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Posted in: UFOs haven't invaded Japan, defense minister tells Diet See in context

Is this a late April's fool? Or did this really happen?

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Posted in: Japanese survivor describes Tunisia museum attack See in context

ha ha ha, very funny badman... It reminds me of what told me a Chinese business partner about Japanese people and the Nanjing event...

On a more serious note, who do you think is fighting against IS? If your answer is limited to US and Europe then you are oblivious to the actual situation.

What happenned is very sad. Especially for Tunisia which was the only sucessful example of transition from dictatorship to democracy (in less than 4 years!). I hope Tunisia will get back on its feet and democracy will prevail.

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Posted in: Use of GPS to track suspect ruled legal by Osaka court See in context

I think this debate revolves on the fact that whether a car is a private property or not. For a private property, a warrant should be needed. For the gakojin card or driver license as it remains the government property (even though each person is the owner), no warrant are needed. By the way, does anyone have a link concerning the IC chip in the driver license or gaikojin card?

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Posted in: Iraqis living under IS rule fear liberation means reprisals See in context

Depending on how the Sunni are treated after "liberation", there will be a big impact on the other areas controlled by IS.

The choice for the Sunni in these areas will be simple: 1 "get on IS side even if not agree with their doings but keep my home and land" or 2 "never get on IS side because I do not agree but lose my home and land when liberation happens"

Hope that the Irak government will make a good choice about how to treat people after liberation. Otherwise IS number of soldier will increase (again?).

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Posted in: Father of TV personality Rola convicted of health insurance fraud See in context

Who is Rola?

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Posted in: Japan sees 50% chance of El Nino re-emerging by summer See in context

Which means "maybe or maybe not, we don't know"

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Posted in: Group says 'American Sniper' film spurs threats against Muslims See in context

I did not see the movie nor checked who are the ADC. Sorry for my lack of culture (interest?) on this.

But comments here are very funny, as if all muslims in the world have a secret agreement between them lol. As if all those who do not say that they do not agree with IS are agreeing with them? Simply said any member of a religious group is responsible of what did any other member of the group? Please think before making such dumb comments...

But still, some people will not understand that statement... So just note that Arabia, Jordania, Emirates, Iran, Irak and Syria are also fighting against IS and extremists... And I do not think that these are western countries. The first victims of IS and extremists are the ones living there.

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Posted in: Fukushima monkeys show possible effects of radiation, study says See in context

Fewer? By how much? 1%? 15% 30%? And compared to the baseline of such species? Are we out of the baseline? In the minimum range? Higher than the average?

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Posted in: Israeli military destroy Gaza tunnels See in context

@Japonaise 1/ I am not speaking about any occupation if Gaza. I am speaking about the occupation of most if the remaining Palestinian territory as defined by the UN resolution. 2/ I am defining comments as "low level" when someone try to justify something that do not need any justification (or when not justifiable according to international regulation and bit according to mass media misconcept). As I said the good guy is the winner. 3/ Last post from my side on this topic as no discussion is possible when people are pros and cons (only possible when people are open to discussion). Which is actually the same between Israel government and Palestine government (with one wanting the application of the UN resolutions and one refusing... Guess who is who).

Good night.

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Posted in: Israeli military destroy Gaza tunnels See in context

I did not read the article except for the few lines at the beginning which confirmed me that this article is completely biased... I was much more interested on the comments and as excepted there are the usual low level pro-Israel comments that are found everywhere on Internet: 1/ "it's the Hamas that kill the Palestinians, not Israel" -> hem... I don't even now how to answer this absurdity 2/ "we are defending ourselves from the Hamas" -> a great parts of Palestine is occupied by Israel which do not respect borders defined by the UN and until recently terrorists rockets only touched occupied territories (it now has changed); so tell me, how can you defend an occupied territory?

So let's be honest with each other: it's just the continuation of the invasion that's it. Let's not try to find any excuse from one side or from the other. There is an invader and an invaded. And as history has already shown us so many times: the good guys are the one who wins.

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Posted in: Battle for Syria gas field after jihadists execute hundreds See in context

We are on the side of those who will give us (western wolrd) the oil and gas. We thought we could get a better deal with Bachar out but we may lose everything in the end. So maybe it's time to change side? (For those who don't understand I am being sarcastic)

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Posted in: 'Lighten up,' French magazine tells Japan after Fukushima cartoon complaint See in context

@MaximumMan: I think you don't know how it works... Japanese nuclear utilities send their used nuclear fuel to France and UK to reprocess it (separating the content of used nuclear fuel) and then they send it back. The reprocessing allow separating hi radioactive material from low radioactive material as well as reusable fuel and depleted uranium. The world regulation is very tight about nuclear waste. So no, France and UK is not sending nuclear waste to Japan, it's the contrary.

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Posted in: 'Lighten up,' French magazine tells Japan after Fukushima cartoon complaint See in context

This article and all the reactions shows there are a lot of different culture in the world.

In France, everything is acceptable to make some jokes or satires even showing the prophet of a religion that does not allow representing him. In Japan (China and Korea), losing face and being joked on is totally unacceptable and disrespectful. In the US, making a joke or comment on something that can hurt a full community is unbelievable.

This being said, these differencse is why it is fun in a world with different cultures. Everybody had experiences on cultures differences here in Japan; sometimes it must have been a very tough situation but when each party explains its culture specificity, it ligthen up.

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