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njca4 comments

Posted in: White House downplays Biden calling Japan xenophobic country See in context

Biden is wrong in how he phrased this, it is not xenophobia.

I think it comes down to Japan being able to see the blatant issues with multiculturalism, and then deciding "no thank you, we don't want to do that".

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Posted in: Advantage Man City in Premier League title race after losses for Arsenal and Liverpool See in context

I've been wrong about a lot of things this year ... I hope I'm wrong about City winning the PL again. Can you imagine what a @#&@ storm it'll be if (when) FFP judgement day comes.

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Posted in: Philippine protesters trample on Xi effigy; condemn China's maritime 'aggression' See in context

deanzaZZRToday  12:43 am JST

I especially love the "Foreign troops out of Philippines" sign. Now there's an own goal. lol

Yeah, this is confusing.

2 anti-US signs there, but nothing about the protesters being against US troop deployment in the article.

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Posted in: Liverpool face Man Utd title test as top four battle heats up See in context

Eric ten hag is done at united, he ran out of ideas a long time ago.

I see Liverpool winning this match easily

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Posted in: U.S. comedian Jimmy Kimmel says he was blown away by Japan’s bathrooms See in context

I haven't sat on a toilet that doesn't have a jet for years ..

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Posted in: Singapore rules out playing host in new blow to Commonwealth Games See in context

Commonwealth is England's way of still keeping some relevance.

We gave that up when we voted for Brexit

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Posted in: 12-year-old student opens fire at a school in Finland, killing 1 and wounding 2 others See in context

@the Fu

I understand what you're saying, and you're absolutely correct when you say that I am confused.

I just can't get my head around the fact that the country that people look to lead the future is stuck in 1787.

It's really sad

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Posted in: 12-year-old student opens fire at a school in Finland, killing 1 and wounding 2 others See in context

Yes, it happens in other countries, too, there's no denying that.

But it's the fact that America doesn't do anything to address the issue that has the rest of us dumbfounded.

Most other countries react with gun bans or legislation that limits gun ownership, Australia, Norway and New Zealand did that.

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Posted in: France asks for foreign police and military help with massive Paris Olympics security challenge See in context

This request is not out of the norm.

I think it's pretty standard

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Posted in: Gunma shuns S Korean request for meeting over monument removal See in context

They approved it in good faith, but were taken advantage of.

Lesson learned.

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Posted in: Man City hosts Arsenal in last clash of EPL big three See in context

Thank god the Premier League is back this weekend.

I hate the breaks for international friendlies.

If Arsenal win this match, I can see them going on the win the league.

Liverpool have so many tough fixtures coming up in the EPL compared to Man C and Arsenal

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Posted in: Calls for 'smartphone free' childhood grow in UK See in context

I hate the thought of my kids wasting precious time scrolling through tiktok, but if I'm honest, I'm not much better.

There should definitely be a recommended age related to when it's appropriate for young children to start using devices.

The problem is that it's good for the economy, and we all know that in the West if something is good for the economy then everything else takes a back seat..

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Posted in: N Korea v Japan World Cup qualifier off over 'unforeseen circumstances' See in context

It's all about the bruises guys ...

March 26th is only a few days away.

You know those guys got a whoopin' after the match so they'll have the wait for the bruising to go away.

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Posted in: Japan prepared to host and then travel to N Korea for back-to-back World Cup qualifiers See in context

This will be a great game to watch for MMA fans.

I hope the Referee isn't from China this time.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted bank robbery in Tokyo See in context

Bank tellers steal more money from bank on average than a bank robber,with a stroke of a key,they can initiate all kind of fraud and go undetectable for years

Just because you see something happen in a movie or read about one banker doing something like that in the newspaper, it doesn't mean that all bank tellers are stealing money.

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Posted in: Kishida questioned over scantily clad dancers at LDP party See in context

scantily clad female dancers were reportedly told to use their mouths to receive cash tips.

Not only is this gross, but it's a safety risk for girls. I hope they didn't catch anything from these swamp creatures.

Really bad optics.

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Posted in: Arsenal beats Porto on penalties to reach Champions League quarterfinals See in context

if they play like they did last night

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Posted in: Arsenal beats Porto on penalties to reach Champions League quarterfinals See in context

I don't know about that Fighto ..

Arsenal are serial bottlers, and if they play like they did against Real Madrid or another decent side, they're not getting to the semi-finals.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted bank robbery in Tokyo See in context

And the idea that a toy gun would do the trick is hilarious

No joke - a guy who was a little bit older than me stood up the bank with a BANANA. Of course, he didn't brandish it, but had it in his pocket.

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Posted in: Liverpool, Man City frustrated by draw in title clash; Spurs rout Villa See in context

That Villa/Spurs match could've been 4 nil to Villa by half time. We were so open ... Really lucky

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Posted in: Asian shares mostly lower; Japan's Nikkei 225 falls 2.5% See in context

Time for a correction.

Maybe 10% over the 2 weeks

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested over fatal hit-and-run after woman dragged for 400 meters See in context

2nd story today involving trucks hitting people.

I feel sorry for everyone involved, including the driver. It's a huge responsibility to drive something that could kill a person. This is why I've never been fond of driving....

One lapse in concentration, and it's the end of 2 people's lives

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Posted in: Sweden officially joins NATO, ending decades of post-World War II neutrality See in context

Now for the other country with a yellow and blue flag

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Posted in: Teacher suspended after threatening to kill junior high school student See in context

This teacher sounds like he was born into the wrong generation. Acts more like a "Shouwa guy".

They think that by them saying "you're useless" or "we don't need you here", it's going to motivate the students to try harder. It's such a lazy and rotten approach to teaching. Good job they got rid of him one way or the other.

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Posted in: Arsenal hit Sheff Utd for six to set record scoring streak See in context

They have a reasonable chance to extend that record to 4 teams on Sunday. I can see them putting 5 past Brentford

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Posted in: Man City's 3-1 win against Man United provides reality check for Ratcliffe See in context

Well that wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It also would have been a much closer match had the officiating been more fair.

Only one team was there playing to win, the other team was just ... there.

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Posted in: Fear and loathing in a Super Tuesday state: Democrats angry at Biden back him anyway to stop Trump See in context

Dems are in yuuuuuge trouble.

It was only a few years ago that he was in office so the rotten taste of Trump is still fresh for people to remember how bad he was.

Mitt Romney's interview on CNN the other day was very interesting.

It's clear that there are yuuuuuuge numbers of traditional Republican's who will not vote for trump this time around.

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Posted in: Liverpool strike late to beat Forest; Spurs, Villa win in top-four fight See in context

I had already put my Liverpool playbook away before the Nunez goal. Brillant and we'll take the win to stay top. Now if Man City could lose against Man U today.

I hope so Wallace, but it's just wishful thinking.

City are back to their best.

Liverpool Vs City next week.

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Posted in: Japan defeats N Korea 2-1 to reach women's soccer tournament at Paris Olympics See in context

Why only 20,000 fans?

They should advertise north Korea's games as football/MMA, double the audience!

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy dies after choking while eating school lunch See in context

I've heard about kids choking on bread and mochi, but quail eggs are a first. I feel for the teacher and kids that were there at that time.

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