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Posted in: 7 killed, 48 hospitalized after London terror attacks; 3 suspects shot dead See in context

Sure Stranger !!


There is also a documentary, I believe - ''What British Muslims Really Think''

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Posted in: Nurse arrested for stealing cash from patient’s family See in context

That could very well have been the "gift" for the operating doctor. That still goes on in Japan - according to a friend of mine, it will give the doctor more incentive to do his best ....

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Posted in: 68-year-old man arrested for trying to steal police officer’s gun See in context

1year from retirement and probably hasn't fired his gun his whole career - good on him for keeping his cool and handling it the way he did.

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Posted in: Trump announces U.S. withdrawal from Paris climate pact; allies voice dismay See in context

Move with the times or get left behind ... this is another step backwards for America.

Your next president is going to have his work cut out for him or her.

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Posted in: May, Corbyn face tough questions on live TV See in context

Yeah that's True Jimizo.

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Posted in: May, Corbyn face tough questions on live TV See in context

The last Labor government took us into a war that we should have stayed out of. 

All because Tony B. couldn't keep his nose out of George's hutt bole..

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Posted in: Putin a bigger threat than Islamic State: McCain See in context

McCain still hasn't got over the post traumatic stress disorder he got during ww2.

You mean Vietnam, right ?

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Posted in: Abe becomes Japan's 3rd longest-serving postwar prime minister See in context

I think he's done a pretty good job of bringing political stability back to Japan. You can moan about the changes he wants to make, but let's be honest he has steadied the ship well. If my memory serves me correctly, we had a new Prime Minister every year between 2007 and 2012 - good on you Mr. Abe !

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Posted in: London will remain No. 1 for Japanese banks in Europe despite Brexit: experts See in context

LOL Toasted - I can't tell if that was a joke or real typo ???

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Posted in: London will remain No. 1 for Japanese banks in Europe despite Brexit: experts See in context

although painful for my fingers to type this message, I have to agree with BB.

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Posted in: Armed forces to be deployed to key sites in Britain after Manchester suicide bombing See in context

It's really sad that it has come to the point where we need the army to come in and control the streets.

I went to Paris a month after the bombings there. As a tourist, it was re-assuring for me to see the soldiers patrolling the streets, but I wouldn't like to see that on a daily basis where I live - soldiers are still patrolling Paris and other cities I hear so I guess there will be no set deadline for their withdrawal in the UK either.

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Posted in: Man spends wife’s inheritance from her mother on mobile games See in context

Yeah 40,000 yen sounds more accurate - 10,000 yen a week on those silly games is possible if they get you hooked.  I guess the mobile games excuse could have been a cover for something else ?

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Posted in: Global reaction mixed after U.S. attacks Syrian gov't base with cruise missiles See in context

but I'm asking myself why he did this before the invstigation was concluded. part of me thinks it was a good move if it was to get rid of chemical weapons, but deep down we all know that DT did this for his EGO - now he can say he has bigger ballz than Obama.

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Posted in: Fox backs O'Reilly after reports of sexual harassment See in context

Laughing at you Bigot O'Rielly -

Next let's see what Hannity has been up to...

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Posted in: California approves vehicle pollution rules in rebuke to Trump See in context

Next will be Gavin Newsome in 2018 :)

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Posted in: Japan's 2nd big helicopter carrier enters service See in context


I read that it's a technicality. Apparently these two ships can be refitted and modeled to become aircraft carriers.

I remember reading the same thing. They said that it had been built to be long enough (intentionally I guess) to accomodate fighter jets with some modifications.

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Posted in: Welcome hug See in context

Guys, don't look at this picture for too long .... and don't eat breakfast before looking!

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Posted in: Kristen Stewart says coming out is worthwhile if she can help others See in context

Maybe she did it to end speculation ?

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Posted in: Point of view See in context

Looks like he's wearing magic mushrooms

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Posted in: Can Japan say no to Trump? See in context

Japanese people never say NO. They say MAYBE, which basically means no.

