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with all due respect but i think you still didn't get that no one cares about future and you can see that very clearly not just in this pic but all around us in every country

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Posted in: IOC's Bach brings attention to Hiroshima — some of it unwanted See in context

Bach and Coates are using the backdrop of the cities, hit with atomic bombs by the United States in 1945, to promote the first day of the so-called Olympic Truce, a tradition from ancient Greece that was revived by a United Nations resolution in 1993.

what ?? you for real ? wow

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Posted in: Virus cluster reported at Shizuoka hotel hosting Brazilian Olympians See in context

and its begin

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Posted in: Fewer than 1,000 VIPs may attend Olympic opening ceremony See in context

vips ??? lol

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they hope but they didn't even control it while its in public how would they hope for anything good coming from Olympics. really sad to see how they want this badly even they know they cant do anything to control it

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Posted in: Suga asks Bach to ensure Olympics will be safe, particularly for Japanese public See in context

this headline should be "Suga asks Bach to infect everyone with covid19 in Olympics so maybe japan and the rest of the world can understand safety''

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Posted in: Suga apologizes for asking wholesalers to facilitate alcohol ban See in context

this dude is not right in his mind i mean look at him lol

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i think they don't understand "lockdown" in japan or maybe there's no word in Japanese that have a similar meaning.

it's really sad to see a country have such poor covid19 outbreak management.

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Posted in: Seiko adds limited edition starter Pokemon to their luxury watch collection See in context

its looks not bad

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Posted in: AI Japanese bar Mama-san is ready to listen to your troubles at her virtual bar See in context

thats looks so creepy holy

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Posted in: Jill Biden to attend Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony See in context

sure mate

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Posted in: 4 Olympic workers from U.S., Britain arrested over alleged cocaine use See in context

really ?? cocaine ???

"If this proves to be true, it's an incident that could damage the image of the games. It's really unfortunate."

the image of the game ? lol

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Posted in: COVID case cuts short Singapore 'cruise to nowhere' See in context

"cruise to nowhere" 

yeah i think whoever is sailing this knows that there's only one place u will reach which is a place where everyone get infected

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Posted in: Bach corrects Chinese slip-up in Olympic talks; calls Tokyo best-ever prepared host city See in context

Bach corrects Chinese slip-up in his Olympic talks; calls Tokyo best-ever prepared host city

yeah sure let me call them the best ever prepared host city for one reason

Bach tripped over his words while addressing his Japanese hosts, referring to the “Chinese people” rather than “Japanese people” as he spoke.

cuz im racist and i show it in a freaking meeting like this lol

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 830 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,386 See in context

what is going on over there?

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Posted in: Kyocera unveils Bio Series ceramic knives for eco-conscious cooks See in context

eco-conscious cooks

lol that's funny

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Posted in: Apartment blocks in Sydney, Melbourne placed in lockdown with police guard See in context

AU can't control it anymore it's way out of their hands

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Posted in: Gem thieves rob Hollywood star at Cannes film festival See in context

thats so funny the Marriott hotel get robbed in the morning just wow

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Posted in: Do you think the Tokyo Olympics will turn out to be a superspreader event for the coronavirus? See in context

i mean they think by not doing the stupid Olympics that the world will stop moving, no one cares about the safety of others that why Abe ran away and gave the position to this dude who spend most of the tax money of paying millions on dinner parties. and he insist that he want the Olympics to take place its amazing how most people agree with him

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i think he don't know anything about Covid that why he want to do the Olympics its very stupid to keep doing it while the whole country is suffering from Covid

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Posted in: 89-year-old man arrested for attempted murder of son’s girlfriend See in context

how is he able to hold a hammer ?

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Posted in: Racist abuse targets 3 English players who missed penalties See in context

 were subjected to racist abuse online

nothing new here

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Posted in: Nintendo announces Nintendo Switch (OLED model) with a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen See in context

Nintendo didn't do anything to upgrade this model it will even give you less resolution

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Posted in: Australians trapped in vaccine 'Hunger Games,' says top official See in context

they were doing good first year somehow they ** it up

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wanna try it but i dont think its worth 10k yen like come on

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Posted in: Breastfeeding Olympians allowed to bring babies to Tokyo See in context


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Posted in: Do you check work emails on your days off, after you wake up in the morning or at night after you return home? See in context

nah i barely check them while at work

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Posted in: Let down by rich and failing the poor, global vaccine scheme to be shaken up See in context


yeah i doubt that.

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