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Reminds me of an old book he penned with Akio Morita, " A Japan that can say NO!" I think was the title....raving on about how Sony will always remain unbeatable and Japan is the paragon for the world. 15 years ago when I read this book - which I later added warm water to and used to wipe my backside - I thought this guy has got a real nasty inferiority complex. What is even more worrying is that Japanese people voted him in.... which means....... I can't say it clearly or little miss politically correct moderator will spank my wrist!

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I'll be getting some for the wife and the dog as they both suffer from FOUL-BOWEL-SYNDROME! Hope they work!

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This is a true story: one day I was at the local sento toweling off, suddenly I caught a man's eyes who was approaching my handsome self at a rapid rate of knots..... coming to a screeching halt he looks down at my third leg and says with all the sincereity of a connoiseur, "りっぱなちんちんですね!”"That's a great looking penis you have there!" I was a little shocked and ran his compliment through my mind again, sure that I had heard my wife scream out this adjective, noun combo when we are in the middle of our weekly bedroom gymnastics session. I said thanks, then suddenly two of his friends approached him and again he pointed to my one-eyed-pirate and repeated the compliment, they all agreed that yes, his evaluation of this foreign sausage was indeed correct. But what really surprised me was the normalacy of the topic. We just wouldn't walk up to a complete stranger and compliment on his penis as though it were a killer tattoo or a bulging set of bicepts. There was nothing homosexual about his compliment it was just an ice-breaker to start of a little convo about me and where I came from. I have about half a dozen similar incidents that always make me smile! When asked to explain why the Japanese do these things by my family back home, I always reply, "It's a buddhist thing!"

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Another backward, dangerous country, that MUSTbe boycotted by the well-informed. Why anyone would still want to visit this primitive deathtrap : 2009 Jakarta bombings; Australian embassy 2004; Bali 2002, dates when people from all over the world were killed by imbecilic, fundamental muslims! To anyone who is thinking about visiting this island of ambush, forgery, swindle, oh and the minor problem of murdering innocent civilians...... go and spend money on a holiday in your own safe backyard! Poor ignorant kid is in for a rough couple of months, but when it comes to Indonesian politicians and police it is all about GREASING PALMS! If his parents cough up the money demanded by police and the other official leeches, then ol' Kenji-kun will be back in Nippon eating sushi before you can say, "Yabakatta-Yo!"

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Wouldn't waste my time if I were a professional athlete. Well, Nishikori is still a kid and will learn with time that all races and cultures aren't created equal. Sometimes ya just gotta boycott certain countries that are either dangerous or living in the dark ages.

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