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Posted in: Kim Kardashian to freeze Facebook, Instagram accounts to protest hate speech See in context

the dwarfs kingdom in middle earth is in danger she have to go save them

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Posted in: Samsung touts $2,000 foldable phone as a 'VIP' experience See in context

interesting they couldn't solve their normal phones problems and now they are forcing this foldphone on people and want them to pay 2000 good marketing

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Posted in: Elon Musk wants YOU to build a brain-computer interface See in context

when i read about this the only thing came to my mind is Eric Cartman

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand tread cautiously as coronavirus lingers See in context

wait for trump to make fun of them cuz they got few cases lol

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Posted in: Man fired for lying on resume by saying he had less education than he really does See in context


its not just in japan its all over the world, and even if you get better education they will say your over qualified !! so ur not getting the job if u dont know someone who can help u get it

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Posted in: Harry Potter theme park to open in Tokyo in 2023 See in context

would love to see an anime that is Japanese made of harry potter and i think if they are planing to make this park it will be the best one in the world

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Posted in: Schools restart across Japan after short summer vacation See in context

is this for real ?? like the ministry of education in japan is mentally ill i think or probably like those people who think corona is not real !!???

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Posted in: Amber Heard accuses Depp of throwing bottles like 'grenades' See in context

Depp's lawyer also played a short clip of Heard’s appearance on James Corden's “The Late Late Show” the day after the alleged 2015 incident. Laws said the footage showed no injuries on Heard.

“I had tons of injuries,” Heard said, adding that makeup had covered them up.

sure let me just get beaten then go to the late late show putting make up to cover it up while the nurse that she saw her said she didn't have any bruises

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Posted in: Singles party only wants guys who are otaku, but don’t look like otaku See in context

Earns more than 4.5 million yen a year or is a civil servant or is a college graduate or is over 175 centimeters tall.

i think who wrote this is an otaku girl and shes broke.

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Posted in: Heard says she punched Depp to stop him pushing her sister downstairs See in context

"Johnny stop, it's me, stop please"

she said that while cutting herself LOL

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Posted in: Toyota launches 1st plug-in hybrid SUV in Japan See in context

am i buying a Lexus ??? the price is unreal !!!

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Posted in: Amber Heard says ex-husband Depp threatened to kill her See in context

i thought he won this??? but i think what he said here is true.

"a slut", "fame-hungry" and "an attention whore"

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Posted in: 55-year-old man arrested over murder of parents See in context

i mean killing at the age of 55 and his parents like what is going on in this world !!!!

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Posted in: Japan’s anti-movie piracy ads are back with reboot after six-year break See in context

 erotic fan fiction of which they have been the focus.

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Posted in: Two Sydney schools close as coronavirus cases in Australia jump See in context

all countries should close all schools right now and stop all kids from going to their death because school is not safe when it comes to corona, im really shocked how people let their kids go to school in times like this and almost every gov have taken this lightly saying its just a flu not its not a flu its something we cant cure yet so why let anyone work or even go to school ???

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Posted in: Wazigen Shizukaya’s latest collection of modern men’s kimono make a move for high fashion See in context

damn i love all of them they look really amazing would love to buy them all

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after slashing tourist in Osaka shop See in context

what kind of drugs is she using ??

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Posted in: A day out at Akiyoshidai Safari Land See in context

yeah would be lovely to visit this place

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Posted in: Kyoto by the sea: An unexpected side of Kyoto See in context

Kyoto always one of the best places that you need to visit its just charming and beautiful

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Posted in: Shitenno-ji: Temples, turtles, and naked men See in context

would love to go visit this temple it will be a nice place to go to

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Posted in: Japanese companies likely to spurn Saudi Aramco IPO: JXTG president See in context

ya i don't think it's a good idea to invest there

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Posted in: Manga cafe with 24-hour, all-you-can-eat food might be cheapest place to stay (or live) in Japan See in context

yeah its looks nice to give it a try but i don't think staying for a month would be good idea

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Posted in: Autumn in Niigata See in context

i need this view right now really beautiful

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Posted in: New Zealand bans video game glorifying Christchurch mosque shooting See in context

well i don't know anything about this game but if he's say that it's about what happen in chch i would i agree that they should ban it

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Posted in: Having a shower See in context

that's a good way to prevent a big fire from spreading

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Posted in: Hate your boss? Mad at your ex? Release stress and unleash anger at Crash Box Japan See in context

different people like different things so maybe this is a good way to be less stress

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Posted in: Dutch inventor unveils device to scoop plastic out of rivers See in context

first country that should be used in is Indonesia they have a full river with plastic bottles and i think his idea is really amazing, lets just hope that some countries will use those rubbish collector boats

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Posted in: Resplendent in fall colors, Kamishiiba Dam will be a highlight of your Kyushu travels See in context

sound like a nice place to visit

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Posted in: Tokyo host club host headbutts woman after being told he 'sucks' at karaoke See in context

well she deserve the headbutt LUL

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Posted in: Abe's offering to Yasukuni shrine sparks criticism from Seoul See in context

well every country have a honor day for people who fought in wars it doesn't if it world war 1 or 2 or any war some people call them criminals some people call them hero's everyone should just mind his business when it comes to this topic

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