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Posted in: Ninja Castle in Tokyo has heartwarming message for foreign tourists in midst of coronavirus See in context

That’s the spirit of Real Japan and Japanese! Love you ❤️

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Posted in: Cover your eyes with a bra eye mask See in context


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Posted in: 9 dismembered bodies found in Kanagawa apartment See in context

Japan apparently has the loneliest society on earth. Yoir neighbor could be a serial killer and you won't find it out till too late.

Hope you have complete database of your neighbours!

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Posted in: Japanese movie 'The Lowlife' tackles porn taboo See in context

Waiting for the movie,period!

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Posted in: Forbes: Michael Jackson top earning dead celebrity with $75 mil See in context

”Dead celebrity” - How cool it is!

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Posted in: New system could stop bullet trains faster in event of sea quake See in context

Was traveling till date thought these kind of systems are already built in!

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Posted in: Japanese research team set to redefine the kilogram for first time in 130 years See in context

Validity of this Silicon ball?!

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Posted in: Tourists can (finally) make shinkansen reservations from overseas with new app See in context

Another a year iOS users? Oh God!

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Posted in: Train stops 30 meters short of platform after driver dozes off See in context

This one person rest to be ensured otherwise he ll ensure permanent rest for so many peoples.

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Posted in: Japan warns nationals in London after attacks See in context

Continuous attacks makes U.K. to not fit for tourism and any other visits!

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Posted in: 2 men beat woman returning home in Saitama See in context

Dont name them as Men! #shame

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Posted in: Many rites await Princess Mako and Komuro before their marriage See in context

Gifting money is a traditional policy available in Asian countries like India and the process is named as Dowry! What is the purpose of this ritual in 21st century in which almost all of us are educated well?! #Job #earn #Salary

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Posted in: Protest calls flood police after big cash theft in Hiroshima See in context

Incident will really be deteriorating for those who are sincere...

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Posted in: Gov't eyes banning entry of gambling addicts to pachinko parlors See in context

Henceforth Doctors will be appointed as pachinko operators?!

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Posted in: Japan's potato chip shortage likely to linger until fall See in context

A option,Import from Asian countries aka India!

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Posted in: Gov't names and shames 'black' companies violating labor laws See in context

In this case,Prefix of 'Black' should be added to all Japanese companies!

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