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Posted in: Knife-wielding man shot dead by police on Saitama street See in context

Awesome. A good guy with a gun saves the day, yet again.

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Posted in: Hokkaido and other parts of Japan are experiencing their highest temperatures for May on record. What's your view on climate change? See in context

Proving that someone doesn't understand the hockey stick graph.

Thanks for proving your own point.

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Posted in: Hokkaido and other parts of Japan are experiencing their highest temperatures for May on record. What's your view on climate change? See in context

It's been proven by the whole "hockey stick" graph to be a scam.

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Posted in: Trump arrives in Tokyo; meets Japanese business leaders See in context

What a fantastic President he has turned out to be. MAGA 2020!

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Posted in: Tearful British PM May says she will resign on June 7 See in context

Good riddance! Bring on Boris! Brexit NOW!

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Posted in: Abe meets with U.S. National Security Adviser Bolton See in context

Big fan of Bolton. Loved his speech on the uselessness of the UN.

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Posted in: Packing his bags: Trump plans jet-setting summer of travel See in context

Good on him. One of the best Presidents ever needs a well-deserved rest.

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Posted in: Osaka police ask public for help on girl missing for 16 years See in context

Poor little girl.

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Posted in: American Airlines gets tentative OK for more Haneda flights See in context

Always enjoy flying with this airline.

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Posted in: Polls open in Australian election; opposition tipped to win See in context

Go One Nation! The only party with sensible policies for ordinary Australians.

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Posted in: Europe's far-right wooing the young See in context

Very happy to see this. We need to correct all the mess caused by liberals.

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Posted in: Nissan profit nose-dives 57.3% See in context


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Posted in: Perdue barbecues to sell Japanese on buying more U.S. beef See in context

where each cow is raised open range

Now here's a comment that is going to take some serious beating in terms of cluelessness!

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Posted in: Japan’s host club king wants to sell you some ¥54,000 hair product in a tiny bottle See in context

Well, doesn’t he look....manly?! lol

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Posted in: Perdue barbecues to sell Japanese on buying more U.S. beef See in context

If you prefer meat to fat, American beef is awesome.

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Posted in: Renting a girlfriend in Japan: Relationship goals or just plain awkward? See in context

It's easier and more fun to just call delivery health.

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Posted in: Australian PM egged on campaign trail See in context

The "tolerant" left at work again.

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Posted in: Trump announces higher tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods See in context

Great to hear. Five more years of this, please!

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Posted in: Rush of travelers returning from Golden Week holiday intensifies See in context

Had a great week at my house in the mountains without leaving. Who on earth would choose to travel at this time of year?!

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Posted in: North Carolina campus shooting leaves 2 dead, 4 injured; suspect in custody See in context

All this just makes me want to extend my NRA membership to "Lifetime Member". Don't tread on me.

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Posted in: Biden says 'I am a union man,' at first 2020 campaign event See in context

This is great news for Trump 2020. This is seriously the best the Democrats can muster up?! MAGA!

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Posted in: What was the best thing that happened to you during the Heisei Era? See in context

Discovered Strong Zero.

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Posted in: Japan looks to fight gambling addiction ahead of casino openings See in context

More nanny state. I am looking forward to gambling for a bit of fun. If you can’t control it, more fool you.

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Posted in: Democrats make legal bid for all Russia probe evidence; Trump poll numbers drop See in context

Love this. Will only serve to make a Trump victory in 2020 even more likely! Suck it up haters!

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Posted in: Toyota, SoftBank fund, Denso invest $1 billion in Uber See in context

Lyft is better than Uber.

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Posted in: Japan rugby chairman Mori quits months before World Cup See in context

Looks to be at death's door.

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Posted in: Why does politics divide a country into "us" versus "them" (using the U.S. as an example)? Why can't people on both sides come together on issues to unify their country instead of dividing it? See in context

Intolerance of the Left is a major reason. As a Trump supporter, I have witnessed this first hand. I am more than happy to have friends from all sides of the political divide; it doesn't bother me whether someone I hang out with is a Bernie supporter or whatever. I am always open to discourse. However, when people on the left learn I support Trump and am on the right of politics, they really show just how "tolerant" they really are. Highly ironic, when all you hear is how the Left are supposed to be welcoming and tolerant and the right are supposed to be close-minded and divisive. It's the exact opposite in my experience!

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Posted in: Man fires gun snatched from police officer in Yokohama See in context

The police should have just shot him.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife questioned in closed-door hearing at Tokyo District Court See in context

The wheels of "justice" only work in Japan due to confessions. Without a confession, the prosecutors are screwed. They have no idea what they are doing if they don't get a confession. If Ghosn sticks to his guns and doesn't confess, he'll likely be found innocent. One good thing to come out of this debacle, is that the rest of the world can see how inept and unfit the Japanese "justice" system is.

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