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Posted in: Yen surges as global market rout continues See in context

The yen was 320 to the $ for a Long time. Wish it was at 200 now.

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Posted in: Becky in hot water over rumored affair See in context

It takes 2 to commit adultery. Adultery is against the law in many states in the US and in this case the wife could sue easy becky for Alienation of affection for Big Bucks.

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Posted in: New Year assaults spark fresh migration debate in Germany See in context

You can have all the strange bedfellows you want but, there is one in particular who can't wait to strangle you in your sleep. Wake up or die. Merkel let them in and they will destroy Europe.

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Posted in: Allies follow Saudis in cutting ties with Iran amid tensions See in context

You don't have to go to the ME for the teaching of religious hate it's everywhere. You can go listen to Rev Jeremiah Wright and learn that the white man and the jew are the DEVIL What's good for the Obama family should be OK for everyone.

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Posted in: Maeda reportedly headed to Dodgers See in context

The Carp getting 20million is Stealing!

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Posted in: Relief, anger, indifference over S Korea-Japan sex slave deal See in context

Does this mean that Japan will stop rewriting history?

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan reach deal on wartime sex slaves, including Y1 bil aid fund See in context

Come on,it took the Japanese Govt 70 Years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Trump relying on, trying to control free coverage See in context

Hillary Clinton???Is that the best the USA has to offer???? Why would anyone want her who knows about her???? All you Trump haters would rather have that low life ?

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Posted in: Japan to propose new fund for former 'comfort women' See in context

An admission that this DID happen and an APOLOGY with a head to the floor bow !!!!! That is what they want and Deserve NO LESS !!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Kishida to visit S Korea Monday for 'comfort women' talks See in context

Yeah,then off to Iran,,Yemen,Somalia,The Sudan etc etc Supey you got it> It might help if Japan admitted that this DID happen(SEX SLAVES)

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Posted in: Trump uses vulgar language to mock Clinton See in context

FizzBit Thanks Chief that was very interesting reading!

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl missing for month found; man arrested on kidnapping charge See in context

It took the police one month to find her! They had a name to look for!

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Posted in: Sky high: Why foreign carriers pay more to land in Japan See in context

papigiulio, Wow ,for the people who don't really care about Japanese math what is that Narita 95 in English ??

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Posted in: Trump rejects criticism of his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering U.S. See in context

Alphaape i'm glad to see there is someone who understands.

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Posted in: Engaging in damage control following a 'bonenkai' blunder See in context

Maybe that is exactly what Sayed and his normal housewife experienced at the work party they attended. They may have gone home to write a letter of Sincere Apology but noticeing the thousands of rounds of ammo laying around changed their minds.

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Posted in: Attackers in California shooting had thousands of bullets See in context

KCJapan when confronted with someone holding a weapon and having the intent to BLOW you away are you going to spout that BS about the NRA?Or are you going to be dead?? From experience I will tell you you are going to be DEAD!

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Posted in: California shooting rampage leaves 14 dead; 2 suspects killed in gun battle with police See in context

If it walks like a Duck, quacks like a Duck it is a Duck. This was a terrorist Jihadi attack. The US gun laws had nothing to due with it. They had an arsenal ready. Keep up with the FBI reports.

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Posted in: California shooting rampage leaves 14 dead; 2 suspects killed in gun battle with police See in context

They didn't buy the Pipe Bombs at the gun store.

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Posted in: Hearings begin in battle over relocating U.S. base on Okinawa See in context

The bases in Okinawa were never built for the purpose of protecting Okinawa or Japan. The bases were built to protect the West Coast of the USA , Do some homework. I remember when the US Dollar was the currency of Okinawa. I also remember that the Okinawans were never asked if they wanted to return to be ruled by Japan.

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Posted in: Hearings begin in battle over relocating U.S. base on Okinawa See in context

The Spoils of War!

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Posted in: Turkey says Russian jet violated its airspace, ignored repeated warnings See in context

The ejecting pilots are protected under the Geneva Convention Rules of war. You can not kill prisoner or mistreat a prisoner. Punishable by death or imprisonment. it's time to bring the killers to justice.

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Posted in: Anti-U.S. base protest See in context

The US Bases were built to prevent and slow down an attack on the West Coast of the USA! They were Not built to defend Japan.

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Posted in: Asada suffers setback at NHK Trophy See in context

Japan does not allow dual citizenship! After 18

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions annoy you the most when you hear them repeatedly used by other people in conversation? See in context

Tenacious, used by NKK so called bi lingual news over and over since they found it in Webster. I don't think any native English speaker ever uses the word or needs too.

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Posted in: Clinton says she would resist sending forces to fight IS even if there is attack within U.S. See in context

Hillary as president of the USA is SCARY!

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Posted in: Should the Paris terrorism tragedy be called a 'kamikaze' attack? See in context

Suicide cucoos referred to as Kamakaze did it for the Emperor who was at the time god!The Emperor not the Nation. The emperor was on the war crimes list as a War Criminal! They could not execute because, the whole nation of Japan was brain washed into believing that. So they let Hiroshito live on but with No power. The Jihadists kill in the name of allah What the f is the difference? War in the name of Religion! Does Shinto come in there someplace??Because in the 60s I remember people hiding practicing it from the US Military!

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Posted in: Aomori volunteer firefighter arrested for starting fires so he could fight them See in context

Maybe he wanted the practice so he could be better at his job.

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Posted in: 76-year-old man arrested over death of 73-year-old neighbor See in context

He'll never go to prison!

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Posted in: Black man fearing U.S. police will kill him flees to Canada See in context

What a bunch of crap!

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