane carrying comatose Russian dissident lands in Germany See in context

Does anyone think that your standard Russian in the street gets the same news we do?

Saw something on TV-the Russian doctor claimed he was just suffering from low blood sugar.

And that's likely what a lot in Russia will believe.

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Posted in: See-through toilets See in context

Weird..very weird.

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Posted in: Woman finds skeleton, possibly of her missing brother, while cleaning her house See in context

Read the comments from others about how this happens now and again, but I still can't figure why no one looks in the bedroom in years. Surely if someone is "missing", you would look in bedroom pretty early on

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Posted in: 87-year-old man arrested over death of ailing wife See in context

 It is not a pleasant way to die

Most deaths are not pleasant,

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