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Posted in: Trump vows military build-up, hammers nationalist themes See in context


*Good| Bad

Burning BushFeb. 25, 2017 - 07:42AM JST

His plan is to bring the sprawling military home and build bases within the US. Philippines, Japan, Turkey, Italy, Germany, etc. All those bases will be closed and troops withdrawn and money spent building bases in America, ostensibly to defend America from Mexico.

Good move.*

As we've seen over the last 4 weeks, what's said by the Donald is reworded by just about every other person is his team. If he does actually get his way and make this happen, you'll have to accept the flip side - less political and economical sway in other countries affairs ...

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Posted in: Trump taps military strategist as national security adviser See in context

>tremendous talent and tremendous experience

Good old Donald, opened up the dictionary and found the letter 'T' today.

Reminds of that friends episode where Joey can only afford to buy one encyclopedia set and settles on the letter 'V'..

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Posted in: Warehouse in Saitama still ablaze after 5 days See in context

I understand we don't have all the facts yet but I really hope this wasn't another case of the fire service not sending enough trucks to sort out the blaze like in Niigata last month..

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Posted in: Trump administration proposes stricter Obamacare rules See in context

TheFu - from your comment I gather that you've done pretty well for yourself, having enough money to invest in stocks and all that - good on you.

You say that 'we' in the US are against larger govt and overreaching by the Feds for anything not specifically in the constitution - let me note that the US constitution was signed in 1787, a time when no country in the world was thinking about Universal Healthcare. Just to put things into perspective, the NHS was formed in 1948, 150 years after the constitution was signed.

If the constitution had never been amended, only white men over the age of 21 would be allowed to vote today. These articles were wisely amended, as they should have been.

Most of the doctors and and people in the medical field that I speak to support Universal Healthcare. They don't equate dinners with saving people's lives.

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Posted in: Bayern Munich routs Arsenal 5-1 in first leg of Champions League clash See in context

Arsenals spending policy is the problem for them. You can get new manager but you're going to have to break your "no more than 100k a week" club rule. We live an era where "selfish" is the norm. Last season was a one-off where we saw all the big clubs lose more games than they normally would.

Arsenal is a cash cow for Stan K. Paying mediocre salaries, charging one of the most expensive season tickets BUT still getting top 4 finishes and CL football EVERY season. Low risk, High return for Stan K.

Wenger's future might depend on whether or not Stan K wants to roll the dice...

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Posted in: Rio is stuck with big bills and vacant venues after Olympics See in context

Agree with speed. Japanese people have disposable income. We won't have the same problems that a summer games would bring to a poor country. I said summer not winter games because I heard stories about the Nagano games being a big white elephant.

It's a noble idea to try to bring the World Cup and the Olympics to all counties, but don't do it if it's going to bankrupt them.

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Posted in: Meeting Israel's Netanyahu, Trump backs away from commitment to Palestinian state See in context

"I'm happy with the one they like the best"

That's got to be the most ambiguous answer anyone has ever given on this issue. He knows that "they" are never going to like the same "one" doesn't he???

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for filming up girl's skirt See in context

Agree with the last poster - there is something fundermentally wrong with a society when people, young girls in particular, are vulnerable on trains and escalators.... and the icing on the cake is that in this case, the perp is a guy who is charged with protecting these people ...

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Posted in: Eastern Australia warns of 'catastrophic' conditions amid heatwave See in context

Oh man, look at those pictures - climate change doesn't look so bad, does it ?

On a more serious note, lots of countries are going to benefit from climate change (Russia, Canada, and so on ...) so I wouldn't be surprised if some countries were banking on it behind closed doors...

The real losers are the countries that don't have the means to do anything about it. Also the ones with the smallest carbon footprints.

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Posted in: Trump attacks on judiciary raise safety concerns for judges See in context

Prevail in his battle ?? LOL OK..

I heard he's having trouble concentrating in his intelligence briefings, so good luck with that.

To be honest, there's really no need for terrorists to infiltrate America anymore - you guys are doing yourselves over left, right and center

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