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Posted in: Autumn in Niigata See in context

i need this view right now really beautiful

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Posted in: New Zealand bans video game glorifying Christchurch mosque shooting See in context

well i don't know anything about this game but if he's say that it's about what happen in chch i would i agree that they should ban it

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Posted in: Having a shower See in context

that's a good way to prevent a big fire from spreading

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Posted in: Hate your boss? Mad at your ex? Release stress and unleash anger at Crash Box Japan See in context

different people like different things so maybe this is a good way to be less stress

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Posted in: Dutch inventor unveils device to scoop plastic out of rivers See in context

first country that should be used in is Indonesia they have a full river with plastic bottles and i think his idea is really amazing, lets just hope that some countries will use those rubbish collector boats

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Posted in: Resplendent in fall colors, Kamishiiba Dam will be a highlight of your Kyushu travels See in context

sound like a nice place to visit

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Posted in: Tokyo host club host headbutts woman after being told he 'sucks' at karaoke See in context

well she deserve the headbutt LUL

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Posted in: Abe's offering to Yasukuni shrine sparks criticism from Seoul See in context

well every country have a honor day for people who fought in wars it doesn't if it world war 1 or 2 or any war some people call them criminals some people call them hero's everyone should just mind his business when it comes to this topic

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Posted in: Flooded out See in context


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Posted in: Night light See in context

the moon looks beautiful next to asahi

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Posted in: Typhoon death toll climbs to 72, as scope of damage spreads See in context

that's a lot of homes with no power, just hoping that the government will help in cleaning up some of the houses.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at a disaster task force meeting on Tuesday that the government will use reserve funds, and will draft a supplementary budget for reconstruction work, if necessary.

happy to hear that too

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Posted in: Nissan to start building new Juke car at UK plant as Brexit looms See in context

bad idea

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Posted in: Man suspected of puncturing tires of cars, bicycles See in context


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Posted in: 5 dead, 3 missing after cargo ship sinks in typhoon-hit Tokyo Bay See in context

i hope they can find the rest of them soon

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Posted in: Thief steals $840,000 watch from Japanese man's wrist in Paris See in context

in Paris i wouldn't even wear a 50c watch lol

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Posted in: Nissan names head of China business as new CEO See in context

why saikawa is not being charged like ghosn?

if your not Japanese you get sued but if you Japanese you just have to apologies then tell them that you are not gonna quit your job and keep getting bribed or stealing money from the company

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Posted in: Sony's PlayStation 5 launch set for late 2020 See in context

happy to hear that they already have set up the date for the launch cant wait to get it

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Posted in: 'South Park' creators issue mock apology over China censorship See in context

the league was sacrificing morals for money.

that's all we need to know

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Posted in: Kansai Electric Chairman Yagi to quit over gift scandal See in context

at least he quit not like the other guy who took bribes and said sorry but refuse to quit his job cuz he need more bribes and Japanese gov is ok with that

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Posted in: Typhoon heads nearer Tokyo ahead of big Rugby World Cup weekend See in context

i hope its not going to be strong

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Posted in: Ichiran Ramen to open high-class and pricey 'Ginza Ichiran' See in context

Jesus!! 2500 for ramen thats really too much

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Posted in: Fishy look See in context

i thought it was shields and kinds looks nice from far LUL probably i'm blind

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Posted in: Lam says Chinese military could step in if uprising gets bad See in context

so everything happening in HK is not bad so far in her eyes ?? i don't understand what the hell she wants

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Posted in: 5 must-read manga from the '90s you’ve (probably) never heard of See in context

dragon head sound nice i would love to read it

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Posted in: Kansai Electric gift scandal extends to Kyoto branch See in context

why they call it gift ? its called bribe

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Posted in: One-person seclusion tents let you turn part of your home into your private kingdom See in context

zichiToday  11:08 am JST

We are two people living in 7 rooms. No need for tents.

can i have a room please ? ill bring my tent with me as well LUL

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Posted in: Microsoft returns with smartphone after high-profile flops See in context

they should just keep making windows Microsoft a better program than having to put themselves in a market where they can't even compete with other brands, i don't understand why they keep making those awful devices ???

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Posted in: Kansai Electric admits execs' acceptance of gifts; president won't resign See in context

another guy apologize and refuse to resign its "GIFTS" which is no one know why he got them, i wonder if abe one of the guys who got some of that money ??

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Posted in: Musk unveils SpaceX rocket designed to get to Mars and back See in context

let see how good is it when they take it up there to the moon or mars he should be the first one to get into this ship so we can see how safe is it lol

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