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Please president Mr.Obama, your idea to take congressional approval is indeed a wise step, after all you need not open two fronts one with congress later too, as they can sit n fence in what way things move. so ideal please take congressional approval as suggested by Illinois senator suggested.

always of doctrine of limitation applies that is one sanction cannot be omnibus is my view!

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Posted in: Video shows beheading of British aid worker See in context

sad. Islamic gp seems does not understand what is an aid group.Can any one trust ISIS? Anyone trusting ISIS may also face from ISIS the way they treated Haines David, as ISIS seem to be heartless brute force only not a military kind force. In armed conflicts there is a principle of POWs - prisoners of war and they are treated by both sides of waring elements as mercenaries who personally do not have enmity against each other. So humanitarian approach is vital that gives vitality to military as such.

i feel the ISIS approach is a self destructing approach.

why Islam support such mindless men !

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Posted in: U.S. airlines improve their on-time performance See in context

good. how about British Airways!

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Posted in: Tokyo governor's cycling policy needs a rethink See in context

you can make city to have dedicated roads of cyclists No need to use motor cars for short distance commuting, also cycle is a kind of yoga to give your legs good muscles to thighs as also hands to besides your sitting posture can be steadily improved, Besides cardiac arrests would get phased out in all persons due to cycling activity. You need not have to be a racer but just normal cyclist from all aspects of health point of view!

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Posted in: Justice system finds little trust among African-Americans See in context

seems not fair treatment though there is individual liberty is protected!****

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