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Posted in: Trump says he does not have 'racist bone' in his body See in context

He didn't say anything racist. Honestly, he could cure cancer single-handed right now, and the left would find fault with him in some contrived way or another. Also, a bit rich for someone from Somalia(!) to be criticizing her adopted country!

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Posted in: Amazon 'Prime Day' becomes phenomenon as rivals jump in See in context

Living in a tiny mountain village in Japan, Prime is awesome for me. I use Amazon so much, for almost everything, groceries, cleaning products, gardening stuff, books, beers....and it all gets delivered free!

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Posted in: Recycling project for 2020 Games medals achieves goal See in context

Look at these spring chickens, just bursting with energy!

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Posted in: Japanese entertainment mogul Johnny Kitagawa dies at age 87 See in context

A Japanese Jimmy Savile. Horrible!

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Posted in: Foot-dragging on HIV prevention explains Japan's lack of progress in reducing new cases See in context

It would help if Japanese girls were more adamant on guys wearing condoms!

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Posted in: Migrants in Italy boat dispute disembark on Lampedusa See in context

They should never have been allowed to dock. Shame on Italy for backing down.

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Posted in: 'Male, female…other?' Japan form-makers consider possible LGBT discrimination in their terminology See in context

Please don’t join in with this idiocy.

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Posted in: TOEIC drops out of Japan's new university entrance exam See in context

I know Japanese people who have TOEIC scores over 800, but who cannot respond to the question "How's it going?" in an appropriate fashion.

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Posted in: Japan warns UK PM rivals on no-deal Brexit See in context

No deal....NOW!

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Posted in: Urban jungle See in context

Horrible. How anybody chooses to live in such a concrete jungle is beyond me.

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Posted in: New Zealand begins gun buyback after mosque killings See in context

Very sad day.

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Posted in: Operator of tanker says sailors saw 'flying objects' just before attack See in context

John Bolton orgasming as we speak.

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Posted in: U.S. to deploy 1,000 troops to Poland; Warsaw may call them 'Fort Trump' See in context

That's awesome. Thank goodness there are still countries like Poland and Hungary in this world.

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Posted in: Land of the rising scrum: Japan packs down for World Cup See in context

Japan will crash out in the early stages.

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Posted in: Samoa bans hit Elton John biopic over gay sex scenes See in context


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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO reminds visitors that cannabis is banned in Japan See in context

Good thing. Here in Washington, I am sick of seeing stoners and smelling their stink. Don't bring this to Japan.

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest clothes or accessories you have seen staff wear to your workplace? See in context

Girls wearing jeans under a skirt.

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Posted in: What realistic measures can countries take to reduce plastic waste being dumped in oceans? See in context

Don't buy anything from China.

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Posted in: What can be done to help Japan's 'hikikomori' (recluses)? See in context

Getting rid of the parents that facilitate this nonsense would go a long way. I know only too well how my parents would have reacted if I had refused to come out of my room when I was younger! (not that I ever lived with my parents after 18 years old).

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Posted in: Gov't council says pensions inadequate in aging society See in context

Who actually pays into this J government pension scam scheme anyway??

Non law-breakers.

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Posted in: Gov't council says pensions inadequate in aging society See in context

If you British, sign up for Class 2 NI contributions ASAP. £15 a month!

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Posted in: Corbyn accuses Trump of interfering in UK politics with Johnson comments See in context

Can’t wait for Boris to do a no-deal Brexit and take us out! Oh, and go Trump 2020!

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Posted in: Interrogation recording in serious cases becomes mandatory in Japan See in context

The police will hate this. How are they going to force confessions now?

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man shot dead by police on Saitama street See in context

Awesome. A good guy with a gun saves the day, yet again.

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Posted in: Hokkaido and other parts of Japan are experiencing their highest temperatures for May on record. What's your view on climate change? See in context

Proving that someone doesn't understand the hockey stick graph.

Thanks for proving your own point.

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Posted in: Hokkaido and other parts of Japan are experiencing their highest temperatures for May on record. What's your view on climate change? See in context

It's been proven by the whole "hockey stick" graph to be a scam.

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Posted in: Trump arrives in Tokyo; meets Japanese business leaders See in context

What a fantastic President he has turned out to be. MAGA 2020!

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Posted in: Tearful British PM May says she will resign on June 7 See in context

Good riddance! Bring on Boris! Brexit NOW!

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Posted in: Abe meets with U.S. National Security Adviser Bolton See in context

Big fan of Bolton. Loved his speech on the uselessness of the UN.

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