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Posted in: Putin warns he'll rid Russia of anyone who questions invasion of Ukraine See in context

"Putin will be charged with crimes against humanity"

while other countries have been suffering from WAR for more than 10 to 30 years but sadly no one stand with them or call the USA WAR CRIMINALS!!! its for peace, white peace lol

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Posted in: South Korea hits daily record 400,000-plus virus cases See in context

what ? how ?

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Posted in: Vietnam bans new Tom Holland film over South China Sea map See in context


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Posted in: Amazon nears climate 'tipping point' faster than expected See in context

no one will ever care about climate change they will always deny it

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 10,823 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 63,742 See in context


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Posted in: Step into a manga at Japan’s 2-D cafes in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto See in context

that's looks absolutely amazing and confusing lol

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Posted in: Over 407,000 on entry waiting list as Japan eases border controls See in context

i hope in the coming months that they will open the whole country for everyone to travel

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 9,632 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 51,388 See in context

wow i thought japan would have less cases didnt see that coming

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation murder suspect to undergo additional psychiatric tests See in context

well it might take another 10 years of checks then they might say he is mentally unstable and they will let them go

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Posted in: Malaysian shot putter disqualified after winning gold medal See in context

disqualifying a guy for being late ??? wow

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 3,168 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 20,031 See in context

wow its getting real bad over there stay safe people

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Posted in: Israel strikes Gaza after violent protests along border See in context

the strange thing is that this happen on a daily basis but no one report it or care about it

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Posted in: All-new 2023 Nissan Z makes world debut See in context

looks like an Audi !! wow did not know that Japanese would go this far in making the car look this bad

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Posted in: Bach to return to Tokyo for Paralympics opening ceremony See in context

he will come to the opening then runaway cuz he know its an infection hotspot over there

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Posted in: Moving along See in context


with all due respect but i think you still didn't get that no one cares about future and you can see that very clearly not just in this pic but all around us in every country

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Posted in: IOC's Bach brings attention to Hiroshima — some of it unwanted See in context

Bach and Coates are using the backdrop of the cities, hit with atomic bombs by the United States in 1945, to promote the first day of the so-called Olympic Truce, a tradition from ancient Greece that was revived by a United Nations resolution in 1993.

what ?? you for real ? wow

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Posted in: Virus cluster reported at Shizuoka hotel hosting Brazilian Olympians See in context

and its begin

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Posted in: Fewer than 1,000 VIPs may attend Olympic opening ceremony See in context

vips ??? lol

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Posted in: How organizers hope to manage coronavirus at the Olympics See in context

they hope but they didn't even control it while its in public how would they hope for anything good coming from Olympics. really sad to see how they want this badly even they know they cant do anything to control it

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Posted in: Suga asks Bach to ensure Olympics will be safe, particularly for Japanese public See in context

this headline should be "Suga asks Bach to infect everyone with covid19 in Olympics so maybe japan and the rest of the world can understand safety''

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Posted in: Suga apologizes for asking wholesalers to facilitate alcohol ban See in context

this dude is not right in his mind i mean look at him lol

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,149 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,194 See in context

i think they don't understand "lockdown" in japan or maybe there's no word in Japanese that have a similar meaning.

it's really sad to see a country have such poor covid19 outbreak management.

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Posted in: Seiko adds limited edition starter Pokemon to their luxury watch collection See in context

its looks not bad

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Posted in: AI Japanese bar Mama-san is ready to listen to your troubles at her virtual bar See in context

thats looks so creepy holy

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Posted in: Jill Biden to attend Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony See in context

sure mate

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Posted in: 4 Olympic workers from U.S., Britain arrested over alleged cocaine use See in context

really ?? cocaine ???

"If this proves to be true, it's an incident that could damage the image of the games. It's really unfortunate."

the image of the game ? lol

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Posted in: COVID case cuts short Singapore 'cruise to nowhere' See in context

"cruise to nowhere" 

yeah i think whoever is sailing this knows that there's only one place u will reach which is a place where everyone get infected

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Posted in: Bach corrects Chinese slip-up in Olympic talks; calls Tokyo best-ever prepared host city See in context

Bach corrects Chinese slip-up in his Olympic talks; calls Tokyo best-ever prepared host city

yeah sure let me call them the best ever prepared host city for one reason

Bach tripped over his words while addressing his Japanese hosts, referring to the “Chinese people” rather than “Japanese people” as he spoke.

cuz im racist and i show it in a freaking meeting like this lol

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 830 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,386 See in context

what is going on over there?

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Posted in: Kyocera unveils Bio Series ceramic knives for eco-conscious cooks See in context

eco-conscious cooks

lol that's funny

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